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Would you like more pleasure in your sexual encounters or are you experiencing a dry feeling? Sexual lubricants are a must-have in any bedside drawer since they can relieve dry vagina and even amplify sexual stimulation. The best thing about lubricants is that they come in a variety of flavours and sensations, so you get a pleasant tingle to your sensitive areas, while also being pampered, gently against your body.
The Wicked Sex Toys range of intimate lubricants has formulations designed to make sex as easy and painless as possible.

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There are also flavoured lubes available for oral sex, available in a wide array of flavours. There’s more! Our luxurious massage oils, balms, and lotions boost erogenous zone sensitivity, increasing your sexual pleasure.

Dryness of the vaginal area affects you both, try Wicked Sex Toys’ solutions.

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What Is An Intimate Lubricant

The purpose of sex lubricant, also known as intimate lube, isn’t just to lubricate your private parts, though it is good for that as well. To avoid excessive tears, irritation, and pain, use lubricants during masturbation and sex. It is, quite simply, a sex toy that heats up, cools down, and tingles, and it is ridiculously fun. It is the most potent tool you have at your disposal for more exciting sex life.

Using Lubricant When Needed

Despite healthy vaginal health, inadequate lubrication is common. Natural vaginal secretions are replaced by artificial lubricants, moistening the vaginal area and removing any discomfort caused by dryness in the vaginal lining. Synthetic lubricants are used when:

  • The medication causes dryness in the vaginal area
  • A temporary dryness of the vaginal area may be caused by hormonal changes following childbirth or pregnancy
  • Vaginal dryness occurs during menopause
  • Vaginal lubrication is inadequate – such as when they become dry after a long period of sex or discover their natural lubrication is not sufficient to keep the friction at bay
  • A dry and sensitive vaginal tissue can cause pain or itching in a woman’s vagina.

3 Kinds Of Intimate Lube

Lube is available in a variety of flavours, but look before you bite. You can tell a pH balanced bottle by its label. By not doing so, you run the risk of altering the vaginal flora, which would be like triggering thrush.

Choose your flavour now!

Typically, lubricants are classified by their main components. Here are your options:

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Water-based lubes are closest to your body’s natural moisture

This product is mild and can be used with any sex toy or contraceptive method. In contrast, a water-based lubricant tends to dehydrate during its use due to air exposure or uptake by the skin. Use water-based lube again to rehydrate.

Oil-based lubricants are easier to handle

Stamina-boosting. It lasts longer than water-based, which makes sex more enjoyable. However, it is not condom-friendly. It is NOT recommended to use oil-based lubricant with latex condoms. It is not advisable to use oil-based substances like petroleum jelly, baby oil, and coconut oil on your vaginal area.

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Silicone-based lubricants are the slickest and most waterproof

Suitable for use in water and lasts for a long time. Use only a small amount at once.

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However, it’s particularly dangerous when you’re sexing. The floor will be slippery. The liquid can also stain bedding, and silicone toys can be worn out, making them uncomfortable to play with.


I take hormone replacement therapy. Am I allowed to use personal lubricant?

You can apply water-based lubricants while taking HRT, and these may ease the dryness in the vaginal area.

Vaginal oestrogen is what I use. Are lubricants okay?

Certainly. Vaginal oestrogen is supported by intimate lubricants. You can use oil-based lubes whenever you do not use pessaries or vaginal creams. When applied together with a pessary, the water-based option is more versatile. Alternatively, if you’re wearing an estrogen device, lubes can be applied daily.

I am trying to become pregnant. Are the intimate lubricants safe to use?

When you are not ovulating, these lubricants can be used; however, if you are ovulating, a lubricant that is sperm motility friendly is recommended.

There are over-the-counter lubricants that have a pH of around 7.0, which may be used during the conception process.

Do lubricants work with adult sex toys?

Also suitable for toys made of plastic and silicone, as well as medical devices, are oil-based lubes.