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Traditional Vibrators: Not Your Average Vibrators
Traditional vibrators are classics for a reason, especially when it comes to their functionality. Designed for great pleasure, these vibrators will tickle, throb, and vibrate you to the core.
You’ll be amazed at how powerful a “traditional” vibrator can be. It’s a great starter vibrator for both men and women, and especially useful for those new to the world of vibrators. Once you use it, you’ll be able to find it to be a very rewarding experience.

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Traditional vibrators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some of which are so abstract they almost seem to have a life of their own. One of the most beloved traditional vibrators is the “Original Magic Wand”, and we suggest you give it a try!

With a traditional vibrator, you can toggle between vibrating, throbbing, and thrusting modes depending on your preference. Other products are limited to just one set of options for quick manoeuvring. Whatever vibrator you choose, you’ll get a much-improved session whether you’re playing alone or with a partner. Click here to explore our incredible collection of traditional vibrators.

Sex is wonderful, but it is messy and imperfect, and for most of us that translates to potentially hugely embarrassing.

Traditional, Classic Vibrators

You should get this vibrator if you want a hassle-free vibrator. Vibrators of this type are among the easiest to use. Choosing this type of vibrator is the right choice if you want simple stimulation. These vibrators have a traditional look and feel. These vibrators have pulses and vibrations to give pleasure and vaginal stimulation.

The device is good for all sorts of purposes including masturbation, foreplay, and sexual acts. Use it to revitalize erogenous zones, including the vagina, g-spot, clit, nipples, penis, as well as anus. Whether you use it during partnered sex or solo play, it is flexible. Your genital area won’t be damaged or irritated by it.

There are many different types of traditional vibrators on the market. Wicked Sex Toys offers a variety of different traditional vibrators that are detailed in appearance and feel for maximum realism. They’re often perfect for beginners and offer plenty of different speeds and patterns to satisfy even the most experienced users.

The traditional vibrators produce a single focus stimulation, which can go either way. Both partners can benefit from this simple device with vibration modes. Simply turn it on, press the device against the desired body part, and enjoy the buzzing. For internal use, do not forget to use a lubricant.

The Traditional Vibrators are made as a single focus stimulator and can be used internally, or externally. They are simple to use and can be used to stimulate both partners. All you need to do is turn it on, press it against the body part you want to please, and enjoy the buzzing. Don’t forget to use lube if you plan on inserting your toy.

These traditional vibrators are designed to provide basic and uncomplicated pleasure. They are unique because of their streamlined design. The shafts are not veined; there are no clit tickler nubs or flexible vibe heads. Instead, they’re designed with just enough stimulation to please even the most discerning woman.

Our traditional range of vibrators for external and internal stimulation is outstanding. You can use them for everything from foreplay to G-spot stimulation, anal play to extended orgasms. They’re easy to use, have a simple control panel, and are available in a variety of different sizes, shapes and speeds.

Wicked Sex Toys is a trusted sex toy store in the UK. With nationwide delivery and discreet packaging, we are the perfect place for anyone to get their erotic needs met, whether it’s a traditional vibe, a rechargeable vibrator, a g-spot vibrator, a clitoral vibrator, bullet vibrator or other best sex toys you want.

Traditional Vibrators: A Brief History

Vibrators originated in the 18th century. The unmarried women of the upper and middle class, especially those between the ages of 18 and 35, were affected by hysteria during this period. In subsequent treatments, doctors decided to perform vulvar massages on women, causing female orgasms.

The treatment appears to be effective because after the massage session the women were no longer in their tense state.

It quickly caught on with women all over the world. Ever since then, the vibrator has been used not only for pleasurable sex but also for medical purposes, as a treatment for various disorders, including depression and PMS.

The increasing number of women getting regular treatment, however, caused doctors and midwives to develop painful wrists and hands.

I’m suggesting we call sex something else, and it should include everything from kissing to sitting close together.

Physician George Taylor was the first to create the Steam-powered Women’s Massage Machine called the “Manipulator.” After its creation, the large machine was converted into small machines. In 1880, Joseph Mortimer Granville developed the first battery-powered vibrator.

In the 1990s and 2000s, sleek vibrators were introduced. During this period, sex toy manufacturers began making vibration toys that weren’t just for women but appealed to a wide range of aesthetics.

The Best Ways to Use a Traditional Vibrator

There are many types of traditional vibrators and they have a cylinder design that dates back many years, which makes them an excellent choice for a beginner. Sexual aids of this kind are flexible and suitable for many foreplay and intimate scenarios.

– Foreplay

The vibrator can be used to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, nipples, or g-spot on its own or while you give her oral sex or manually stimulate her clitoris with your fingertips or another pleasure toy. A woman can use the vibrating tip to press hard on the testicles and anus of her male partner.

– Sexual Intercourse

With the vibrator tip against your clitoris as you are having sex with your man, you can cum together during lovemaking.

Is this your first time using sex toys? Would you like some advice on which product to choose? Do you need something we do not have? Just let us know. It is our pleasure to help you.

The traditional vibrators we offer are suitable for targeted clitoral stimulation and anal stimulation. Using skin-safe materials, they are available in various designs, sizes, textures, speeds, and vibration patterns.

– Maintenance And Care

Keeping a good vibrator in tip-top shape is easy. Don’t forget to clean it thoroughly, use lubricants that are compatible with its material, and use only toys made to fit it. In case your classic vibe is soft silicone, be sure to use water-based lube.

The silicone surface of your sex toys can deteriorate if they are exposed to silicone lubricants. That’s a bummer, right? So, just remember: Don’t put dirt, salt, sand, grease or silicone-based lubes on your silicone sex toys!

Dont obsess over spontaneity. Anticipation is just as good as spontaneity.

Cleanup is easy with most classic best vibrators. Check first the vibe’s description to see if it’s water-resistant or splash-proof. Waterproof devices can be cleaned easily and submerged in water lightly. While splashproof vibes can still be cleaned, please take caution! The battery compartment, charging port, or buttons should never be exposed to water. Use a sex toy cleaner instead for quick and easy cleaning.

After the love toy is used, it needs to be stored in a clean, dry place away from little kids and pets. It should be stored in a container or plastic bag with a silica packet or some other desiccant material to help minimize dust and dirt exposure.

Traditional Vibrators FAQs

How do vibrator materials differ?

Besides how they look (of course), what makes vibrator materials different is their tactile feel. The temperature of metal and glass rarely change without active heating from outside, so they are perfect for sex plays involving both heat and sensation.

Meanwhile, vibrators made from jelly, silicone, and CyberSkin will warm up slightly when you rub them, adapting to your body’s temperature and becoming more comfortable over time.

With a traditional vibrator, what parts of your body can be stimulated?

Every sensitive part! The clitoris and G-spot are the most common places to stimulate with a vibrator for women, while the head of the penis and the prostate are popular for men. Nipples are common for people of any gender. The act of rubbing it all over yourself to warm up before sex is also effective foreplay. Whenever you buy a brand new vibrator, we recommend playing around with it so you can discover which parts of the body respond best to those powerful vibrations!

Is there a difference in motion between vibrators?

Indeed, there is! Vibrators can operate with a variety of motions, as well as different vibration speeds, intensities, and frequencies. Motions can either be described as rotations or thrusts. A rotation is the motion used by women to stroke their clits while thrusting, which mimics penetrative sex, is performed in an upward and downward motion.

Do vibrators work for masturbation?

Yes, of course! The experience of masturbating with a vibrator is extremely enjoyable. You know your body better than anyone, so vibrator masturbation lets you focus on all your most intimate areas. If you want to experiment, you can see which parts of your body respond well when subjected to vibrations. Furthermore, you can discover how sensitive your body is to gentle and intense vibrations!

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