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Racoon Tail Butt Plugs
There’s no need to be intimidated by pet play. If you have a passion for animals and the people who love them, then just dive right in! If you do your research properly and prepare ahead of time, you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful hobby without any problems whatsoever.
What we tell people all the time is that pet play isn’t supposed to be hard work; it’s supposed to be fun, exciting and creative since you’ll be dealing with roleplay and costumes.

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Would you dare to be a wild animal? Well, the racoon butt plug tail could be the one for you. Not only did we include the Raccoon in our pack of tails, but we also made a separate pack especially for it. Why? Simply because it’s such a unique and fascinating creature!

All I can say is, the best is to know yourself so you know what your insecurities are. Know what really turns you on, not what people say should turn you on.

Those who want to pet play as a raccoon should be playful with pranks, catastrophic with some misbehaviour at the same time. Raccoons are full of mischief, which is one of the reasons why it makes it so hard for them to be kept as pets. If you or your partner would like a challenge, transforming into a raccoon can be one of them.

If you or your lover would like a challenge, turning into a Raccoon can be one of them. This pet play stuff really works! The misbehaviour (especially from a racoon) bit is key. You see, just the act of misbehaving creates all kinds of interesting and exciting dynamics between people. It amps up the heat, increases the friction and helps get things going. And once things start going, it’s hard to stop. People don’t always stop playing after just one misfire either; they keep going back for more because it feels good to push the envelope just a little bit. So go ahead and indulge yourself a little; live a little; have some fun.

Variety of Materials Available

Don’t get discouraged with the low quantities we have available. These are some of the best out there. With the quality and material they are made with, these butt plugs will satisfy even the pickiest (or most demanding) of customers. They are also very reasonably priced. Choose from medical grade silicone, glass, and stainless steel.

Our plugs are 100% safe and are made from the finest materials available. They are clinically proven to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic and have passed many stringent quality tests. They are also very soft and comfortable, and will not irritate your skin at all. These are some of the best ‘plugs’ you can buy for use with a sex toy or any other type of erogenous stimulation.

All too many men still seem to believe, in a rather naïve and egocentric way, that what feels good to them is automatically what feels good to women.

Apart from that, the butt plugs are also waterproof. So you can use them with your favourite lubricant to make things slide in a little easier. Probably you’re already familiar with the drill: Water Based For Silicone, And Stainless Steel Goes With Anything!

If you’ve got a new sexual/kinky fetish, go for the soft and pliable silicone. It will mould to your body’s natural curves (aka your anus), so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it into place. Also, it comes in several colours, so if you get bored with just one, you can always switch to another.

The Tails are high-quality simulated fur tails that will fool even the most discerning of customers. You can choose the style, pattern and fluffiness of the tails. It’ll add a unique dimension to how you look in the bedroom.

Right Shapes & Sizes For You

Available in different plug shapes: The classic teardrop-shaped plug, the tapered plug, and the anal beads plug. It’s made of medical-grade silicone and can be purchased individually or as a set. If you want all its available colours, you can order the full set.

In a cemetery. Having sex in a graveyard is the ultimate bad thing to do – which is why lots of us did it in our 20s. Even if you’re way past that, cemeteries make people feel sexy because they’re creepy, not to mention often deserted at night.

A raccoon tail butt plug is not something that most men are expecting to see, but they will be very pleased that they did see it. These are among the very best raccoon tail butt plugs that money can buy. Try one and you may decide that you don’t need anything else ever again.

These butt plugs are so realistic, they’ll leave your partner begging for more!

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