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Take pleasure in a set of vibrator devices featuring everything a sex lover could desire. With our large selection of vibrators and other sex toy gift sets, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. Get a heightened experience with your vibrator, add a bit of spice to your foreplay with a bondage kit, or take that special someone on a trip. The Adult Toy Kits are perfect for all your romantic moments, whether you’re into solo play or with a partner.
Sex Toy Kits by Wicked Sex Toys will make your sexual experience more enjoyable, whether you’re treating yourself or introducing your partner to adult toys. At Wicked Sex Toys, only the best sex toys kits are available.

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Toys for a Wonderful Sex Life

Would you like a male stroker? What about a rabbit vibrator with rabbit ears that is more effective? A vibrating cock ring, perhaps? What’s stopping you? You can give one of our fun adult toy kits as a romantic present or use them as a chance to do something fun and exciting.

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Would you like to give a gift? How about treating yourself? By putting together some of our best-selling toys and accessories in kits, designed to make shopping easier, with additional items like a water-based lubricant, toy box plus cleaning products, along with convenient storage features. Enjoy a hot night with some of our best-selling toys and accessories!

For those who aren’t sure what type of toys they want to explore, adult toy kits are a good option. This kit allows you to experiment in the bedroom with new sensations or make your fantasies come true. A variety of clitoral stimulators, cock rings, Jiggle balls, G spot vibrator, etc. can be found in our sex kits.

A couples sex kit from us here at Wicked Sex Toys is the perfect way to live out your wildest dreams, whether you’re a fantasy sex lover or just looking for a new experience.

Get out of your sexual rut with these special adult toy sets. Who doesn’t like experimenting with bondage and BDSM and trying out new sexual positions? We have gathered the best adult toy packs that couples will certainly enjoy, ranging from those that emphasize superiority and submission to ones that encourage good oral sex at all times.

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Sex Toy Kits At A Great Price

With our fabulous love toy kits, you can entertain yourself endlessly or make your partner feel special. Anal starter kit with a butt plug, vibrating cock rings, dildos, and more! These sampler kits offer an array of tempting choices for men and women, and they are suitable for individuals or couples.

With the love toy kit, you will have all the tools you need to discover pleasure! This kit is perfect for beginners! We have add-ons that can give your game an added edge. There are creams for her and him that will stimulate your senses and get you in the mood, no matter what your goals are.

For the ultimate in the frivolity in the bedroom, get a kit that will satisfy your every desire. We have a range of products from anal beads to edible paints and jiggle balls to massage creams and bondage kits.

Your Head • They dont call it giving head” for nothing. Cunnilingus involves more than just the use of your tongue. You need to get your whole face in there. Your nose should be buried lightly in her mound, with your upper lip and mustache area resting firmly against the front edge of her pubic bone. You should be able to easily use your upper lip and gum to provide light pressure against her front commissure, the area just above the clitoral head where her outer lips meet.

Don’t forget sex kits don’t have to cost a fortune. Browse our sex toy kits category to see if any suits your needs. Regardless of what you are into, we have a kit for you.


Can I combine restraints with other adult toys?

Vibrators and dildos are popular sex toys that are often combined with restraints.
There are also different types of restraints that can be used on various adult toys. Collars and leashes can work well with a wide range of sexual accessories, as can dildos and vibrators with bed restraint devices.

Is it safe to use love toys?

Those high-quality, non-toxic sex toys are safe. Make sure they’re cleaned properly, and that they’re stored safely away from heat and moisture. When all of these measures are taken, the risk of STDs would be significantly reduced.

What are the best adult toys for couples?

There are so many different types, shapes, and sizes of adult toys. What you choose depends on your sexual preferences. Discuss what kind of sex toys you’re interested in and what you want to do with them.

Using a vibrator can enhance the massage experience. Vibrators are available for clitoral massage, anal massage, finger massage, and bullet massage, as desired. Vibrating devices with Bluetooth functionality that can be operated through remote control by your partner make it possible to choose your level of enjoyment wherever you are.

What are the best pleasure toys for same-sex couples?

High-quality vibrator. These devices come in a variety of sizes, from large ones, like the Hitachi Magic Wand, to portable ones that are suitable for either sex. You will each receive massages and have each part of your body stimulated, creating excitement between you. Our toy aphrodisiacs are of the highest quality.

Furthermore, you can find out more about your sexuality by letting your partner touch your entire body, rather than only the areas that are typically sexual.



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