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It’s time for some serious matchmaking. We’ve got an incredible selection of sexy lingerie and nightwear, and if you’re feeling frisky this festive season we’ve got some seriously hot stuff that will help you get in the mood. We’ve got bodysuits, satin, lace and even “suspenders” (in many sexy styles), and the hottest nightwear you’ll ever put your hands on. Get yourself everything you need to make this holiday season the best season yet. There’s no better place to get all your lingerie shopping done than at

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We’ve got a huge range of sexy lingerie and nightwear, and it’s all at killer prices! You won’t be able to resist any of our sexy exclusive offers, and we guarantee your package will be shipped in a plain, unmarked wrapper. Our styles are supported by underwire and have a low-cut back so you get a boost of confidence when you’re out and about. Plus, we’ve got sexy styles that will have you begging for more in your cosy PJs.

Our range of lingerie is designed to make you feel great from the inside out. Shop our range of push up and underwire bras which also include scoop neck jersey bras and mesh bras, plus cosy pyjamas and nighties to help you get a good night’s sleep. Browse our favourite list of ladies’ dressing gowns and lingerie sets for nightwear; they’re perfect for lounging in after a bath or while getting ready for bed.

Setting Up A Matching Lingerie Set

When it comes to lingerie, nothing beats a full matching set. The bras and knickers are so much better when they are all from the same brand and, in the case of a sexy lingerie set, all are the same colour. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for everyday undies or sexy lingerie set for a special occasion, Wicked Sex Toys shop will have something for you.

Sex is composed of friction and fantasy.

Browse through all your favourite lingerie sets, whether you prefer longline bras, balconette bras or even pantyhose sets. This store has a wide range of bras and panties in sizes from 32 to 52C. You will find your perfect match here, as well as your perfect matching suspender set.

Make Yourself Feel Beautiful By Owning A Gorgeous Lingerie Set

Everyone wants to feel beautiful, feel confident and be special. Lingerie is a wonderful way to achieve all this. If you feel beautiful in your lingerie, you can be sure you look and feel wonderful. That one lingerie set can do it for you, giving your confidence a boost.

At Wicked Sex Toys we have a great selection of sexy lingerie for women. We have created a variety of bras with matching pants, thongs, briefs or G-strings. This exclusive lingerie collection is designed by our team. So why don’t you get sexy new lingerie set from Wicked Sex Toys?

You can get yourself a new lingerie set any time, there’s no excuse for it. If you don’t have one, it’s time to buy one. It will make you feel better, it will make your figure look better, and it will make you feel sexier. You should do it!

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Women’s Lingerie Sets From Wicked Sex Toys

All of our lingerie sets come in a wide range of cup sizes from AA70 to H100, thongs, brief and shorts. We’ve got what you need for a normal weekday in our basic sets, and if you need something extra special for a night out with friends or with your lover, we’ve got bras that go with virtually everything. All our lingerie sets are designed to comfort and perfect fit.

A sophisticated, luxurious lingerie line that’s fun and sassy. Do you feel naughty and want to show your seductive side? These gorgeous lingerie sets will help you feel like a princess for your special night.

Types Of Sexy Lingerie

If you want to have a great night out, it starts with feeling confident about your figure. Whether you want to spice up your love life, add a little excitement to your sex life or simply make yourself feel more confident and attractive. There’s an enormous range of sexy lingerie to choose from. Camisoles, corsets and everything in between. These lingerie items can help you flaunt all your feminine curves whilst giving you a huge boost in self-confidence. You think that choosing the right sexy lingerie is simple.

It’s, not at all. It’s choosing a bra, panties, thong, or whatever style you want, and finding them in a style that fits your body, and a colour that matches your skin tone and hair colour. You have to make sure that you choose the right size and fit, as well as different types of lingerie to ensure the best fit. Well, we’re here to help you with that. Let’s go through each style or category shop and see what we are looking for.

Bra and Panty sets

The world of lingerie extends far beyond a bunch of sexy bras and underwear. Rather than just that, it’s an art of style and grandeur. You can purchase lingerie sets separately or in sets. As part of a lingerie set, you’ll typically find a bra, brief, or thong that match. Though it isn’t quite that simple, there are many different types of bras, such as balconettes, push-ups, strapless soft cups, and many others. Briefs, thongs, boy shorts, and hip huggers are all types of bottoms.

Your perfect set is created by mixing and matching different types of bottoms. The next step is to choose the right colour that makes you feel the sexiest! With so many different styles of lingerie, and in so many different colours and fabrics, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From gorgeous lace to pretty embellishments, you’ll be able to find the right set for your style.

Sexy bras

The bra is an important functional piece of clothing. It does its job well but it’s also a very fashionable item, which helps women feel more comfortable when they are wearing it. A woman needs a supportive, comfortable bra, period. It should fit properly and not cause discomfort. If you get it right, it will enhance the look of your clothing and provide comfort and support. A beautiful bra can be shown under your blouse, tantalizing everyone who you attract. It can finish off your outfit and show off your curves. Some bras have padding that pushes your breasts up and creates a fuller bust.

There’s a bra for every woman, whether you want straps that show or not, or whether you want to wear a push-up bra or not. You can choose from bandeau, minimizer, demi, full coverage, and even no coverage at all. Some women find the lack of underwire in the Brazilian style (the traditional) extremely comfortable. Bras can be very confusing to buy, as there are so many different shapes and sizes to think about. Make sure you measure yourself carefully and read the sizing charts for each product to make sure you get the right fit.

Our bra and panty selection has been arranged by cup size, so just pick the ones that fit best. We’ve also included the brand names of our favourite bras and panties, which will make it easy for you to find what you need.


This is the perfect underwear for women who love their bum and their hips. It’s the smallest of the panties and has a small triangle of material covering the front and then this leads into a string that goes right up between their bum cheeks. It’s a perfect size, and it helps keep your butt and hips looking fit and trim. Wearing a thong under your skirts, dresses or pants makes your clothes fit better, hides VPL and gives you a more feminine, smooth appearance.

Everybody wins! Thong underwear is incredibly sexy whether worn beneath stockings, sheer babydolls, or even by itself. It looks gorgeous against any skin tone and will make your eyes almost pop out of your head when you see someone wearing it beneath a sheer, babydoll dress.

Briefs and Knickers

Briefs /Knickers are a basic part of every women’s lingerie drawer. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is designed with a specific purpose in mind. To qualify as lingerie, they would need to be sexier, more flattering, and the function would take second place. Briefs typically come in two styles: low cut and high waisted, each with a different cut at the thigh region. Those with an hourglass figure will be able to see more of the tops of their legs with the high cut brief.


Corsets are usually made from one piece and usually include support bones and laces to keep them in place. In most cases, they extend from the hip bone just below the breasts. Your waist will be cinched in tight, and your hips and breasts will be emphasized. An easy way of enhancing your curves and making you appear more voluminous. Years ago, the corset was considered an essential piece of lingerie.

Don’t forget to enjoy foreplay. All the stuff that leads up to intercourse — kissing, touching, and oral sex is part of the sexual experience; it’s not just about penetration.

It was uncomfortable, laced up the back and tied in a bow at the front. But nowadays, modern corsets are much more comfortable and are also worn under clothes for the pretty ribboned pattern they create. Worn under a dress or skirt the corset accentuates and defines your figure while at the same time flattening your tummy and waist. Wear with confidence and let everybody see the sexy back-ribbon! Corsets are ancient garment that’s now available in a variety of styles.

You’ll feel very feminine, and you’ll love the way it makes your figure look especially attractive. Our sexy Corsets collection offers a broad range of colours, patterns and sizes for any occasion or outfit.


Typically, nightdresses are made from thinner, lighter materials such as silk, lace and artificial fibres, which make them suitable for wearing over sexy undergarments. Various lengths are available, from short bustle-like skirts that end just above the knee to full-length gowns that cover the entire torso. With the flowing fabric draped over your body, they add a romantic feel, adding to your sexiness and confidence.

The length of your nightdress is determined by the figure you have. Shorter nightgowns are best if you want attention drawn to your legs. Those who are taller may prefer gowns that are tightened around the waist to emphasize their waists. Anyway, take a look at our full nightdress collection and see what there is on offer.


Tops with low cut necklines are usually worn over these quite simple lingerie items. You can see it, but you can’t see it. It has a beautiful detail along the top edge that’s quite attractive, which teases a little. The camisole makes your curves look amazing, even if it isn’t the most sexiest type of lingerie. Because they’re pretty loose, the thin material shows contours underneath, such as nipples. Super soft against the skin. As well as being able to be worn alone, it can also match straight-leg shorts set.

In place of the standard nightdress, the Cami Set is a wonderful alternative. Because the cami has two halves, the top and shorts, it complements almost any figure. Show off your belly button with this one if you want to tease. See all the different kinds of Cami Sets we have available by browsing our website.


Now let’s talk about the bustier. A corset-like piece of lingerie that complements the bust well. Lifting the breast gives you an impression of bigger, fuller breasts by creating the illusion of lift. Ideal for women with smaller breast sizes. The waistline of a bustier is typically shaped with bones inserted into the seams to emulate an hourglass shape. Using this will give you the impression that your waistline is thinner and smaller.

Body Stocking

You can tell it by the name! Designed to hug the entire body from top to toe, bodystockings are made from fine stretchy materials. Bodystockings are available in many different types, such as crotchless, low cut necklines, fishnets, and lace bodystockings with full sleeves and embellishments. Bodystockings are among the most erotic lingerie because they are made of lightweight and transparent materials. Some hide your private parts, while others reveal it all. You can wear bodystockings under casual clothing or even under a suit. You don’t realize how slutty you are until you are exposed to your lover.

Teddies and Bodies

Although lingerie of this type may seem gentle and delicate, that is far from the truth. The teddy is enchanting and irresistible. Teddy, or body, is a one-piece outfit that makes your figure appear longer than it is. Its material is woven throughout, creating an integrated brief from shoulders to crotch.

Various materials are used in Teddy lingerie, including silk, mesh, cotton, and lace. Rather than shape the body, they accentuate it, emphasizing the natural contours. They particularly emphasize hips. The result is a very sexy appearance. The material around the hips can be reduced in some Teddies to highlight their shape and extend the legs so they appear longer than they are.

Its a gift to notice that that capacity, that ability to experience pleasure, is right there, if we just pay attention to it.”

Teddys come with different types of necklines, with some having plunging necklines that will bring attention to the breasts and others being modest and simple. Teddies are the sexiest and teasing of all the lingerie styles. A teddy is a perfect look on someone comfortable with their body. Browse our sexy teddy lingerie collection here.

Body Suit

Like a bathing suit, a bodysuit is essentially one piece. They look like bodystockings, but they finish just above the knee. Several of them have studs on the inside of the legs that allow them to be accessed. It won’t be a problem, go ahead and pop those studs! Oftentimes bodysuits look like teddies, but they are sleeker and simpler and can be paired with jeans or a suit. When worn under other clothing, it provides no visible lines or creases when trousers are worn over it.


A babydoll dress is an elegant nightgown that usually ends above the knee. Straps usually run from the shoulders down to the chest just above the breasts area. One of the most common features of babydolls is the flowy material, including sheer fabrics, which gives them a flirty and feminine appearance. As they typically have shaped cups and pads, they make the breasts look fuller for women with small breasts. Women who are insecure about their hips can also opt for baby dolls. Since the material flows from the breasts downwards and is delicately shaped, the woman’s shoulders appear narrower due to the flowing material.

Online Lingerie Shopping? We Can Help!

Not sure what you want in a lingerie set? We are happy to help. A variety of tips are available on the site to help you make the right decision. Simply use our size chart to determine your bra size. Do you have any beautiful lingerie sets you like? Order them now. Within 2-4 working days, your order will arrive at your home. Are there any questions you still have regarding Wicked Sex Toys’ service? Browse our FAQs and let us assist you.


What is the best way to take care of lingerie?

Most pieces can be extended by following care instructions closely, but some additional steps may be necessary.

Lingerie is called “delicates” for a reason. In a basin of lukewarm water, carefully wash and rinse your lingerie. When washing your bras, try to avoid using the machine, but remember to reshape them if necessary, or else they’ll lose their shape. Tumble drying is not recommended.

Which size should I choose?

The first step to finding your correct size is to bend forward while wearing your bra and hook it before standing up. When you do this, your breasts will fully settle into their cups.

You should then run your fingers under the band and straps to see if it is loose or tight. Check that the centre is flat by lifting your arms and twisting from side to side.

It’s time to see if it looks right if all these tests are passed. Try on the bra under a tight-fitting T-shirt to make sure it is wrinkle-free, pucker-free, and there aren’t any bumps or lumps. As well as checking your front view, you should also look at your side view, where your breasts should rest approximately halfway between your shoulders and elbows with proper support.

As a gift, what do you look for in lingerie?

Choose a matching lingerie set to ensure that the underwear fits well. Make sure both of you are happy with this perfect present. Take her style, fashion sense, and comfort level into account, but also make sure it’s something that you’d want to see her wearing. When your partner is as thrilled about the gift as you are, it will enhance your enjoyment of it.

When it comes to lingerie, should I go up a size?

When you go up in a band, you go down in a cup and the other way around. Possibly a 34B or a 30D might work with a 32C. There might be bras more suitable in a 36B or 32D for a 34C. Being aware of your sister’s size can help you adjust for brand variations.

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