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Top Things To Know When Shopping for the Best Dildos
Selecting the ideal dildo might be a daunting task for some. If you’ve ever walked into a sex shop and seen rows upon rows of dick-shaped, curvy dildos, the overpowering picture of silicone penises may come to mind—but there is actually a lot more diversity available.
Indeed, many dildos are not even penis-shaped. Some are sleek and slim, similar to a vibrator (but without the vibrations), while others are rough with ridges and grooves. Many are also available in curved configurations.
If you’re unfamiliar with the many varieties of dildos and unsure of what to consider when buying one, we’ve put up this guide to help you establish the fundamentals before you begin shopping.
A dildo is a sex toy made to stimulate the clitoris, vagina, anus, or other body parts. While the main focus is on the genitals, a dildo can be used to stimulate other erogenous zones.
Dildos come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a wide variety of materials, including silicone, glass, rubber, metal, and plastic. Some are vibrating and others are non-vibrating, and some can even be used for penetration. Some dildos are designed to be used with a partner and others are intended to be used solo.
If you’re new to the different types of dildos and aren’t sure what to consider when buying one, this is the perfect guide for you as a newbie. You’ll learn all about dildo play, what’s hot and what’s not, and how to find the right size, shape and material for you.

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How Do You Choose the Best Dildo For You?

There are different types of dildos. Some are smooth and sleek like a vibrator, while others are textured with bumps and grooves. Some are made of silicone, others are made of jelly, and others are made of rubber. Most dildos are firm and can be used with a partner or alone.

Before you buy any dildo, you’ll need to decide which one you want to buy. When it comes to choosing the best dildo for you, it’s not about the size or the shape. It’s really about your comfort. So you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Do you want a vibrator that feels good and is easy to clean?
  • Do you want something that you can use with your partner?
  • Do you want something that is realistic?
  • Do you want something that’s made out of silicone or made out of jelly?

Here lovers linger in the afterglow of intimacy, not yet concerned about the future, only enraptured by the dizzying dance they shared in each other’s arms.

Think of the size of the dildo that you’re going to buy. The larger the dildo, the more sensitive it can be. Dildos come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Some dildos are designed to look realistic, while others look like they’re made from a toy. Choose a dildo that feels comfortable to you, and that you think you’ll enjoy using.

Types of Dildos

There are many different types of dildos to choose from, depending on your preferences and the type of sex you like to have.

Some of the most popular types are listed below. However, this is not an exhaustive list.

Anal Dildo

Anal dildos are designed to stimulate the anus, and some are curved so that they can be inserted into the rectum. A dildo for anal play is usually made out of plastic or silicone and may be shaped like a penis or an anal probe. The shaft can be smooth, textured, or curved. The end may be flared or tapered. The anal dildo is often used as a starter toy for anal sex and for those who are trying anal play for the first time.

Realistic Dildo

The most commonly used dildos are the “realistic” ones. They are shaped like a real penis, and are made from a variety of materials. This includes rubber, silicon, acrylic, jelly, and even metal, among others. The dildo might be solid or have an insertable bulb that allows for penetration.

Suction Cup Dildo

A suction cup dildo is shaped like a penis and has suction cups to hold it to the walls of a sex toy bag or other smooth, flat surface. A suction cup dildo can be used in place of a hand, with a partner or a vibrator. It can also be used in a solo play situation.

Glass Dildo

Glass Dildos are sex toys made from a solid piece of glass, which is heated to a very high temperature and then allowed to rapidly cool, forming a very hard, smooth, long-lasting material. Because glass is a non-porous material, it does not react chemically with the body and thus, no toxic effects are caused by the use of this product.

Squirting Dildo

A squirting dildo is shaped like a penis and has a tip that has a large opening that will allow it to squirt. The squirting dildo is often used in place of a hand, with a partner or a vibrator. It can also be used by itself in a solo

Large Dildo

This is a dildo that is typically at least 7.5 inches long and is designed to be inserted into the vagina or anus. The size of the dildo is often dictated by the size of the hole into which it is inserted. A large dildo is often used for anal penetration.

Double-Ended Dildo

This is a dildo with a bulbous head on each end, and a shaft in between. It is meant to be inserted into the vagina or anus, with the bulbous end going into the vagina and the shaft into the anus. The shaft can be bent to conform to the shape of the body or left straight to be inserted directly into the anus.

Strap-On Dildo

A strap-on dildo is a dildo that has a harness attached, allowing you to use the dildo in place of your own penis. This can be used for vaginal or anal penetration, or to simulate oral sex. The harness is typically made of leather or latex.

Vibrating Dildo

A vibrating dildo is a dildo that is designed to vibrate. This allows the user to have more control over the sensations that are experienced, and to avoid the “flapping” of the dildo that can happen when using a regular dildo.

How it Works

You’re probably already familiar with the Dildo. You’ve seen it in magazines, on television, in movies, in your friends’ bathrooms, and even in the porno section of the local sex shop. It’s a toy that you can use for solo play, partner play, or even masturbation.

The most important thing to remember when using the dildo is to use it safely. Dildos are not toys that you should use with reckless abandon. The dildo is a toy that is meant for your pleasure and not your pain. Use it safely with lots of lubricant and you’ll be using it for a long time.

When you use the dildo, it’s important to remember that the dildo is designed to be inserted. Some people enjoy using the Dildo as a vibrator, but this isn’t the best way to use it. If you’re using the Dildo for solo play, then you should use it like a vibrator.

To use the dildo as a vibrator, you need to insert it and use it like you would a vibrator. You can even use a Dildo like a vibrator for partner play. The Dildo can be used like a vibrator by the woman and the man can hold it in place with his hand.

Now that you know how dildos work, here are some tips for using it safely and maximizing your pleasure.

Use the right dildo

You can’t make the most of your dildo if you don’t use the right one. All dildos are not created equal. Some are made of materials that may be too rough for some women to enjoy. Look for a smooth plastic or silicone dildo that is at least 2 ½ inches long.

Avoid cheapies; they are often made of wood or other potentially harmful materials. Ask your lover what kind of material she likes. If she doesn’t know, try something she’s used before and see how she reacts to it. Don’t be shy. This is an important part of foreplay.


The Dildo is a sex toy that will help you have many orgasms. You can use the Dildo in different positions to make sure you reach orgasm.

Start out solo

Solo play is the best way to get started if you are just learning about the joys of sex. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and you’ll have the freedom to explore on your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different positions and speeds. Just because something is “supposed” to work, doesn’t mean it will for you. Give it a try. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy it!

Go slowly

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Take it slow at first and use lots of lube (preferably water-based) for easy clean up and less friction. Make sure your partner is relaxed and ready to go before you jump right into a romp that leaves you both exhausted.

Know your own orgasms

If you watch porno videos, read erotica, or play around with your sex toys often enough, you’ll eventually know what turns you on and what doesn’t. Don’t just accept the word of others as to what turns you on; learn to trust your own innermost erotic feelings.

Use enough lube

Sex is a natural function. You can’t make it happen, but you can teach people to let it happen.

Lube helps prevent disease. It also makes things feel great. Use as much (or as little) as your partner indicates she needs. A little goes a long way.

Features to Look for

You want to look for the following features when shopping for a dildo:

    • Texture and size: The size and texture of the dildo are important factors to consider when choosing your dildo. Some dildos are soft and squishy, while others are hard and phallic. You can also find dildos with different shapes and sizes. For instance, a dildo with a flared base can be easier to clean and hold than one with a narrow base. You may also want to consider the size of the dildo. For instance, you may want a dildo that is small enough to be discreet, but large enough to give you pleasure.
    • Plastic-coated shaft: This is a feature that ensures that your dildo is waterproof and can be used in the shower.
    • Vibrating option: Most people use vibrating dildos to give them extra stimulation during sex. A vibrating dildo can help you achieve orgasm faster, as well as add to the excitement of using a dildo. Vibrating dildos are also good for solo play or for couples who want to achieve multiple orgasms.
    • Easy to clean: Dildos should be easy to clean and sterilize. Look for a material that is non-porous so that bacteria and germs will not stick to the surface.
    • Comfortable: Choose a dildo that feels good to use. Your dildo should not be too hard or too soft. It should be comfortable in your hands.
    • Easy to insert: The material of the dildo should be flexible enough to insert easily and give you a good sensation when it hits your G-spot.

Popular Brands

Sexual Health

If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong! There are many benefits to using a dildo. From the physical to the psychological, you’ll have a lot of fun and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.

Studies show that using a dildo (a vibrator) causes a chemical reaction in your body similar to what occurs during sex. This leads to a surge in sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone which causes your “high” or “flooding” sensation.

A properly designed dildo should, as far as possible, give the user an almost unlimited variety of good feelings. It should be extremely well-made, with a very realistic (but not so realistic as to be painful) “feel” to it. It should also be reasonably firm, but not so hard that it injures the user.

Types of Dildos

Best for Beginners

If you’re a newbie with sex gadgets, you should get one that has a firm but comfortable girth and is made of an extremely smooth, slippery material. Your first objective is to avoid pain, not pleasure.

If you do get a good dildo, lubricate it with plenty of the KY jelly type stuff and use it until you become used to the feel of it inside you and you know exactly where it feels best to have your penis/dildo inside you. Remember, it is you who will ultimately (after many trials) determine if a dildo or some other sexual object is satisfying to you or not.

You can check out Loving Joy 4.5 Inch Silicone Dildo.

Best Realistic

Doc Johnson The D Perfect D Dual Density Realistic Dildo 7 Inch

This dual-density dong is made from a genuine erect penis and has 7 insertable inches of realistic deliciousness, firm balls, and a powerful suction cup base. Simply get on board and bounce your way to happiness. This ultra-realistic dildo is made from Doc Johnson’s premium real-feel ULTRASKYN material and is perfect for slipping into a harness and exploring strap-on pleasures with your partner. Alternatively, attach it to a smooth, flat surface for amazing hands-free solo sessions.


8.5-inch Realistic Silicone Dual Density Girthy Dildo with Suction Cup with Balls

For many years, Doc Johnson has been the leading innovator in adult toys and the man to go to for discreet, premium quality products. This new dildo is a realistic, dual-density version of their classic Girthy line. It features a suction cup base with balls to help it stay in place and a real silicone tip for extremely girthy penetration. It is well suitable for solo playtime.


Twist Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup

This amazing dildo has a suction cup at the base which makes it perfect for any situation where you want to add a little extra oomph! The silicone is soft yet incredibly powerful, and the suction cup is strong enough to hold even against a hard surface. It’s great for beginners who are just getting started, and for those more experienced users who want to explore new territory like the anus. Simply clean with soap and water and air dry.


Hands-Free Silicone Strapless Strap On

Great for couples playtime, the Silicone Strapless Strap On gives both partners a hands-free experience, while the silicone strap provides extra security during use. The smooth contoured shaft makes insertion easy and the flared base ensures a secure fit.

A powerful suction cup on the base of the handle helps keep your partner rock hard and ready for action. The flexible silicone shaft and phallic shape make this toy great for all sorts of adventurous sex games.

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Best Dildos FAQs

Do I need to use a lubricant for a dildo?

It’s a matter of personal preference and what you are comfortable with, but using some form of lube with a dildo is advised. Water-based lube is more commonly used for vaginal insertion because it is water-based and does not dry out or flake off the skin. Silicone lubes are thicker and last longer than water-based lube, but they do have a rubber-like texture on the skin and may cause a rash.

Oil-based lubes are great for anal insertion because they provide longer-lasting lubrication, are thin and slippery and do not leave a sticky or drying film on the skin. Non-latex based lubes are great for people who are allergic to latex. They are thinner and more slippery than oil-based lubes and do not leave a greasy or sticky film on the skin. All of the above are safe to use with condoms and dildos.

Do I need to use a condom on my dildo?

No. But, you should probably clean it anyway. With regular maintenance (once a week), your silicone or rubber dildo will last a lot longer. Keeping it clean will also help prevent infections. All you need is a tiny amount of oil or water-based lubricant, a cloth or paper towel and some soap or dishwashing liquid. Just moisten the cloth or paper towel and wipe your dildo clean. Be sure to get in the cracks and crevices.

Now, let’s say you are using a silicone or other type of “green” lubricant. In that case, you can skip the cleaning step altogether and go straight to the moisturizing part. After all, the silicone or other material used to make your sex toy is already non-porous and easy to maintain.

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