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Cat Tail Butt Plugs
We want our buyers to feel special whenever they use one of our butt toys. That’s why we offer a variety of cattail plugs for them to choose from. It lets them pick one that fits both their backdoor and their level of expertise.

Cats have an instinct for dominance. If you’ve got a tomcat or a queen in your life, you’ll certainly understand this point. Sometimes we wish it would be that easy to get the kind of attention our loved ones crave, but we all know it’s not that easy.

It’s hard to ask your lover for some TLC (or rough-housing) in the bedroom when you are trying to do it tactfully. That’s why we have put together a collection of the most deliciously dominant cat tail butt plugs in the market.

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Just Like the Real Thing

You will love the fuzzy, soft feel of these cat tail butt plugs. They look and feel just like real cat tails! In fact, they are made from faux-fur and they have a very soft, fluffy feel. Depending on the length of the plug you get, it will either stay attached to the base or you can pull it off and move it around the room where ever you wish. You can also choose your own tail pattern or you can match your cat’s tail with a different colour for his tail for a more unique look.

While the sexual needs of individuals with an ASD may not be very different from others, the way in which information is communicated and proceesed can be.

There are lots of good reasons to get a Loveplugs anal plug. You don’t have to worry about your health and safety with a Loveplugs product, you can select from a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can buy them in various colours and patterns.

Bring Your Sex Life To A New Level

He’s erect. As in stands up straight! Posture is indicative of laziness. If he stands with shoulders back and tummy in, he’ll make an effort. Good posture also usually means the person is confident.

Choose your favourite or look to get an anal training kit of different sizes. Give your partner a taste of the good life by wearing a cat tail butt plug. He’ll love you for it, and so will she. Nothing’s better than submitting to a dominant, sexy lover who knows what they want… and… is willing to teach you how to give it to them!

Dicks are delectable, incredible biological structures. The whole apparatus, the size, the way it fits inside, and the precariousness of it all, makes me wonder why people bother to take an interest in anything else in life at all.

Be submissive and allow your lover to take complete control during lovemaking. Slip these little cat/animal butt plugs into your playroom/bedroom drawer and let your lover dominate you!

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