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Dog Tail Butt Plugs
Being someone’s pet, especially if it’s a dog, can open up a lot of opportunities for both you and your partner. Whether individually or as a couple, you can train yourself (or your partner) to please and satisfy the master.
Pet Play Lifestyle
If you’re interested in trying something new, something different, and something exciting, pet play is for you. It’s a bit like BDSM but in a more creative way. Petplay is similar to BDSM but is much more creative and in a very fun way. It involves roleplaying in a situation where the submissive/pet is considered a pet by the dominant/owner.
There are many different types of pet play, and it’s important to identify what you want to do before you get started. You should choose an animal you’re passionate about, then investigate the necessary equipment you’ll need to make your pet fantasy come true.
Almost all pets need a metal cage for their home. However, if the budget doesn’t fit yet, you can opt for the bare essentials for the interim: a collar with a leash attached, some fake ears, and a fake/plastic/fabric/wool/synthetic tail.

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The Right Dog Tails For You

With our dog tail plugs, you’ll get a nice, long, hard shock whenever you insert the plug into your ass. And, every time you do, you’ll feel a surge of pure, unadulterated energy. You’ll feel revived, re-energized and ready for your sexual playtime.

High quality 100% silicone is the only material that can wag a dog’s tail. That’s why all our dog tail butt plugs are made from it. The silicone plugs wag and act just like a dog’s tail would if it were a natural appendage. Wearing the plug and making the tail wag is easy, convenient and comfortable. And since it’s made from silicone, the plug never comes off! What a great and unique invention!

Anal eroticism is something all humans love. It satisfies a primal desire to experience the ecstasy of another being connected to our very core. By adding the element of a dog’s tail to this sensual foreplay, a truly unique product has been formed. These butt plugs are designed to stimulate your partner to the max as they do tricks, roll over, lay down and jump for their intimate master.

Perfect For Animal Role-Playing

Once you start roleplaying as an animal, there are often so many options available to you, it can be hard to decide what to do. However, for many people, choosing something they are already familiar with is usually the best option. And what’s more familiar than a dog?

Our range of high-quality dog-tail butt plugs is perfect for any roleplayer, whether they are into kinky sex or not. They’re designed to look and feel great, and they’re made from hypoallergenic, body-safe materials. Find something that fits your own body, and you’ll never miss a beat when playing the part of a rascal.

You don’t have to use these tails in only the bedroom either. Some are even designed to be used during foreplay or in other non-sex situations. You can use them to please your partner by allowing them to stroke and kiss your tail, and you will definitely impress them if you can use your tail to stimulate their most sensitive areas on the body.

Pup Play Around The World

Many people wonder what it’s like on the other side of the dog-human bond. Through roleplaying, people can explore how a submissive person can make themselves available to a dominant or top person.

There are so many ways for two people to show how much they care about each other that one of the most satisfying is roleplaying, and one of the most unusual is through pet play. Through this medium, you can experience the love and devotion between a human and his or her pet.

For every woman who burned a bra, there’s a man burning to wear one.”

Pup Play Traits

Most people enjoy playing with pups for their cuteness and because of the affection they receive from their owners. However, there is a more specific type of pet play that is just seen as fun for its own sake. This type of pet play is known as pup play. People who engage in this activity want to have fun and provide their owners with the same love and affection.

Many pooch players enjoy wearing latex frequently. This is certainly not necessary, so don’t feel pressured into doing it. It seems to have evolved over time for many pooch and owner combinations to make this a choice they often make.

Pup Play Accessories

Accessorize your Role Playing experience with a ton of stuff including, simple ears and actions, or embrace the puppy lifestyle all the way. There are many options available to you when it comes to Role Playing accessories.

Balloon-popping fetishes – watching women pop balloons with high heels on – are surprisingly big. A woman getting a pie in the face is another one. Theres no end to what to turns people on.

  • Collars: These are the most iconic piece of canine equipment. You can outfit your dog with a collar just as you would a real dog. As their training progresses, some owners like to gift their puppies more intricate and elaborate collars.
  • Tail butt plugs: A human wearing a tail butt plug gives a very good impression of a real tail. It’s as close as humans can get to having a tail, so there are many different designs, some perfect for pampered pups.
  • Leads: If you want to take your pup for walkies, a lead will make the experience more fun and more authentic.,
  • Bowls: Incorporating food into your pup play gives the pup the added sense of being genuinely cared for, which makes the bond between you two that much stronger.
  • Humblers: These are little devices that keep a man from being able to stand up are they are attached to their testicles and ankles. This forces him to stay on all fours just like a puppy.
  • Bondage: Restraining someone and forcing them to remain in a submissive or kneeling position fulfils the same function as bondage for those who don’t like the idea of a humbler (or are female).
  • Shock Collars: Sometimes used in training real dogs, shock collars can be added to your roleplay to add an extra dimension of tension. Use them with care as they can cause harm to your human partner.

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