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Sex Is Better With A Stimulating Gel
This may seem like a dream come true to some, however, it’s true that sexual gels are a great way to enhance your pleasure. The trick is to know exactly what to choose, what to do, and what to do with them. Take note that these formulas are primarily designed to heighten sensations rather than to initiate them.

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The sensation you already have is amplified by these products. Consequently, when you are feeling enthused or having an orgasm, that sensation is intensified.

It works by increasing circulation and oxygenation to the genital area, enhancing sensations and stimulating sexual desire, lubrication, and intensity. Besides the components and formulation of the product, how it is applied can also enhance intense pleasure. Don’t forget to give yourself a little TLC and massage that genital area!

Sex is… perfectly natural. It’s something that’s pleasurable. It’s enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don’t we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual.

Our experts say to choose a sex gel or stimulating gel containing menthol, peppermint, cinnamon oil, or CBD oil, as these will give you the best sensations. A vasodilator, arginine has also been shown to be effective.

Be careful about what you buy so you don’t get an allergic reaction. Read the labels. It is strongly advised against substituting anything that does not claim to be a sex stimulating gel.

We’re born man, woman and sexual beings.

You should also check the ingredients as oil-based formulas cannot be used on toys or condoms made from silicone or latex, due to the possibility of the material breaking down.

If you have made a decision, try it on a less sensitive part of your body first, such as your wrists or legs, and then proceed to test it on your genital area. If you would like to see results, start as little as possible and wait. Once no noticeable changes occur, add a little extra. However, if you overapply, you should rinse it off with warm water and mild soap, and use a small amount of coconut oil to relieve the irritation.

Our customers all over the UK can choose from a variety of female stimulating gels at Wicked Sex Toys.

What are Stimulating Gels?

Before defining stimulating gel, let’s identify what it is not. Despite what their names suggest, they aren’t the same as personal lubricants. Despite the fact that some of these products are lubricating, their actual purpose is not to lubricate.

A stimulating gel works by revving up nerve endings and stimulating blood flow within the genital area. By doing so, it increases stimulation and enjoyment.

To use these gels, rub them all over your clitoris. They increase circulation in the erogenous zones. The top of the clitoris and sides should be rubbed with them. Circulation is increased and sensitivity is improved.

This misconception has led some to call stimulating gels the female counterpart to Viagra. They don’t function as Viagra. They contain different ingredients and have different effects, and you don’t need a prescription to buy them. Online pharmacies and retail stores have them.

The moment you find the right stimulating pleasure gel, however, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner. These products can enhance the thrilling sexual experience for many women, as well as be life-savers for those struggling with natural sexual arousal.

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Effects On Women’s Orgasms

Clinical studies have shown that the majority of female users of a leading brand are delighted with the results. Participants reported feelings of increased arousal, more intense pleasure and sensitivity during the study.

Overall, we conclude there is evidence to support the use of stimulating gels. The results reported by most customers are excellent. It is true that people who report having more intense orgasms using stimulating gels have the truth to tell.

We invite you to browse our site to get a better idea of how stimulating gels work. Getting started is easy.

Sexual healing involves a great deal of unlearning. Along the way, we learn a new way to think, feel, and behave sexually. We need to create goals that respect the time it might take us to integrate smaller changes.”

Wicked Sex Toys offers sex products aimed at increasing desire and making every touch feel more intense and deeper. Ingredients in the stimulating gels produce coolness, warmth, tingling sensations, and arousal effects.

A few of the products that we have are also designed to enhance your sensations and bring sensual waves experience.

Stimulating Gel FAQs

How does the intense stimulating gel feel when applied?

Feelings of warmth and tingling occur approximately 20 minutes after application. Sensitive areas like the clitoris are stimulated by the gel. It should be applied to those areas most often.


Depending on the reaction of the body to the substances in gels, they are categorized as “warming” or “cooling” gels. The cooling stimulating gel contains menthol or peppermint extracts, whereas warming gels may include ingredients such as cinnamon, damiana and capsicum.

How should these gels be used?

Make sure you read all the ingredients on the package, as you may be allergic to something in it. Seek medical advice before using. Just a few drops on your wrist or your thigh for a few minutes and see how it feels. Then you will be familiar with the nice sensation. This ensures that the gel won’t react negatively with you before you apply it anywhere else.


You’re now ready to dive in, dab a little on your fingertip and rub it in gently. The best way to apply gels is normally externally, in the clitoris, since they are not meant to be ingested. Applying the gel to the clitoris, the mons pubis, and the labia could also have a multiplicative effect when it comes to pleasure.

How effective is the revolutionary clitoral stimulating gel?

During sexual activity, most people felt the gel increased arousal, sexual intensity, satisfaction, and more intense orgasm. In general, most reactions were mild and short-lived, with symptoms such as itching, burning, and stinging.