Liberator Shapes

The Liberator mattress has a lightweight cushion base for a wide variety of pleasure possibilities. Liberator is a series of bed-shapes created to turn a bedroom into a pleasurable place to lie down and play with one's partner.

The foam ideally suits the body and alleviates the tension on pressure points. It can be put on top of a mattress or placed under the mattress to add sufficient support. These shapes are easily packed and lightweight enough to comfortably fit in the wardrobe, under the bed, or within the reach of the door.

Liberator toys can be used anywhere and on any surface. They are a perfect option for covering a spare bed in a hotel, a floor in an office, or for a beach towel on the sand. You can shape it every way you like – into a restful recliner, a comfortable step stool or use it to get down-and-dirty in some imaginative and enjoyable ways.

By placing out different shapes in a number of configurations, you can create just the shape and form you want and get the sexual satisfaction you need.

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