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Anal Douche for A Good Anal Play
Each gay man should have an assortment of gay douches due to the fact that douching is a vital part of gay sexuality. Suitable for all types of anal play, from beginners to fisting lovers and extreme BDSM players. With douching, you will have a pleasant, worry-free process. Furthermore, this experience is both sensuous and pleasurable, calming, and provides the perfect preparation for the best anal adventure.
Our goal at Wicked Sex Toys is to make sure that you and your toys are clean at all times, leaving you to savour the experience. For all your douche requirements, we offer a wide assortment of shower attachments, enema kits, and handheld douches.

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Make sure to clean any toy before inserting it into the vaginal canal or sharing one with a partner that was previously inserted into the anus. By doing so, other sexually transmitted infections will be deterred from spreading.

What Is An Anal Douche?

Basically, it’s like giving your bum a good deep clean. In preparing for anal sex, the anal douche removes faecal remains.

The very idea of writing a sex diary was often greeted by mothers of young children with a wry laugh. `Sex? What is that again?’

This helps soften stool and relax the anal sphincter, causing an easier bowel movement. By gently pushing warm water over the lower rectum and anus, and then evacuating it, the area can be cleansed.

Are you familiar with this? Most people refer to this procedure as an enema, prescribed by doctors before colonoscopies and when chronic constipation occurs. It also goes by a more sophisticated name outside of the doctor’s office, as well as living without the rigours of scientific logic.

At Wicked Sex Toys, we have a variety of anal douching equipment. We also sell shower douches and lubrication tubes. Explore the brands you know and trust! Get it straight from Wicked Sex Toys.

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Anal Douching: Different Types

The types of douches are quite varied. In spite of the fact that they do the same job, they operate differently.

It’s most convenient to use the bulb douche safely if you’re a beginner. As soon as you become comfortable using it, you can start using it comfortably and determine which type is best for you by experimenting with others.

Bulb-Syringe Douche

Easy to use and cheap, this douche is the best. You can purchase another model if the first one you buy doesn’t work for you.

You can insert the water into your rectum using its nozzle or bulb. For you to use the unit, they come apart and will need to be connected. With enough water, it isn’t even necessary to use the shower, simply use the toilet bowl to rinse your colon.

If you’d like a deeper clean, a longer nozzle is available, but be careful not to harm yourself.

The G spot is a sensitive area felt through the anterior wall of the vagina half way between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. It swells when it is stimulated and some women find stimulation of the area very pleasurable.

Shower Douche Kit

Because this kit requires some experience, it is only recommended to those who have used douches previously. In many ways, the model is similar to the bulb-syringe design, although slight differences exist. To use the model, it must be plugged into a working shower. It allows you to deep clean yourself with no need for additional accessories.

The Enema Bag

The device is a combination of an anal douche and an enema. This bag resembles a water bottle, and it includes a hose in addition to the nozzle. In addition, it must be hung on a hook and attached to the shower.

Gravity means that you can adjust the water temperature and water pressure more effectively by letting the water pass through the tube. Many of them are removable, so it’s easy to remove them and travel with them.

Anal Douches FAQs

What’s the deal with rectal douching?

The rectum is an amazing organ that can hold the dead weight of your faeces for as long as you need.

All residue should be removed by a good wash in the shower or bath. Having to worry about poop can take the fun away from sex. Therefore, if you prefer to do anal douching, go ahead!


What is the maximum frequency of anal douching?

Douches are safe as long as you don’t overdo it. It is best to do it no more than twice a week and not more than twice in one day.

What might happen if you over-douche?

No matter what steps you take and how well you douche, you still have a chance of damaging your intestine linings and your anus.

If you do it frequently, you may also upset your internal cleansing process and upset your electrolyte balance.

What other risks should be considered?

The use of anal douching may not be advisable if you suffer from haemorrhoids or fissures in the anal cavity. If you have one of them, it is more likely that you will suffer pain and injury from placing the pre-lubricated nozzle tips there.

Laxatives should not be consumed just before engaging in anal sexual activity. The laxatives in commercial enema solutions facilitate stool movement by contracting the intestines.

Laxatives can have unpleasant effects, ranging from diarrhoea to cramps, which can dehydrate you.