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It’s time to put your best foot forward! Shop the complete lingerie collection to start building your lingerie drawer. A matching lingerie sets of bras and knickers is the foundation of any great outfit. Wicked Sex Toys has everything you need to make sure you always look and feel great, so get started! A bra and knickers set that’s going to give you structure and support, whatever your outfit.

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When it comes to underwear, you can never go wrong with a basic set. Our underwear ranges from sexy and sultry lace and mesh knickers and bras, to understated sets you can wear day or night, no matter what you’re wearing. If you need a little something extra, we also have beautiful lace, mesh and sheer knickers that are perfect for lifting your style.

Wicked Tickle’s sexy underwear sets are perfect for every occasion – from everyday casual to special occasion dressing. We’ve got bras that fit right, lingerie sets you won’t want to cover up, plus knickers that do more than just hold you together.

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If you’re looking for a style statement that doesn’t compromise on comfort, then our women‘s lingerie sets are just the thing. We’ve got stylish, supportive bras and all the knickers to match. Choose from a range of colours and styles including beautiful embroidered floral designs, sheer panelling and underwires to keep you looking sexy and sophisticated.

A large selection of lingerie is available at our store, including bras, panties, camisoles, and nightgowns. You’ll find bras in several styles, including non-wired bras that provide greater comfort as they are not structured, sports bras for working out, t-shirt bras that offer a stylish appearance, and push-up bras for a more prominent appearance. As well as offering cups in several sizes, we also offer DD+ cups.

Our category shop of knickers is extensive with an alternative pattern range, knicker shorts, bikini knickers, and full brief styles to suit your taste.

Treat Your Wardrobe To A Makeover

Find out which style of women’s underwear you’re looking for by browsing through our wide collection of bras and knickers, which include soft stretch, soft microfiber, cotton and elastic briefs in various colours and shapes. You’ll also find multipacks, which offer a variety of designs and are available in a range of colours.

Cotton knickers are popular for their comfort, whilst some beautifully-designed French knickers may be more flattering to your figure. High-waisted knickers can give you a confidence boost without feeling restrictive. We also have a range of brand-name underwear, from lingerie to loungewear, that you’ll love.

For women who want to conceal their pant lines or desire more comfort, we provide a multi-aspect of ladies thongs, made of soft cotton or feminine lace, as well as Brazilian knickers made as a hybrid between a thong and a bikini bottom that fits low on the hips and has a wide base. If you’re looking for black briefs or a pair of flattering white thongs, you’ve come to the right place.

Our stunning lingerie collections offer you the finest designer brands at an unbeatable price. We’re dedicated to the highest quality and exclusive offers.

How do we do it? It’s easy. With our superior customer service and low operating costs, we can pass these savings to you.

Every woman is different, so we recognize this. Some things work for one, others don’t. Therefore, our collections are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. We offer underwear designed to shape, style, and sophisticate in AA to J cups, including plus size brands.

If you need some sexy underwear for a hot date or stylish undies for work, we’ve got what you need.

All of our products come with a hassle-free return policy and are delivered swiftly and discreetly in the UK.

We aim to respond within 24hours to any enquiries, but if demand is high, it may take a little longer. Please use the contact form on the contact page for more information.

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Bra Styles For Every Woman

T-shirt bra

An option for this bra includes padded or unpadded cups or moulded cups. If you’re looking for simplicity and smooth contours, this everyday bra fits the bill.

Plunge bra

In this bra, the centre front is low and the cup shape is v-shaped. Bras like this one are good for tops with low cut or v-neck necklines and give subtle shape and support. If your frame is narrow and your cleavage is tight, this is a great choice.

Push-up bra

This type of bra is built to lift and accentuate the bust by angled padded cups that draw the breasts together.

Balcony bra

With its wide straps and low profile, this bra is suitable for those with little or no neckline. Suitable for people with broad shoulders and fuller busts, this bra offers uplift without cleavage.

Non-Wired bra

It may be padded or not padded, and it contains no wires. This bra is ideal for pre-teens, nursing mums, and post-surgical wear because it is comfortable and easy to wear.

Wired bra

This style has wires under the cups to lift, separate, and define the bust. Support and extra shaping are also provided.

Full Cup bra

With its comprehensive coverage and full support, this type of perfect bra is highly flexible and suitable for all bust sizes; especially for those with larger breasts.

Strapless and Multiway bra

The style may have no straps or, if it does, the straps may be removable or changeable; it is ideal for wearing under tops or dresses without straps.

Sports bra

Active women may need a more supportive bra whether they’re doing yoga practice at home or working out. Your breast tissue will be able to move freely without being damaged or stretched.

Larger cup bra (DD+ sizes)

Support features are added to bras for larger cup sizes.

Normally, the bra’s underband extends farther, which is where the bra gets its support. Eyelets and hooks are typically deeper to relieve shoulder pressure. Straps are usually wider to evenly distribute weight and provide a perfect fit. A multi-panel design may be used for better support and firmer underwire.

In addition, we offer a lovely selection of non-wired bras in large cup sizes that are more relaxed and supportive.

Explore All Our Knicker Types

There is such a wide variety of knicker styles to choose from. When it comes to avoiding that embarrassing VPL in that fierce bodycon dress or just keeping cool on a hot day, you’ll be glad you have a thong.

If you want a classic look, choose high-waisted knickers. You’ll not only feel more confident, but you’ll also have all your curves displayed to their best advantage.

If you’re searching for the perfect pair for your upcoming date night, or simply updating your entire collection of knickers, we’ve got you covered.


Thongs can be worn for a variety of occasions, including sporting events and parties. Simple, seamless designs in neutral colours allow them to be worn under form-fitting clothes without being noticed. Comfortable cotton pairs are ideal for workdays. The lace thongs also come with tanga strings on the sides, along with garter and low-rise options.

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Brazilian knickers

Our hip-hugging Brazilian knickers will inject more life into your underwear selection. We offer multi-packs in traditional colours like black and white, along with stretchy styles that can easily be slipped underneath form-fitting clothing. You can also choose from the many animal prints and floral designs in our satin and lacy collections if you want something fun.

A gorgeous range of knickers is available from Wicked Sex Toys in a variety of colours, prints, and lace styles. The low cut of Brazilian knickers makes them suitable for wearing under hip-hugging pants, but they are also comfortable enough to wear to bed at night. A cheeky cut across the bum gives these knickers a touch of sexiness. We have an extensive selection of Brazilian knickers in our online store, including bras, camis, and more. There are endless combinations to choose from.

Bikini knickers

Our bikini knickers feature a playful and feminine design, providing modest coverage and the highest level of comfort. Explore our collection of pure cotton fabrics and breathable microfibre fabrics. Underwear with lacy trims adds a feminine touch, while a variety of bright colours and patterns add personality. Buy a handy multi-pack to make sure you never run out.

Shorts knickers

Featuring a soft, comfortable fit, these shorts are perfect for wearing throughout the day and even sleeping in. There is a vast selection of shorts at Wicked Sex Toys, including lace and bows, along with so many colours, prints, and designs. For a look that’s perfect for every day, pair our shorts with one of the matching bras we offer. Combine our shorts with a vest top or camisole as nightwear.

High-Leg knickers

Stylish and comfortable, our high-leg knickers are the perfect base for any outfit. Discover a range of stylish designs crafted from lace and silk – great for wearing with matching bras. Stock up on breathable cotton pants in plain and printed designs to replenish your underwear drawer.

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French knickers

Add a touch of sexiness to your lingerie wardrobe with these chic French knickers. A gorgeous knicker style with lace and a bit of flair, this will suit any woman.

This pair of French knickers are super chic, comfortable, and flattering. Classics never go out of style.

Midi knickers

With our mid-waist knickers, you get excellent full coverage and comfort. Choose from plain or patterned multi-packs, as well as lacey or embroidered styles. Take a look at cotton-rich knickers for a more breathable option and ones with added stretch for more flexibility.

Shaping knickers

We offer light support and full support options in our shaping knickers. With a high-rise or medium-cut brief that matches your outfit, you can choose to feel comfortable and firm by adding stretch. Designed to flatter your curves, our long-leg shorts smooth your thighs and hug you in all the right places. Choose seamless styles in neutral tones or lacy designs to match your outfit.

Bras and Knickers FAQs

What are Brazilian knickers?

The high-cut legs of Brazilian knickers hug the hips low. In the back, it is broader than a thong, but not as big as a full brief; it goes over the top half of your booty.

Brazilian style knickers are designed to look sexy, feel comfortable, and have lots of coverage. They come in a wide range of styles and colours, so pick one that works for your personality, shape and budget.

Do bras and knickers have to match?

There’s no denying that matching bras and panties are a great look. Women and men are more likely to match clothing. It’s sort of like matching nail polish to lipstick, or pants to jackets.

What is the best way to wear mismatched lingerie?

Wear a bra and knickers made of the same luxurious fabric, like lace, but in different colours. Accessorize your undies with stockings. Choosing two pieces that cover much skin is less flattering, but playing with textures is fine.

What is the best way to keep lingerie together?

When hanging up strapless lingerie and bustiers, use skirt hangers. To save space in your closet, you may fold your new lingerie and place it in a basket. You should use a fabric-lined basket to prevent the basket from catching your items.

Is it a good idea to hang lingerie up?

Close your bras when washing them so the hooks don’t get snagged. It is always best to air-dry delicate items, such as bras and panties, by hanging them up or laying them flat on a towel. Undergarments should be hung up to dry, as tumble-drying them will ruin their form, and they will wear out more quickly.

When storing knickers in drawers, how should you do it?

To store your underwear, stack them inside your drawer rather than using dividers. As you sort your underwear based on colour or style, you should fold each pair of underwear and stack them. Then put each pile into its drawer.

What is a good number of bras to own?

You should always have an assortment of bras on hand so that you are not left bare-chested when you need one. As a general rule, we recommend that you own 11 bras in total, ranging from daily wear to special occasions.

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