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If you’re a woman trying to satisfy her man, a straight male or a lesbian wanting to only get pegged, or a gay person searching for the right gay lubricant, anal sex is a delight everyone can experience. Yet, don’t make a mistake, your butt isn’t like your mouth or your vagina. It does not naturally lubricate itself. No lube anal sex is always extremely unpleasant for both partners, particularly the receiver. Using premium lubricant is indeed essential for anal sex. Whether this is your first time or your 100th time doing anal sex, anal lubricant products will keep things enjoyable, slippery, and more pleasant.

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Our anal lubricant and sundries category are packed with every necessity required for interesting and fun anal sex, including anal lubes, creams, baths, sprays, and aromas. We’ve got heaps of fun extras to complement your sex anal toy! Anal numbing creams are specially formulated to aid in anal sex by inducing a mild numbing sensation in the anus thus causing a more enjoyable penetration. Also, check out our wonderful unisex douche kit to help you maintain good personal hygiene!

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Here at Wicked Sex Toys, we have something for everybody, no matter your gender or sexuality. Check our website and search for the anal sundries category. We’re going to satisfy your needs and wants every single time. The pleasure in this exciting world, this is our business!

Preparation For Anal Play

Clean up

Just go to the bathroom 30 to 60 minutes before any anal couples play, if you can! And a nice pre-butt shower always helps. Washing before anal sex will enable you to feel clean and somehow makes you feel relax and sexy. However, if there’s no time to wash or take a shower, a baby wipe will do wonders before anal sex.

Use enema/ anal douche

If you’d like to seek additional precautions, you may need an enema or anal douche for a deeper and more thorough washing. Although an anal douche is not a pre-requisite for bum sex, it could make an individual feel secure towards anal sex and prevent possible dirt spillage.

Lube, lube, and more lube

Using lube is non-negotiable. The anus does not contain natural lubrication like that of the vagina, so it is necessary to apply a lubricant to relieve pressure and avoid tears.

Wear your protection

Try to ensure that your partner is wearing the proper condom! You may never get pregnant from anal, but sexually transmitted diseases are still a regular occurrence! To mitigate the risk, you may use a latex condom or an allergen-free polyisoprene condom while engaging in anal sex via a penis or a dildo unless you can totally sanitize your dildo. And if you switch between anal and vaginal intercourse, use a new condom. This prohibits the movement of highly infectious bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

What Kind Of Anal Lubes Should I Use For Anal Sex?

When it comes to lube, you have about three options: oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based.

Water-based lubricants are the safest option when you use silicone toys yet they are easy to remove from sheets and garments. However, silicone lubricants are a more common option as they last longer than water-based lubricants and offer an even more satisfying and silky feel. Though oil-based lubes can also be a fantastic sexual lubricant, they are not suitable for latex condoms because they disintegrate latex.

Oil-based and silicone-based lubes are thicker as well as longer-lasting, making them perfect for anal play. Remember, if you’re introducing silicone anal toys, you should avoid silicone-based lubricants, because this kind of lubricant is causing damage to your silicone toys. You may opt for sex toys made of other materials, such as glass or metal.

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So with that in mind, whether you indulge in anal sex, use condoms, and/or use silicone toys, you would probably want to stick with water-based lubricant.

Anal Desensitizing Creams

Numbing creams that use anesthetics like benzocaine are widely available. They make anal penetration feel easier, but they don’t make it any easier physically. By numbing your anus, you or your partner could be pushing your body past its point of comfort without even realizing it. So, just take things slowly and communicate with your partner while on it.

Anal Douches

An anal douche is a device to extract all faecal traces from the anus, normally in preparation for receptive anal intercourse, by rinsing the rectum. Some models have three interchangeable nozzles.
It operates by gradually moving fluids into the lower rectum, softening the stool, and easing the anal sphincter, all of which promote the movement of the bowel.
You can purchase a disposable enema set that contains a hot water bottle, a tube, a plug, and a rectal tip. Do this approximately an hour before the anal sex. Find a cosy spot to lie down, like a tub or a towel on the bath floor. Bear in mind that the clamp on the line is shut tightly, then load the bag with warm water and hang it on top of you. Moisten the tip, push the interchangeable nozzles into the butt, and then push the water into the cavity. Keep the water for 10 to 15 seconds, and drop it in the toilet.

Anal Sprays

Anal sex can be enjoyable and rewarding with sufficient preparation. Unfortunately, it’s often painful, especially for the first-timers. Anal Sprays provide a moderate numbing agent that reduces discomfort from anal contact, has a relaxing effect that serves as an anaesthetic that facilitates problem-free penetration and contributes to comfortable and intense anal sex. There’s also no loss of sensation. It decreases the excruciating discomfort of the sphincter muscle and allows the individual to reach a degree of anal sexual pleasure that is better than anything that has ever been felt before. Doc Johnson Spray on the target area and wait for 5 minutes. You can wash or wear condoms to avoid moving the substance.

Do We Still Need To Use A Condom?

Unless you and your partner are monogamous and you have recently been screened, condoms should always be used during anal sex to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Even if you both are not concerned about STIs or HIV, using a latex condom will help you feel more confident if you don’t want the unnecessary mess.

Do remember: your sexiness is about how you feel, not how you look.

Also, using a new condom is certainly essential while you are shifting from anal to vaginal penetration so that you can avoid transferring bacteria from your butt to your vagina or urinary tract. Your anus is a gateway to all sorts of bacteria that your vagina is never used to. As this bacteria enters your vagina, it may induce genital infections that can contribute to itching, a “fishy” vaginal smell, or irregular discharges.


What happens if I don’t use anal lubricant?

In anal play, the use of lube should be a must. The vagina contains normal moisture and lubrication, but the anus does not. Anal penetration without sufficient lubrication may end up causing the anal tissue to tear. It is not only painful, it even makes you more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV and Gonorrhoea, as some tearing may occur, allowing viruses to invade your body.

Is anal sex safe?

Following all the best practices, including the use of lube, foreplay and proper communication, anal sex usually is very safe. But a doctor should be seen if, within a few days after anal intercourse, you develop either of the following health problems: bleeding, constant anal pain, anus sores, lumps, or warts as well as irregular discharges.

What does “work up to anal” means?

It is primarily about preparing for anal sex. If you are just a beginner to anal sex or an anal expert, you certainly won’t just leap into it. If you’re entirely new to anal, it may be worth doing some solo play first. You can pleasure yourself with your fingertips or adult toys. If you are going to explore anal with a partner, you would likely take extra time doing foreplay before anal, the very same way you will do with other methods of penetrative sex. With plenty of lube, you can ease and play with sticking your finger or sex toy in your anus little by little depending on what feels pleasant. When we talk of working up to anal, we are referring to taking the right measures to make sure that you are ready for anal penetration.

Is it even safe to get anal douche beforehand?

An anal douche requires infusing water or saline into the rectum to remove the faeces in it, making it easy to poop. We recommend that you do so before anal sex to prevent any poop from emerging. Anal douching is typically not dangerous as long as the rectum is not irritated. Only do it once every several months while properly following the instructions. If your bum gets irritated when you do enemas, that is an indication that you should stop.

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