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Bunny Tail Butt Plugs
Most people, when they think of BDSM, envision leather and whips, dominance and submission. However, many other forms of BDSM are far less talked about. One of them is pet play. It’s all about role-playing and taking turns being the leader and the follower. Usually, the person who is the leader is the one who gives the orders, and the follower is the one who complies. This is especially fun for those who love animals. They get to practice being the top dog and giving orders to their pets.

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A Mutually Discreet Experience

Discreet pet play is perfect for those looking to get started slowly and not make any big scene. It can also be used by a couple who wants to show off a bit but in a more moderate tone. For example, bunnies hardly ever make a sound, so they are a great choice for people who want to gently seduce their partner without barely making any noises. Couples can start with this form of pet play if they want a quiet start to some kinky fun.

They support the reports of women that they experience orgasm from various forms of stimulation

More Plugs Options for More Fun

As always, we at Wicked Sex Toys wanted to add our own flare by giving you more options and choices to pick. The plugs are made from high-quality stainless steel, aluminium material, and medical-grade silicone (which is also available in a variety of colours) to make sure that your most sensual moments in bed stay safe and worry-free of medical concerns. Just pure bliss and pleasure in your nights. So, go ahead and have fun.

Bunnies are modest and shy, but we at Wicked Sex Toys couldn’t think of anything sexier than to give you more options and choices on what to get your partner for their birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. So, go ahead and take some chances. Have some fun. The bunny butt plugs are made from aluminium, high-quality stainless steel, and medical-grade silicone (also available in a range of colours) to ensure that your most erotic moments in bed stay stress-free of medical concerns.

The word sex is too big; its a burden we all feel. We have to unburden it.

There are many different colours of our bunny tail plugs. If you are into pet play and would like to fulfil your fantasies, go for the classic but still very pleasurable teardrop design, or if you want to experience more orgasms on your erogenous zones, go for the spiral-shaped one. With our rabbit tail plug, you can have it in whatever colour you want it to be. This will give you more options for your pet play!

Get Your Little Bunny Tail Today

Having a soft, discreet, but super-charged bunny butt plug is one of the best sex toy investments that you can make. Try using one like this when you want to enjoy your partner in a less-than-rushed, less-than-extreme manner. Give yourself or your partner access to this fluffy tail, and before you know it… you’ll both be begging for more!

There is abosolutely nothing wrong with sex roles—as long as you have the freedom to choose the one(s) that resonate for you.

If you want to be a bunny, then a bunny tail butt plug is a perfect choice. They come in a range of different sizes and shapes, so you should be able to find one that is just right for your own behind!

Each butt plug is designed to stimulate and delight. Get yours now and get hopping!

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