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Sexy Lingerie Teddies and Bodies
Looking for one piece sexy bedroom garment then body or teddy for women is definitely for you.
Treat yourself to some gorgeous Teddy nightwear. From cute summer romper styles to satin sexy Teddy Lingerie. Our Satin, lace, mesh and cotton teddies are the perfect nightwear to feel and look fabulous in. If all-in-one nightwear isn’t for you then you will find your new fave in our cami sets, chemises or pyjamas collections.
Our range of sexy lingerie teddies is seriously seductive. Choose a classic silk teddy, lace bodysuit or naughty crotchless lingerie teddy and prepare to be seduced! Our sexy underwear teddies are versatile, comfortable and provocative.
A body can be worn as an alternative to a bra set under your everyday clothes or as part of a sexy outfit to tempt and tease your lover. Browse Wicked Sex Toys’ extensive collection of this ever-popular products, find your favourites for any occasion, size and budget!

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We offer a wide range of tempting colours from the classic black, white and red to passionate purple and pink, bold shades of blue and rich greens to brighten up your lingerie collection and bring out your inner goddess.

Finding your dream lingerie bodysuit is easy with so many erotic and seductive choices, whether you are after a wonderfully risqué wet-look body to drive your lover wild with desire or a flirty sleepwear teddy that is both comfortable and cute, we have collections to suit all styles.

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Have Fun Picking For Your Own Sexy Teddy!

Treat yourself and your partner to a sexy teddy, this alluring range includes sensual satin and lavish lace teddies designed for pure pleasure seekers from various lingerie brands. Figure-hugging and flattering, a sexy bodysuit will tempt and tease and is sure to inspire some bedtime fun.

Bring out your naughty side in a daring crotchless teddy or choose a sophisticated silk teddy for timeless elegance. An alluring lace teddy provides sheer coverage with a tempting hint of what lies beneath. Ladies, regardless of which one of our sexy bodies you choose we can assure you that you will get the attention you deserve!

If you are a bride to be on the lookout for some seriously sexy bridal lingerie, we have amazing bridal bodysuits and teddies for the wedding night and honeymoon in provocative and more romantic and vintage-inspired styles perfect for lounging and loving forever after.

Flaunt what you love most about your body by selecting a teddy that highlights your best features; show off your legs in a stunning high cut lace bodysuit teamed with your best heels, choose a cheeky thong or a teasing cut out back to invite attention to your derriere or focus on your cleavage by wearing an underwired or deep-plunging bodysuit.

A waist tie or stretch waistband will accentuate your curves for a sensual silhouette and many of our racy teddy and bodysuit styles have provocative straps, lace-up and cut out details that will flatter and bring out the best in the female form.

There really is a bodysuit for every aesthetic and every occasion. All you need to do now is have fun picking one from our sexy stock!

Black Bodies

Shop for a black bodysuit to make a seductive and stylish statement! At Wicked Sex Toys, you can choose from a captivating range of women’s bodysuits designed to accentuate your curves, elevate your femininity, and ensure you steal the sexy spotlight.

These extremely versatile lingerie bodies can be worn for a variety of fabulous occasions. Wear to enchantingly entice a partner or style with your favourite pair of jeans and heels for a dinner date or night out with the girls! These one-piece wonders really are a must-have item in your wardrobe. When it comes to style, choose from a delicate lace design for a touch of elegance or a provocative mesh bodysuit for a fun and flirty feel. Black is a timeless classic, always classy and effortlessly sexy, perfect for those after-dark encounters.

A satin bodysuit offers a timeless luxury look, or try a sumptuous velvet bodysuit to compliment your class! You could even experiment with sequins for a stylishly sassy appearance that will make you sparkle and shine. From our naughtier cut-out and revealing plunge designs to our glamorous and girly Bardot black bodysuits, we have everything you’ll need to feel irresistible.

In terms of coverage, we offer a range of styles that are suitable for everybody. Why not choose a long-sleeved bodysuit which is perfect for rocking the lingerie as an outerwear trend.

Our one-shoulder bodysuit designs are also a great choice, showing slightly more skin for a more dramatic, fashion-forward look. You could even go for an off-the-shoulder bodysuit, revealing your collarbone and the top of your torso for fabulously feminine flair.

If you’re looking for less, then choose a strappy bodysuit to seductively reveal more skin. A halter neck design offers support and is always flattering for larger bust sizes.

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Fishnet Bodies

What is an underwear drawer without a classic fishnet bodysuit? Some lingerie garments are just too timelessly sexy to do without, and this is one of them! Everybody knows that fishnet is the ultimate option in naughty lingerie and Bedtime Flirt has so many choices in our range of foxy fishnet bodysuit lingerie! Whatever your sexy style, you can find your perfect look.

The outfit ideas are truly endless in a fishnet bodysuit, with styles for every body type and every mood. Long sleeve or high neck options offer that teasing note of modesty, as your body is wrapped in foxy fishnet. If your style is alluringly cute and sexy, a classic teddy is always a winner for any boudoir belle. Whatever your style, and however you rock your look, fishnet bodysuits are the vision of sexy glamour. Check out our range of tantalising teddies, and foxy fishnet bodies.

Like a lot of our lingerie range, fishnet bodysuits can be worn as lingerie, wear your bodysuit under your clothes and feel your glamorous inner temptress, and transform into a vixen for your lover as you wear nothing but fishnet in the bedroom.

Fishnet bodysuits are the classic lingerie garment for a reason: they’re so easy to wear! You can transform into a bodysuit babe with only one piece of lingerie but don’t reserve this provocative piece for bedtime seduction, fishnet bodysuits make a sexy fashion statement as clubwear and are a festival favourite. Best of all, a fishnet bodysuit is comfortable as well as cute, so you never have to choose.

Seducing your lover has never been so easy. All you have to do is pick out one of these sexy bodysuits to become the irresistible woman you always dreamed of being. We offer an array of colours including classic black, white and red. Find your fantasy in our beautiful range, and embrace your sexy style.

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White Bodies

Browsing for a look that inspires a flirty, feminine flair? Then why not wear one of our wonderful white bodysuits! At Wicked Sex Toys, we have a whole range of bodysuits to accentuate your curves, radiate glamour and spark a sense of desire. So, why not delve into our collection of women’s white bodysuits, and dress to impress. The colour white symbolises an air of innocence, femininity and purity. A bright white contrasts beautifully with any skin tone and adds a chic edge to any look.

Our white bodysuits encompass elegance and can be worn for a variety of different occasions. For instance, these highly versatile intimates have taken the fashion world by storm as they are a staple in the underwear as outerwear trend. Choose a white lace bodysuit to style up your look for evening glamour, or a white mesh one piece to make a sexy statement! Opt-in for a women’s white satin bodysuit to radiate elegance, or a sheer bodysuit to excite and delight. Our white corset bodysuits will give you an hourglass shape and are a great addition to your wardrobe

Shape and style are everything ladies, so don’t forget to choose the perfect white bodysuit for you! If you’re looking to shop for a more modest look, why not choose a white long-sleeved bodysuit?

Lace Bodies

One of the most versatile and effortlessly sexy lingerie garments you can invest in is a lace bodysuit. One is never enough, get one in every colour, and be prepared for any style and any occasion! Sleek, chic, and offering a peek, bodysuits are an absolute lingerie staple for women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you love lace, feel sexy in satin, or dream of your fishnet fantasy, we have what you need. Check out Wicked Sex Toys’ stunning range of women’s lace bodysuits.

Invest in your confidence, and fall in love with your gorgeous glamour. With so many options when it comes to colour, let us guide you through. Wicked Sex Toys has every colour you could possibly imagine to get you into the mood for a night of passion. Pastel pink or aqua green is perfect for ladies who want to feel cute as well as sexy. Our fun, flirty bedtime beauties fit your body perfectly and flaunt your sexiest features.

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Lace lingerie bodysuits in glamorous red or black are perfect for any look. With a touch of lace and every little bit of focus on your body, no lover will be able to resist you in a red lace bodysuit. For timeless glamour that matches any occasion, peruse our collection of lace lingerie bodysuits, and sample our variety of black lace bodysuits for after-dark adventures.

For our bigger busted babes, who need that extra support, we have just the thing. Larger ladies needn’t be left out of the lingerie loop. Underwired bodysuits are ideal for keeping everything where it should be whilst giving you that luscious lift. So explore these one-piece wonders and select your style whether that be for the bedroom or as sexy outerwear.


Do you wear undies under bodysuit?

A quick answer is no, you don’t! Bodysuit is a smart garment that combines underwear and top in one. It is made for convenience, extra fabric underneath but results in discomfort, but if you prefer some extra support or coverage, you can always wear underwear with your bodysuit. It’s totally up to you.

Whats the difference between a teddy and a bodysuit?

The two names are essentially the same except when a bodysuit is referred to as a teddy it is typically a little bit sexier. Depending on the design, bodysuits can sometimes have snaps or an opening in the crotch area to make going to the bathroom easier.

How do you put on a teddy lingerie?

Teddy lingerie is the perfect combination with jean shorts or trousers, and a pair of heels to cap the look and you are off for a good time. Teddy lingerie is part camisole and part knickers. So why not rock it with your suit for the office.

How do you wear a teddy bodysuit?

To put on a bodysuit, just open the snaps and slide it on from top to bottom. Next, like a bra, it is possible to close the hooks on the back with the bodysuit in place, or to rotate the bodysuit to hook them and then rotate it back. Finally, once the garment is in place, close the snaps at the bottom.

What do you wear under a see through bodysuit?

Choosing What to Wear Underneath. Wear a bra that matches your bodysuit for a sleek look. A bra that matches the color and style of your bodysuit creates a simple but sophisticated vibe. For example, try wearing a plain black bandeau bra under a simple black mesh bodysuit.

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