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For A Feeling Of Authenticity, Try Realistic Dildos
Whether you’re looking for a little extra “spice” in your love life, or if you just want a realistic (and highly enjoyable) solo experience, we’ve got a wide selection of dildos for you.

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Our selection of realistic dildos is perfect for those seeking the very best in amazing, life-like pleasure. No matter how you use them, they will boost your performance!

Wicked Sex Toys has an affinity for dildos that are fun and creative. Some of the closest things to the real deal can be more exciting and even better. Our realistic dildos are even equipped with realistic balls to give you enhanced pleasure and experience. And some of our silicone penises come with a special “squeeze” feature to make your experience that much more thrilling.

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It’s Realistic Dildos For Everyone

You’ll find a large variety of realistic sex toys at Wicked Sex Toys. From extra-long soft dildos and other versions with added girth to ticklers and other fun novelty toys, we’ve got the right product with the best insertable lengths for you! No matter what your usual go-to sex toy is, we’re sure we have just what you need.

A silicone realistic-looking dildo is a great way to have more fun in your sex life. Whether you’re using it for personal play or anal play, you’ve got the perfect dildo to satisfy your needs. A soft silicone realistic cock can be a great addition to your masturbation/solo sex life.

We cover all your pleasures, no matter what they may be.

What Are Realistic Dildos?

Realistic dildos are sex toys that have been designed to look and feel like real penises. Usually, it’s made of a flexible material, such as silicone, and it comes with a realistic look of veins and sometimes even “testicle” like balls attached.

Realistic dildos come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find straight-style dildos, curved-style dildos, vibrating dildos, even models that are “ejaculating” dildos. And don’t forget about the realistic look — some of these products have the actual penis of a porn star moulded into the shaft of the dildo!

A realistic dildo is the perfect sexual enhancer. It’s especially useful for when the “real thing” is unavailable, or when you want to explore a different size or type of penis.

Masturbation can be heightened, or sex with your partner can take on a whole new dimension.

Cyberskin, UR3 and silicone are just some of the materials used in Dildos to create an authentic feel. Their properties allow these products to retain and absorb body heat. If you want to safely heat them, wash them with warm water beforehand.

It matters how the dildo feels when it’s inside you. If it’s not lifelike and doesn’t have a warm, soft, velvety texture, you may not experience an intense sensation.

There are realistic dildos that have a harness built right into the design of the product. This makes the product great for strap-on sex. Whether you are a woman who wants to penetrate your partner or a man who wants to explore another cock for size.

Our selection of realistic dildos has something for everyone. Whether you want a dildo that’s long, thick and slender or one with a more robust girth, we’ve got the perfect realistic dildo for you. All our dildos have superb detailing for an incredible visual experience and intense internal satisfaction.

The Best Realistic Dildos For You

Dildos are a great way to stimulate the erogenous zones. There are many different types of dildos to suit every need and desire. Realistic dildos, whether for men or women, can come with different features for a variety of uses.

Dildos with a realistic feel can be used externally for clitoral stimulation while vibrating dildos add extra zest to solo or partnered sex.

If you are playing anal, choose sex toys with a larger base so that it won’t slip inside. To have a relaxing experience, you should use ample amounts of anal lube.

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What Makes A Realistic Dildo A Good Choice?

Realistic looking and feeling sex toys are the staples of any good lover’s collection. These look and feel just like a real penis, with veins that stimulate and guide to heighten your pleasure.

Realistic dildos enhance foreplay, lovemaking and masturbation. They make it possible to reach an intense, pleasurable climax without the use of a real man. Use both hands-on and hands-free (various attachments) for incredible sensations.

Silicone Realistic Vibrator

The realistic-looking Silicone Realistic Vibrator will certainly please you, while the well-structured shaft and head are certain to please your partner, too. It’s waterproof and suitable for use in the bath or shower, but do not use silicone lubricant with it.

This is the best dildo to use if you want you or your lover to have a real “penis experience.” It’s made from soft, stretchy silicone and has a realistic-looking head that feels wonderful against the clitoris. Use it to help satisfy women in their fantasies, or to help men in their masturbation sessions.

Realistic Dildo Vibrators

Whether you’re into guys, gals, or both, our realistic sex toys guarantee realistic stimulation but with the bonus of vibration. Check out our extensive range of realistic dildos, vibrators, all available in every imaginable size, shape, and girth.

Realistic Warming 6.5 inch Vibrating Dildo with Balls Brown

The Realistic Warming vibrator with balls is a great addition to any sex toy collection. It has a warming sensation that makes it perfect for those who love a little spice in their sex life. It feels more like having a real sex partner.

It’s a wonderful product for women (or men) who love their sex toys and want a dildo that feels great to them and their partners. The vibe has 12 powerful functions and it comes with a USB cable so you can take it with you anywhere you go. It’s also waterproof so you can use it even if you get caught in the rain or bathtub.

How to Use a Realistic Dildo

As a first step, lubricate the head and shaft of the dildo with water-based lubricant.
The dildo should be placed slowly into the vagina or anus. Move it around a bit until you find a position that feels right.

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In time, you can add more shaft as you become familiar with the sensation, which at first may be intense.

Test out different pushes, rotations, and angles to learn what different sensations are like.

If you want the “feel” of a great penis, pick the one that is right for you. Our huge selection includes more than 100 different dildos that have been designed to most accurately replicate the feel and appearance of a real penis.

For an electrifying experience, earth-shaking orgasm, you need the right sex toys!

Realistic Dildos FAQs

There are many different kinds of realistic dildos. Some are made of rubber, some are made of jelly and some are even computer enhanced. No matter what kind you choose, it will give you the most intense sexual experience of your life.

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