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We’re talking sophisticated, cheeky and daring here ladies, so it’s time you update your underwear drawer through Wicked Sex Toys’ collection of sexy lingerie category shop.
Sexy lingerie doesn’t need to be for just one occasion, it’s a wardrobe staple. Our underwear is designed with the modern woman in mind – from glamorous, glamorous French lace briefs and cheeky thongs to sexy, sexy lingerie pieces.

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Sexy underwear makes women feel beautiful, confident and amazing. It’s a great way to add some spice to your lingerie collection, no matter what stage you’re at in your life.  Whether you’re planning a date night or you want to feel amazing every day, there’s something for you. Choose one that looks good on you, feels good on your skin, and makes you feel sexy and confident.

When it comes to women’s underwear, many brands deliver this festive season. However, for sheer variety, quality and value, we got everything here at Wicked Sex Toys. Our collection of women’s panties has something for every woman, from those who love thongs to G-strings, to sexy lace, to silky smooth satin, to super tight, super short.

Sex after 50 can be brilliant sex — but its different than the sex you had in the first half of your life.

Women’s underwear offers an endless variety of styles, fabrics, colours and designs. From comfy day-to-day bras and sexy lingerie to sexy undies, choose from sultry lace knickers, French knickers and Brazilian knickers to beautiful lace panties in a variety of shades. Choose from a range of dreamy satin knickers, teamed with matching bras. Whether you’re wearing day-to-day underwear or going all-out in a sexy silk knicker style, find the look you love and enjoy it from every angle. We stock all of the best lingerie brands and more with exclusive offers, so you can discover your ultimate fit and style today.

Sexy underwear Comes In Different Kinds

Sexy knickers come in different styles and designs, so don’t go for the same ones as always. You should explore your options and see which style suits you best. The best kind of knickers for you are the sexy ones. They’re a great way to spice up your wardrobe, and you’ll find there’s plenty to choose from in our cheap sexy underwear range.


If you think of sexy lingerie sets, you think of thongs. At the front, they provide coverage, but the back has a narrower design, exposing the bum. You can feel fantastic and take your curves to the next level while wearing a thong. As they don’t leave VPL, they are best worn under clothes that fit tightly. There are cheap sexy thongs made of mesh and lace that are sure to get the blood pumping, while satin thongs are perfect for exotic performances.

You can feel like you’re not even wearing anything at all while wearing our women’s thongs and g-strings. With perfect weather and fresh outfits to choose from, you’ll be able to wear everything from basic jerseys to mesh thongs. 

Do you have a special occasion coming up? You can boost your confidence by wearing a lace thong trimmed with a harness along with a matching bra. The number one solution to party dress worries is this selection of elegant high leg thongs. Now it’s your turn to undress to showcase your thongs and g-string stash.

Sexy briefs

Briefs are undergarments that offer total coverage and support, hugging your hips and butt. They come in various cuts, including low-rise, regular, high-rise, and super-high-rise, and some have mesh or lace panels showing off flesh without going completely bare. Others come in different styles: plain, with lace or ribbon trim, or with flashing little “eye-catchers.” Some even have sexy, racy embroidery or other design elements. And some areas sheer as a veil, but with enough material to completely cover your modesty.

High waisted briefs

We all want to look sexy and glamorous. For some of us, it’s a struggle to find underwear that hugs our bodies in all the right places and gives us that sleek, slim silhouette we crave. High-waist brief is the perfect underwear for us. It hides our problem areas and gives us a sleek, sexy profile that feels great and looks great.

These panties are made with sassy lace panels and sexy trim. Wear them under your clothes and feel like a sexy pin-up every time you take them off.

Brazilian Knickers

If you like showing off your bum, but won’t expose it all in a thong, Brazilian knickers might be your ideal knicker shape. They are cut low under the hips, and have a wider back than a thong, but not as wide as a full brief, showing just the right amount of cheek. They’re comfortable too, making them an ideal choice for a night out.

Knicker Shorts

Women’s short underwear, formerly known as ‘boy shorts’, have a low cut and wide sides, as well as full coverage at the back. Lace provides a subtly revealing aesthetic without leaving you feeling exposed to some of the sexy styles available here.

Safety first. There’s no such thing as totally safe sex, but you sure can be safer. Make sure he’s wearing a condom (even if you’re on the Pill) and talk about your respective sexual histories. I know it may sound like a buzz-kill, but heterosexual women have a higher risk of contracting an STI (sexually transmitted infection) than men, so it’s up to you to take a proactive interest in your sexual health.

You can also purchase mesh shorts with different styles, patterns, and colours to suit your taste. Despite its fun style, it is very comfortable to wear throughout the day and even for special events.

Satin Lingerie

Adding a touch of opulence to your lingerie wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult with our satin lingerie. Whatever you’re looking for – whether you’re updating your lingerie collection or seeking a daring underwear set – you’re sure to find the perfect pieces in this satin underwear assortment.

With everything from satin knickers, thongs, to sultry bodysuits, suspenders, and a wide range of other accessories, there is sure to be something for you no matter who you are or what you would like. If you want a truly sophisticated look, sport a satin top and thong, and finish it off with a satin nightgown and slippers. Underneath your outfit of the day, wear a simple satin bralette for a comfy look. No matter what your preferred fit is, you won’t be disappointed with our collection of satin lingerie.

Sexy Lingerie

If it’s the best version of yourself you’re after, look no further than our collection of sexy lingerie. Whether you want to impress your man or treat yourself to something a little special, you can find some of the latest styles on our website.

Show off your hot body and get ready for bed in our sexy lingerie. Try our range of teeny tiny pieces that make for ideal seduction wear or opt for our collection of sexy backless styles and plunge bras. Keep it fierce with sexy robes and don’t forget about our stockings.

Sexy plus size underwear

Finding sexy plus-size underwear can be a challenge. Our goal is to stock the highest quality sexy plus size underwear at affordable prices, so we try to meet this need. We stock underwear from the best brands for plus size women. The brands that make these underwear cater specifically to curvy women. The sexy underwears are no exception!

See our range of plus-size teddy bears, garter slips, and baby dolls for incredibly sexy items. There’s nothing sexier than plus-size underwear that’s sure to turn heads. A thong cut can be found in many styles, but they can also be made with options for more back coverage. You can use them to highlight your best qualities and simplify those areas where you lack confidence.

Besides short knickers and those with high waists, we offer plus-size briefs that are exquisitely embellished and sultry. You’ll feel much more confident with these, especially if you plan to show off!

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Fabrics Used To Create Underwears

You don’t always have to show a lot of skin to look sexy – a little creativity will do the trick. Women’s sexy underwear is usually made of sheer or opaque fabrics, so you can decide just how revealing you want to make your lingerie.

The popularity of lace in sensual underwear is because it provides both coverage and visibility. Styles, colours, and designs vary according to the aesthetic you prefer. You can choose to show a little or a lot of lace. Some knickers are entirely made of lacy material, while others feature lacy details.

The principal concern for women is not having an orgasm. But a woman has to take responsibility for her own orgasms.

Due to its sheer appearance, the mesh is also commonly used as a material for sexy clothing. Mesh is often used in shapewear like high waisted knickers and it can be excellent at shaping your figure. Some knicker styles feature mesh sections, allowing you to display some skin without going naked.

Stretchy and comfortable, satin-like materials made of polyamide and elastane give burlesque models the sexy, vintage look they’re known for. You might like this fabric if you like the vintage style and it provides a sense of luxury and comfort.

Sexy Underwear You Can Wear Every Day 

The female lingerie is a woman’s hidden treasure and a treasure trove, whose existence was already known in the corsetry workshops when the older generation searched for the latest cuts. Taking all this for granted is a mistake. 

Women who are confident and self-assured appreciate being surrounded by beauty and elegance that is customized to their needs. As with all aspects of life, we must admit that admiration and desire in men are merely a byproduct and a pleasant one at that.

There are feminine lace, sensuous stripes, ribbons, daring cuts, frills and nets – all of these create a tension-filled atmosphere of sexual intrigue and awaken even the deepest fantasies. 

It is wonderful and exciting to do anything that makes you feel closer to one another and which sparks desire! We have a wide selection of sexy underwear for sale in our online store, perfect for you, your significant other, or just as a present!


How often does a woman change her underwear each day?

Underwear should generally be worn for a maximum of a full day and then laundered before being worn again. Is it harmful to wear the same pair of shoes for two days in a row? Not at all. But you might begin to itch.


Make sure you change your underwear at least once every day, if not more! The average person wears an underwear pair every day and then puts them in the laundry for washing. But that is not mandatory all the time. Conversely, you shouldn’t feel constrained to just wear one pair a day.

Is there anything I can wear over sexy underwear?

If you’re looking for a catchy yet stylish way to wear your sexy lingerie, wear a coat, sweater or jacket. It is best to wear a denim jacket with a bra while a camisole goes well with a blazer. Wear fitted pants to finish off the look.

What is the best way to wear an outerwear bra?

Alternatively, you can wear the bra as your top. This look works best with opaque cups and a longer-line bra size for a less bra-like look and feel. In between, you can layer a bra over your tee, which may be the most eye-catching option.

How do you take care of underwear?

Gentleness is the key. Using gentle detergents and cold water, wash in the machine on the delicate cycle. Be sure to keep it cool. When washing your lingerie, avoid using hot water, strong detergents, softeners, and bleach. Simply hang it out to dry. After washing, lay the lingerie flat or hang it to dry.

Should you always wear underwear?

It is safer to wear cotton underwear instead of tight underwear because cotton is more breathable and prevents moisture from gathering in the genital area. Without underwear, there has been no study to determine whether this reduces the risk of infection.

What is the optimal number of pairs of underwear?

Most people need about 20 to 25 pairs of underwear to last about three weeks. When you buy a week’s worth, you have to wash a lot and you might run out when one pair tears.

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