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Butterfly Vibrator: What It Is And How To Use It
A butterfly vibrator is a vibrator that fits tightly to the vulva or clitoris without piercing the real vagina.
Straps that wrap around your waist or your legs attach it to your clitoris. The vibrator, which is shaped like a butterfly, swings the ‘wings’ up and down at varying speeds to stimulate the clitoris delightfully.
As with every adult toy, you will find a variety of butterfly vibrators on the market, some made of a jelly-like material and others made of comfortable, moulded plastics or silicone.

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They also come in a variety of colours, though purples and pinks are the most well-known, and some provide a variety of speed settings for your maximum pleasure.

Types of Butterfly Vibrators

Butterfly strap-on vibrators are classified into the following categories:

Traditional butterfly – This is a hands-free vibrator with stretchy straps connected to the butterfly’s wings to secure it.

The butterfly is attached to the clitoris and secured to the user’s waist or thighs via straps. The toy is operated by a control panel connected via a cable or using the control buttons located on the sex toy’s body. Once the user has engaged the gadget, it vibrates on the clitoris, giving sexual pleasure.

We have the right to our own bodies.

Remote control butterfly – This is a battery-operated remote control butterfly strap-on that is switched on and off and controlled via the remote control.

This clitoral stimulator is frequently used during sexual foreplay. The partner can control the vibrations from a remote location in the room by choosing specific vibration intensities.

Butterfly vibrator with vaginal and/or anal stimulators – This is a butterfly vibrator with an attached dildo or butt plug. Two toys can be connected, allowing the user to stimulate the most responsive erogenous zones: the clitoris, anal, and vaginal walls simultaneously.

How does a Butterfly Vibrator Work?

The butterfly vibrator is intended to stimulate the vulva and clitoris without requiring vaginal penetration.

Typically, you attach the vibrator straps, secure it in position tightly, and set the desired vibration speed. Once engaged, you’ll notice that the stimulation on your clitoris is mild yet significantly stronger than simply massaging it with your fingers like during ordinary masturbation.

While the butterfly vibrator is intended for solitary use, it may also be used in conjunction with a partner during genuine penetrative sex, culminating in a mind-blowing climax. Because the vibrator is connected via straps that do not obstruct your partner’s genitals, you may engage in genuine sexual intercourse rather than only vaginal stimulation via the butterfly or your partner’s penis.

You can enjoy these simple pleasures by using a butterfly vibrator in the quiet of your own home. These vibrators are ideal for women who enjoy clitoris stimulation, particularly because many women struggle to achieve orgasm without this sort of sexual activity.

Features to Look for in a Vibrator

When it comes to choosing the right product, a lot of people look for one thing: performance. But this should not be the first thing you’re looking for when you go to buy a product like a sex toy or a vibrator.

Sex toys and vibrators are for fun. They’re for pleasure. They’re for personal satisfaction. Not just for physical stimulation, that’s why it’s important that you find the right toy for you and your partner.

The best vibrators are the ones that do the job you need them to do well. They don’t need to be expensive, but they should be easy to operate.

To help point you in the right direction, when buying a vibrator, some of the features to look out for include:

Consider size

Consider size when buying a vibrator.

Most vibrators available in sex shops are large, and therefore not very discreet. Others are too small to be effective, especially for advanced users. When searching for a vibrator, try to buy one that feels good to you and that you will enjoy playing with. Do not go for a vibrator that is too big or too small, rather look for the one that is the perfect fit for you.

It is always a good idea to talk to your partner before going out in search of the ideal vibrator.

Ask them what they would like in a vibrator, and what kind of stimulation they like. Find out what their limits are, and ask for advice from a sex toy store. A good partner will be happy to give you advice on what might work for both of you. A good rule of thumb for first-time users is to start small and upgrade as you get more experienced.

Consider your ideal shape

Consider the ideal shape when buying a vibrator, especially when a vibrator is used for vaginal penetration. The vagina itself is very sensitive to stimulation, therefore, the ideal shape of a vibrator has a narrow head for easy insertion into the vagina, but with a relatively large shaft that can provide ample stimulation.

The best vibrator for vaginal penetration will be designed for your particular anatomy. The material, the size, and the shape all play a role in whether a vibrator feels good or hurts.

Consider material and texture

Vibrators can be used for a variety of purposes and it is important your vibrator is made of a material that is safe for your needs.

Some vibrators are made from smooth plastic, which can get uncomfortable after several uses and can be too slick to penetrate the vagina or rectum. Some vibrators have a curved tip and some vibrate at varying speeds, which can be great for teasing or G-spot stimulation but may not be ideal for anal penetration. Others vibrate only at one speed or vibrate continuously, and the sensation can be too intense for beginners.

You can also consider a toy made from silicone, which can be used both for vaginal and anal penetration and may be easier to clean and maintain than a vibrator made from plastic. All in all, sex toys made from silicone are the best and safe for both internal and external stimulation.

Do you like its look?

Vibrators come in a multitude of styles, from realistic-looking toys to those which are more outlandish and fun. They are great toys for couples, single people or even as gifts. If you are new to the world of sex toys, you may be a bit confused about which ones to buy. You are not alone in feeling this way.

When shopping for a vibrator, consider the look as well as the function. This is a crucial factor in choosing the right vibrator for your needs.

While the sexual needs of individuals with an ASD may not be very different from others, the way in which information is communicated and proceesed can be.

You want it to look sleek and sexy, but you also want it to perform well. Thankfully, there are plenty of great choices available on the market today.

Listen to the vibration

A large number of settings on most vibrators allow you to control vibration patterns, speed, and strength so that you may ramp up or calm down as needed.

It takes some trial and error to figure out which vibrations and patterns make you feel the most energetic.

The more you use your vibrator, the more adept you will get at recognising what is truly beneficial to you on a physical level. However, you must be sure you live the buzz of the toy you are buying from the get-go.

Popular Brands

Many different vibrators are on the market, but some are more popular than others. As a result, which brands of vibrators are the best-selling or most widely used?

Here are some of the most prominent companies operating in the market today:

BMS Factory

BMS Factory produces high-quality adult novelty toys. Steve Bannister, founder and CEO of BMS Factory, has extensive industry experience. In 1983, he started a modest retail business in Toronto, Canada, selling premium adult goods.

He began wholesaling in 1988 and has since expanded into producing some of the greatest personal accessories available. BMS is a global brand with 11 storefronts, a huge warehouse in Ontario, Canada, and manufacturing in China.

BMS has worked hard to become a top producer by creating its most promising and proven technology, PowerBulletTM. PowerBulletTM has grown from a simple yet efficient vibrating bullet into many more complex variants and is now a brand in itself.

Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson is the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of creative goods for men, women, and couples, having been established in 1976 and celebrating more than 30 years as a driving force in the pleasure products business.

Raising the bar year after year, Doc Johnson continues to set the industry standard in every aspect of the manufacturing process, delivering to the marketplace the most cutting-edge designs, the safest health grade materials, and the most lifelike materials available; ground-breaking technologies; and the most inventive, eye-catching packaging available.

Fun Factory

FUN FACTORY is considered a pioneer in the field of pleasure devices. They have been making toys that encourage sexual exploration for over twenty years and build them well so that your mind may be free to concentrate on having fun.

FUN FACTORY produces their items in Germany with fair labour standards and a low carbon impact.

Love Honey

Lovehoney has grown to become the leading online retailer of sex toys in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2002, Lovehoney specialises in sexual wellness. With a strong presence in the internet market, Lovehoney has been a market leader in terms of customer satisfaction.

They’ve won several accolades for their work, both for their business methods and creative goods, at the Erotic Trade Only magazine’s ETO Awards.

Sexual Health

There are several advantages to using a vibrator. If you want to experiment alone, you may discover what excites you without feeling pressured or constrained by your spouse. Discovering what feels good will enable you to provide more direction to your spouse and make sex more pleasant.

Additionally, vibrators can be used to prevent a variety of health problems, including erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, painful sex, prostate cancer, and incontinence.

Many persons who have been traumatised or sexually assaulted are unable to enjoy the pleasures of sex, which can result in anxiety or other problems. Vibrators may be used to calm the body and aid in blood circulation improvement. This allows them to experience sexual pleasure.

Find the Best Vibrators for you

Best for Beginners

Making your first purchase of a sex toy might be a challenge. Whatever you choose, make sure it won’t scare you and that you feel comfortable with it.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a vibrator is what kind of experience you want to have. If you are new to the world of sex toys, we recommend that you choose a vibrator with one of the smallest motors. These are less intimidating than models with a higher power.

Best Realistic

Dildo vibrators, which feel and appear like a real penis, are the current craze in town. Several versions include testicles at the base, as well as realistic-looking veins and tips.

A realistic vibrator will be able to mimic the stimulation that is normally felt during a sex act. This can be achieved by a realistic shape, such as the clitoris, as well as a realistic texture.


A vibrator’s features will determine whether it’s best suited to solo use. Toys that are easy to use, inconspicuous, and suitable for solitary play are some people’s favourites, while others want toys that have lots of features.

Vibrators like the Lelo Sona 2 are perfect for solo play, giving you an excellent vibration experience. Simple yet effective, it is easy to use and unobtrusive.


Anal sex toys are becoming more and more mainstream as society begins to accept that people can derive sexual pleasure from the butt. A good rule of thumb is, to begin with, smaller anal toys and gradually increase the size of them, since trying something too large too soon might cause itching, tearing, or even scarring of the anal canal.

Choosing anal products labelled “hypoallergenic,” “body-safe,” and “latex-free,” will help you avoid potentially irritating ingredients.


It is perfectly acceptable to include couples’ sex toys in your personal sexual experience.

Besides allowing you to stay close when you’re in a committed relationship or rekindle the flames of your marriage, anal play will provide you with an opportunity to spice up things while you’re already having fun.

The We-vibe vibrator is a gadget that can help you and your partner enhance your relationship if you’re looking for a way to spice things up.

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Why do I need a vibrator?

Adding a vibrator to your sexual repertoire can also help to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Anything that increases the pleasure you get from your sex life might be beneficial to your relationship. In addition, talking about sex toys might help you and your partner communicate better in general with one another.

Which vibrator is the best for couples?

From an expensive vibrator to a non-vibrating dildo, virtually any sex toy may be turned into an excellent couples toy. There are plenty of sophisticated, innovative sex toys created particularly for couples if you want to try something new. However, Canadian company We-Vibe has one of the world’s best couples sex gadgets – The Sync.

Can I buy online?

Yes, you may place an order through our website. You just type in the name of the product you’re looking for in the search field and press enter. If the results match your criteria, you will be able to complete the checkout process.

Which material is best for a vibrator?

Using a silicone vibrator, as is the case with almost all other sex toys, is the most effective choice. The fact that it is nonporous means that there is no risk of exposure to infection when using it.

Can water spoil a vibrator?

Because of technological advancements, waterproof vibrators are now accessible on the market. These vibrators may be used in the bath or the shower. Make sure to choose a waterproof vibrator if you want to avoid having your vibrator ruined by water.