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His & Her Butt Plugs
Sex toys are extremely useful for both men and women. It really doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, bi, or even a Voyeur. There is something useful for everyone when it comes to sex toys. The anus is necessary for all humans, so it really doesn’t matter if you are male or female.
During the past few years, butt plugs have gone from being a novelty item for kinky people to a must-have for all people. Why? Because they’re not just for one person anymore. Whatever your relationship status or gender, a butt plug is something you can use forever. It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, a butt plug will always be “your plug.

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Short Anal Toy History Lesson

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 100 years since the first-ever anal/rectal dildos were manufactured. They were known as “rectal dilators” and were only prescribed to men. These days, rectal/anal dildos are much more than just a novelty item. They are now used medically to treat certain conditions and problems, and women now enjoy using them too for pleasure.

Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.

It was not known for what specific condition it was originally developed to treat, but after a few decades, the authorities confiscated the product after receiving many complaints from people who said they were using it for purely recreational purposes, and the rest is history.

These days, it seems that everyone with even a mildly adventurous sexual appetite has an anal sex toy. And that’s great because now, whether you’re a man or a woman, you can enjoy anal pleasure with no worries of being different or being less than the “norm”. That’s why we’ve put together this great collection of anal plug sex toys that are suitable for all genders.

Something For Everyone

They’re perfect for men to use on women’s vaginal walls or women to use on men’s prostates. For both genders, these toys will easily stimulate the entire pleasure centre of the body, and both men and women will achieve orgasm. It’s a win-win situation.

During foreplay, gently brush the tops, bottoms, and sides of her breasts; these areas are actually more sensitive than an unaroused areola and nipple. Gradually move in toward her nipples, paying attention to how she responds. As things heat up, the nipples will become flushed with blood, and the sensory receptors will become primed for direct stimulation. You’ll kickstart the blood flow and lubrication down below, starting her slow buildup.

You’ll find that the butt plug with the most useful, versatile, and spectacular design is the classic silicone one with a flat or anchor base handle. But if you want a little extra “oomph”, then check out our dazzling selection of gleaming, sparkly, gemstone-encrusted stainless steel butt plugs. Want to get kinky and playful? Then go for the very soft, squishy, cuddly tail-less silicone ones. You can be a fox, a horse, a bunny and more! The choice is all yours.

All that matters is my pleasure.

There’s a wide variety of different products in this collection for him and her. It really doesn’t matter which ones you choose. Satisfy and please yourself with the multitude of products in this collection. Don’t wait too long. Why not get them all?