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Non-Phallic Dildos Are A Hit!
Penises in reality don’t come in attractive colours or with a sexy smooth shaft, however, since these aren’t the real thing, why not play around a bit? With a little imagination, you can go for the jagged, rough look with “tweakers” and get those big, cleverly designed non-phallic dildos that will give you the confidence to walk into the most private part of the room and take command.

A non-phallic dildo is the perfect sex toy for your lover. It’s also an excellent choice if you and your lover are just getting started in the world of strap-on play and would like to ease into things slowly. Either way, your partner will be none the wiser – it’s almost impossible to tell the difference!

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The strap-ons and harnesses come with dildos attached, but many of them allow you to swap dildos so your ride is always different. Wanting to get hot? Grab yourself a non-realistic dildo to heat things!

These non-phallic dildos are designed for couples, for solo play and for those who like to use a harness to help them achieve explosive orgasms. They’re made with superior materials and are extremely durable.

You want to communicate your sexual expectations, desires and performance levels to your partner and for your partner to be on the same page.

Wicked Sex Toys carries all sorts of non-realistic dildo sex toys to satisfy your desire for adventure! From the classic glass and jelly styles to the more exotic non-phallic glass and stainless steel options, we’ve got you covered no matter what your fantasy.

Our non-realistic g-spot dildos are designed with multiple functions in mind. Some are bouncy and smooth, while others are rippled and inflated, they stimulate the clit and the G-spot at the same time. They’re easy to use and clean and come in a range of sizes, shapes and sizes to suit every taste and experience level.

What Are Non-Phallic Dildos?

Those who are “hungry” or “curious,” who just want to broaden their sexual horizons, will find these quality dildos perfect. They’re a great option for the person looking for sensual stimulation without their dildo looking like a real penis.

Sometimes you just need to Indulge. Get to know the world of non-realistic, non-phallic dildos.

Non-phallic dildos are perfect if you want to heighten your orgasms or just give yourself an erotic thrill. We have a great selection of them, in different styles, colours and sizes, guaranteed to make your trip to our online sex shop worthwhile.

Designed to hit all the right spots, these non-phallic, non-realistic dildos will give your sex life a boost you won’t believe!

There are the colours of the rainbow, from pink to orange, and many other “unusual” colours. All in one place!

A Non-Realistic Dildo’s Characteristics

The non-realistic dildo is the best for providing sensation during sex. It provides the best pleasurable feeling for both men and women during vaginal and anal penetration. It has dotted designs, sometimes curvy, sometimes straight.

The most interesting feature of the non-realistic dildo is its vibrational properties. Some women would choose a non-realistic dildo over a more realistic version because of the extra vibration it provides along with the creative design. A lesbian without an interest in cock may prefer non-realistic dildos for masturbating or engaging in sexual activities.

The opposite of “real” is “non-real”. A non-realistic dildo is a sex toy that doesn’t look like your actual body part and is used for more than just its physical effect. It gives the user an extraordinary sensual experience.

A non-realistic dildo which is used by couples for their foreplay or solo act comes in different sizes and materials such as hard plastic, soft plastic, rubber, jelly, glass, and steel. The users can adjust the size of the non-realistic dildo to fit his/her requirements. The choice is yours!

The experienced users are using the non-realistic dildo for several reasons. They know the benefits of using this kind of dildo for themselves and their partners. When they use this kind of dildo during masturbation and sexual activity, they get some extra benefits that they couldn’t get from a realistic dildo. The non-realistic dildo can help them reach orgasm more easily.

A Variety Of Non-Realistic Dildos

There are many kinds of non-realistic dildos. They’re made of different materials, like non-porous silicone, rubber, PVC, body-safe glass, and so on. The customer can choose the best one depending on their preference.

Many people love the idea of playing with non-phallic dildos. Even more, love the idea of having someone else control the temperature play and setting. This will make it a truly pleasurable experience.

Feeling good (whatever that means to you and your partner) is the big payoff of sex—-not orgasm.

Non-phallic dildo with a suction cup

If you want to experience hands-free masturbation then you can use suction cup dildos with attachment to the base of the non-realistic dildo. This allows you to use your hand for other things while the dildo is in your hands-free mode.

The non-phallic dildo has a suction cup base that clamps onto the surface, making it easy to use whether you are playing alone or with a partner. A nice addition to any person’s masturbation pleasure toy collection.

Non-phallic dildo with vibrating features

A non-realistic dildo with vibrating functions is the most effective tool to intensify the sex experience. Experienced users almost always prefer this kind of dildo with their partners. It provides the best “sensational” feeling with vibrating functions.

The libido difference between men and women is one of life’s dirty tricks. It causes so much tension in relationships.

A non-realistic dildo will offer an unforgettable vibrating climax. It has several features that make it very beneficial. These characteristics determine the type of stimulation and pleasure you will get during use.

Non-Phallic Dildos FAQs

Why is it worth it to buy a non-phallic dildo?

Non-realistic dildos are not just for wannabe porn stars. They really can enhance your sex life. You should never rule out anything that will make your life more exciting. Non-phallic dildos are spectacular. These products are designed by some of the most talented people in the field of sex technology. Contrary to their realistic counterparts, these beautiful dildos stand out because they are not constrained by the male anatomy. Experience, creativity, and an array of customization options guarantee superior-looking, perfectly sculpted dildos you’ve ever seen. They’re also reasonably priced, and they last forever!

There are other advantages to non-phallic dildos as well. Their size tends to be larger than traditional dildos. When designers break free from constraints, they will have the freedom to focus more on the user experience rather than form and realism. That will lead to more engaging designs with a wide range of details.

What are the differences between Non-phallic dildos and other types?

Avant-garde designs are found at the “opposite end” of the realistic/conventional spectrum. Non-phallic dildos often feature very unusual/creative designs that are meant to stimulate the exact right spots, no matter how unrealistic the design may seem to an average Joe.

Do Non-phallic dildos only work on vaginal penetration?

There are no limits on how you can use a non-phallic dildo. You can use it in any way you wish. Several non-phallic dildos are capable of anal and vaginal penetration, along with oral penetration. As many prostate toys and strap-ons are cylindrical, you may be interested in using one of our non-phallic dildos.

What are the sizes of the Non-phallic dildos?

All non-phallic dildos are not created equal. There are many different kinds and textures, each designed for a different purpose. 

A smaller one might only have an insertable length of 3 inches, while other models can reach 9 inches and even more. You can pick the size that appeals to you most.

Do Non-phallic dildos work in harnesses?

Absolutely! Some are harness compatible. It is possible to find harnesses for almost any sex play situation. Once you’ve found your dream harness, simply go look for the dildo or, if you’re feeling extra daring, a strap-on to match it. If you are looking for something less complicated, a strapless non-phallic strap-on may be right for you.

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