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Our Hen and Stag Accessories range is a great way to make your best friend’s last night of freedom one to remember! Wicked Sex Toys has one of the best collections for a hen do accessories and stag do accessories, from traditional choices to new arrivals of a hilarious range of novelty ideas. Whether you want to suck on willy straws or have the wildest nights, we have accessories to suit every type of hen or stag, from classy, silly and funny, to outright offensive.
Girls, look fantastic in some pretty hen party accessories, sashes and badges, feather boas, balloons, sparkly mini top hats, and some sexy tights and stockings for stunning hen outfits. We also have some unique hen party accessories for the bride to make her stand out on the night looking forward to a new date.

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Lads, get the ladies excited in a Stripper Wig and Collar or embarrass yourself to the max and let them know you have a Free Willie.

Whatever you decide, whether it be for an evening out or an action-packed weekend away, from a z alphabetically, these stag accessories hen are sure to make your special night more extra fun! Choose from the exclusive offers and cheeky hen party accessories or stag do accessories – it’s fun for the whole group!

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Hen Stag Party Games

Make your last hoorah a night to remember with our Hen and Stag Night games and novelties. Embarrass your friends and have some laughs before the big day is upon you!

With hundreds of close sign products at your fingertips, from hen party games, hen party decorations and accessories for the ladies and for the men there’s huge stock of stag do games and even stag night games for when you’re all out and ready for some fun!

A night to remember! Make the most of our stag and hen party decorations and accessories and create a night to remember. Nothing says stag do or hen party like stag do games!

Search through our hen party gifts also to give the bride-to-be something to giggle about!

Original Hen Night Accessories And Decorations

Our complete hen night accessory range offers endless possibilities. Depending on what kind of night you are planning there is something waiting just for you.

When you’re out on the town at the hottest night club our flashing hen night rings, handcuffs, glow sticks and bracelets are the perfect addition to any outfit. Not only will they add a bit of extra fun and excitement to the night but they will help ensure the bride to be doesn’t get lost on her crazy night out!

If you are planning a sexy night in, our blow-up doll can cause an abundance of havoc and excitement whether you choose to use him to create a game or just to add general laughter. No hen night is complete without some silly vigorous laughter and our hen night accessories will help to keep things flowing!

Stag And Hen Dos History

The terms ‘stag’ and ‘hen’ parties (sometimes referred to as a ‘do’) originate in the mid-19th century, although they were not necessarily tied to weddings at this time. Instead, they referred to entertainments attended by just men or just women.

Victorian-era ‘stag’ parties here in the UK involved activities such as fishing, oyster suppers, magic-trick shows and dressing up in costume. By the 1870s, the equivalent ‘hen parties’ had emerged, generally featuring singing, dancing, tea and genteel amusements – though in 1907, one newspaper lamented that in what is vulgarly called a hen party, cigarettes and liquor are handed round and partaken of just as though men were of the company.

For decades, stag and hens solely referred to single-sex frolics, theatrical shows, birthdays, and parties. It was in the 1960s that the terms irreparably collided with pre-wedding celebrations. Hen parties at this time allowed the working bride-to-be to celebrate with her co-workers, before potentially leaving her job to become a housewife and mother on a low date.

With the more liberated sexual attitudes of the 1960s and 70s, women increasingly indulged in celebrations more akin to their grooms: one hen party of 1976, for example, came to an abrupt end after the male stripper was fined for acting in “a lewd, obscene and disgusting manner”. The industry has since exploded into a hugely profitable purveyor of games, costumes, events and sex-themed merchandise for party-goers.

As tastes and expectations have grown more elaborate, the celebrations have evolved: small parties on the eve of the wedding have been increasingly replaced by hyper-organised weekends abroad, with an itinerary of activities and often taking place months in advance.

But while the outward accessories have changed, the focus on the night as a rite of passage remains, and it remains one underpinned by sex – even if it is no longer socially acceptable for either bride or groom to enjoy their last night of liberty too much.

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Stag Party Novelties Gift Ideas

On your last night of freedom here at Wicked Sex Toys you will find stupid silly novelties guaranteed to be silly and 100% embarrassing weird, wacky and bloody funny, so help that stag party along and have plenty of fun with the lads and our adult novelties. Here we are selling alphabetically, from blow-up sheep to confetti, to blow up willies silly costumes your sure to have a stag night to remember, we offer discreet shipping on all adult novelties gifts and games.

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Shopping For Hen Party Accessories

Accessorise your hen night with our fabulous range of hen night accessories designed to add a bit of spice and style to the brides last night of freedom. Hen nights are fun and wearing these accessories will help you let your hair down with a bunch of fun-loving girls out for a good night.

With so many different hen night accessories to choose from where do you start? Remember it’s all about the bride to be so think of her and what would make her laugh. Would she like a ring for a drink bell that she can ring all night and be served immediately by her topless waiter? Or would she like a sexy garter with a flashing badge to show all her admirers? Alternatively, you could put to your basket some bride and groom sex toys as a gift that she can keep as a memory of a great, unforgettable night out.

You may want it to end when youre both ready to have another kind of sex, or you may want it to end with an orgasm and ejaculation.

Unique Hen And Stag Accessories

Why not mix and match all our items and get something fun for everyone? Explore our department of hen party decorations, hen party themes and personalised hen party accessories – the choices are endless here at Wicked Sex Toys! Contact our customer service or e-mail us!

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