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Are you looking for a better lube for more anal pleasure?

Hollywood’s Doc Johnson, known for his fine toys since 1976, designed these anal lubricants specifically for anal adventurers. Doc Johnson Anal Lube – Natural boasts a formula that is great for your body and reduces friction for an easy, painless entry.

It contains an ingredient that is designed to “ready your bottom” for the best anal sex you have ever known.

Now You Can Enjoy Anal Again

Doc Johnson Anal Lube – Natural provides users with an effective method of preventing friction during anal sex. 

The stylish pump-action tub comes in unfragranced and spicy cinnamon flavours. Each 4.5oz tub comes with 4.5oz of lube for many adventures.

If you enjoy having anal sex, this product is capable of lubricating and warming up the buttons for easy penetration and better sexual performance.

Users of this product should be aware that it may not be suitable for use with all brands of condoms.

This product comes in a discreet container which makes it perfect for the bedside table. It is phthalate-free, lightweight and easy to use.

Benefits of the Doc Johnson Anal Lube

Doc Johnson Anal Lube – Natural apart from being a lubricant for anal sex has the ability to enhance sexual performance and increase sexual pleasure in both partners.

Here are more benefits below;

  • It provides Long-Lasting, Thick Anal Glide For Maximum Slide
  • It has an antibacterial numbing agent that promotes extended comfort
  • The petroleum-based formula is best used without condoms
  • It has a convenient sturdy pump for maximum dispersion
  • It’s vegan friendly
  • It’s safe to use on the skin
  • It’s glycerin-free
  • It’s paraben-free

Doc Johnson anal lube is presented in a classic pump-action tub with 4.5oz of lube for countless sexual adventures. 

Get yourself one today.

Reviews from our Customers

Clarence says: Within three to five minutes, it does the job. We haven’t done anal intercourse in a long time, but we like it now that we’ve started using this lube. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Gilberto H Perez says: I bought this item, and it was identical to something you could buy in a store, but I got it for a much better price. I am very satisfied with the product and received it in the time frame given. It is the perfect accessory for anal play!!

Tannercole says: This will be a game-changer for gay men who may not particularly enjoy bottoming. While I consider myself versatile, doing the deed is significantly more enjoyable when this is the case.

Duffer99 says: The lube is fairly thick and has a consistency like Vaseline. The results were much better after mixing it with some Astroglide. My partner and I loved it, and when I came, I thought I had become a unicorn for a while!

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