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Want to try out anal play, but don’t know where to start? Our range of sensual and thrilling anal toys is sure to take you down the path of taboo and exhilarating anal play! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned backdoor player, there are a variety of anal toys for women to suit your needs, ranging from realistic dildos to vibrating butt plugs.

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Wicked Sex Toys has a collection of anal sex toys for people looking for more sexual stimulation. Check out our selection for the best anal sex toys for couples or singles. Whether you want to take your sexual adventures to a new level or simply discover anal play, this is the place to shop for toys that will help you experience the ultimate pleasure.

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Anal Sex Among Women: Why Women Engage In It

If you’ve never explored your anal erogenous zone, there’s a good reason you haven’t found it yet: the appeal of anal stimulation isn’t immediately obvious. There is no prostate gland to poke in a woman. Then why bother? Also, why do some women enjoy butt plugs?

Some people with vaginas do not enjoy anal play. That is true for men and women alike. Some love it, some hate it, and some are not too excited about it, just as with any sex act.

The truth is, people with vaginas might have anal sex for a variety of physical reasons. Imagine for a moment that the G-spot is sometimes stimulated through the anus wall.

A dense innervation of the pelvic nerves covers both the anus and the vagina through a common wall. An anal plug stimulates the nerves along the inner wall of the genital area, causing contractions of the pelvic floor muscle during an orgasm.

How do women benefit from anal toys? Does anal induce orgasm in women? Below are some reasons.

A greater sense of “fullness”

Using a vibrating butt plug during vaginal intercourse can sometimes provide a feeling of “fullness” in some people.

In fact, despite popular perception, “full” does not mean “painful.” A person who feels “full” generally means that they are stretched to the limits, although they may not be in pain. A butt plug causes you to be fuller during a vaginal encounter compared to not having one.

Try a butt plug if you like that sensation! Make it sexy by putting it in before sex or after you’ve already gotten your hands on it. Increasing fullness is almost guaranteed either way.

A sense of double penetration

The use of a butt plug during a vaginal encounter can fulfil the fantasy of double penetration without the need for a third party. This can provide a fantastic way to realize your dreams, without the burden of co-existing with another person and any problems that might arise. When you throw some dirty talking or a little sexiness in, the situation gets hot and steamy.

Users enjoy playing with butt toys in dom/sub situations. Anal plugs are always in their bag, just in case their dom wants them to insert one.

Keep something that’s typically off-limits on your partner constantly to spice things up. If you want to carry a butt plug inside of you, that’s fine, just be careful that others don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable around you. You should save it for yourself and your partner though!

Just a Little Special About It

For anal to contribute to your sex life, it does not have to be your favorite pleasure ever. Adding anal play to vaginal stimulation or intercourse can be a lot of fun.

It is almost always a good idea to have a variety of sex acts a couple or partners can switch between. Many couples get stuck in the same routine of repeating the same activities, resulting in boredom and dissatisfaction. The idea of having a few sex acts in there that you don’t want to do regularly, but can find acceptable to do from time to time is great for keeping things interesting, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Feeling Of Sex Is Stronger

There are many reasons why butt play is appealing, but one of the most appealing is that it feels dirty and sexy.

In the end, a person’s anal toy experience will differ from person to person. Nevertheless, if you and your lover are interested in buttplay, you should know that there are lots of choices and several ways to make it part of your sexual experience.

A Variety of Anal Toys

Anal sex is now acceptable in sex culture! You can indulge in anal play with a wide selection of anal sex toys, making this type of intimate play worth the intense stimulation you’ll get. Everyone of all skill levels can enjoy these unique sex toys because they come in so many sizes and shapes.

Anal training kit

With an anal toy kit, you can train your booty and prepare it for larger anal toys. One type of anal toy kit comes with a variety of toys to explore your back door; the other type comes with a variety of anal toys that vary in size to prepare you for larger toys.

An assortment with a wide selection of anal toys can be found in our Featured Anal Toy Kit. Use the smaller toys first, then progress to the bigger toys as you gain more confidence. These are perfect for providing you with the anal pleasure you desire, tailored to your specific tastes, and for broadening your sexual experience.

Anal Beads

The anal beads are a great starting point for all your backdoor escapade fantasies. It is normal to find anal beads with a graduated pattern, from smallest to largest.

The function of the toy isn’t merely to be aesthetically pleasing. When you arrange the balls in a line that gets larger the deeper you move the toy inside, you can experiment with sizes and add one at a time as you see fit.

In most vibrating anal beads, the beads are roughly the same size but still sufficiently small for novices to use. Other anal beads are shaped like balls.

Butt plug toys

Butt plugs, the ultimate in anal pleasure, are the most basic of all backdoor pleasure devices, but they deliver an intense and thrilling experience that leaves you in awe. The traditional butt plug has a cone-shaped design with a tapered end for ease of use. To prevent the toy from going too deep inside you, most butt plugs feature retrieval rings or straight or curved handles atop their ends. Those in search of an unusual butt plug can find an assortment of styles that stimulate them in a way that the conventional plug cannot. Their unique design provides anal stimulation that’s enjoyable and arousing, so they’re perfect for anyone looking for a unique type of butt plug to add to their anal toy collection.

Anal dildos

Designed for backdoor penetration, anal dildos are meant for more advanced beginners or seasoned anal sex toy users and are used in the same way as regular dildos. Anal dildos are perfect for those seeking a more fulfilling anal sex toy, as they satiate your desire more than slimmer toys, for instance, silicone anal beads. Many dildos are designed for prostate stimulation exclusively for men and have a curved or angled tip.

Anal dildos are perfect for your backyard pleasure spot. Check out some of these great anal dildos!

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Anal probes

You can explore more anal adventures with anal probes designed for deeper anal penetration. Smaller and sleeker than anal dildos, anal probes are available in many different sizes and designs, as well.

Animal tail anal toys

An animal tail anal toy is the perfect anal sex toy for getting kinky! On the ends of butt plugs and other sex toys anal, these fanciful ponytails and bunny tails add excitement to your style and make the perfect accessory for your partner. You can now play out any fantasy you want with your partner and your bum will love wearing this accessory all day!

Sparkling jewelled anal toys

The jeweled booty toy will spoil your booty! Anal toys of this type come with a sparkling crystal affixed to the end of the plug to give them an elegant appearance. This enticing and captivating anal toy will likely catch your partner’s attention as soon as you place it inside your precious backdoor! This stylish collection of anal sex toy accessories ranges from silicone to metal.

Glass anal toys

Exhilarating experiences are generated by glass toys, which are sculptures that are beautiful and erotic. Glass sex toys offer a different type of stimulation, so you’ll enjoy playing with glass anal probes, butt plugs, and other items! They all have distinct pleasure enhancing forms that are irresistible and functional. These delightful sex toys deliver pure pleasure to your backdoor pleasure zone, and they can be heated or cooled as desired.

Inflatable anal toys

Anal sex toys come in a wide variety of sizes from small to huge, but the inflatable anal butt plug is a sleeker, more sophisticated sex toy that is an all-in-one device.

However, these butt plugs can expand in size to fill you up with knee-buckling pleasure and give you a more intense sensation of stretching. With a pump attached, it feels like the toy is expanding inside you, delivering sensations unlike any other. Several of these playful anal toys feature an anal vibrator for a bit of extra naughtiness.

Metal anal toys

If you’re on the lookout for an anal toy that isn’t made of silicone, rubber, or another material that could be an allergy trigger for you or if you just want to try something new, these metal-made, stainless steel anal plugs are the perfect way to reach pleasure unusually. Authentic metal intimate toys weigh more than other sex toys, and that’s one of the things that make them so appealing. Hypoallergenic pleasure toys crafted from metal are elegant and smooth, providing easy anal play.

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In Terms Of Anal Hygiene

As far as anal play is concerned, a common concern is how to keep things sanitary and hygienic so that you or your partner will have a good time. Keeping your anals clean is important because having anal sex, whether it is with your toys or a lover, involves the spread of bacteria.

Make yourself anal-hygiene-ready with our special tool! Using a douche to flush out impurities is an easy and effective way to cleanse your body. Many of these douches have slim nozzles for easy insertion; some have additional nozzles in different shapes and sizes to give you a pleasant experience while you are cleansing. Using these handy cleaning tols you will be able to take care of your anals as you receive stimulation from your partner or your toys!


How does Anal Play work?

You may be wondering exactly what your partner means by “anal.” This depends on the situation. Regardless of what that means for you and your partner, there is a wide range of options available to you.

In the anal play, things can range from rubbing the anal region to using butt plugs and anal penetration. Prostate play and pegging are also options.

Essentially, there are many things you can do before or after anal. Newbies who are reluctant to take a chance should be pleased with that news.

How does it feel to have something put up your butt?

Our site receives this question a lot. People are attracted to anal play because it is different from other forms of play.

It feels very different from inserting something into your vagina, particularly when you are doing it for the first time. An alternate way to have an erotic experience, with a feeling of tightness, explosion, and intimacy.

Anal can be painful, according to my understanding. Is there anything I can do to avoid it?

Coaxing the anal sphincter into play is difficult due to its strength as well as its fragility. Take things slowly at first. However, that’s usually the case when you play around with new things.

Take it slow, start by using a small anal product and work your way up as you feel comfortable and pleased. Being at ease makes insertion easier..

Be sure to use lubricant as well! It is imperative to apply a lot of silicone lube and reapply it frequently to maintain comfort as it does not self-lubricate like the vaginal area does.

You don’t have to rush; this isn’t a race! Keep things slippery to avoid pain.

Is it possible to lose things up your butt?

You’re right, folks. This is true. It is connected to the colon by the rectum, which is approximately five feet in length. In contrast with the vagina, where the action ceases at the cervix, there is still action in your butt after you have inserted something. You must therefore be very selective about what you opt to insert there, lest you end up in the ER.

The use of sex toys made for anal play rather than homemade objects is so important. It is best to use a toy that has a flared base as well as a large handle, loop, or pull-ring for use in the butt.