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Anal Gel Lubricant: The Best For Anal Sex
Lubricant is a must for any type of anal play.
You should always consider your comfort, pleasure, and safety when participating in any anal sexual activity. Anal penetration is not something you can just go into haphazardly.
Lubrication is necessary for anal sex since there is no fluid flowing through the anal canal to make penetration easier. Anus also offers more resistance due to its sphincter, which is much tighter compared to the vaginal area, which contains creases and stretchy tissues.

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Also, anal sex can be made safer with the use of lubes. Water-based lubes decrease the likelihood of a ruptured condom when anal sex is performed, instead of oily lubricants, both of which increase the likelihood that a condom will rupture. In anal sex, lubrication plays a role in whether the condom will slip off. Lubricating the outer condom may help to keep it from slippage, while lubricating the inside may cause it to slip.

The anus will require a special lubricant. Anal gel lube is so essential, Wicked Sex Toys carries anal gel lube to meet all budgets.

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Why Use Anal Gel?

Use plenty of lubricants when preparing for a penetrative anal play. Unlike the vagina, the anus and rectum are not self-lubricating, which makes the sensitive rectal tissue vulnerable to damage in the absence of lubricant.

As a result, anal fissures, painful tears within the anus, or anal sphincter damage, resulting in faecal incontinence, may occur.

As we’ve seen, lubricant is essential when performing anal plays, whether you’re rimming, fingering, massaging your prostate or penetrating with a dildo or penis, you must choose an anal lube that is suitable for you.

No stigma can stand up to this gel’s water-based formulation! No matter what level of experience you have, hydrating your anal areas before any anal play is extremely important. Aloe vera, arnica, chamomile, and soothing eucalyptus are available in anal gels that are hydrating and elastic and offer friction reduction. Some even smell and taste great!

Lubricants For Anal Use

Water-based anal lubes

Water-based lubricants are quite useful in any sexual scenario, being the universal lubricating agent.

Because they are water-based, they are easy to clean. Alternatively, this means that water-based lube will wash off if you have sex in the bathtub or shower.

Water-based lubricants tend not to feel greasy or sticky and are most similar to natural lubricants in the vagina.

The problem is that they are prone to drying out rapidly. To make sure that the area is properly lubricated during anal play or anal penetration, it is possible to apply water-based lubricant several times.

Silicone toys, dental dams, and condoms can all be used safely with water-based lubes.

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Silicone-based anal lube

A silicone lubricant is excellent for sex in the tub or shower, compared to water-based products. It tends to be thicker and more durable than water-based lubricants.

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Anal intercourse becomes more pleasurable and comfortable with the silicone’s pleasant gliding sensation.

When used in conjunction with a condom or dental dam, silicone-based lubes are capable of eroding the latex material, leading to breakage and STI spread. Verify on the package or product label whether that item is latex condoms compatible.

If you plan to use silicone-based lube with a vibrating toy, butt plug, or anal device, ensure the toy is manufactured out of metal or glass.

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Hybrid anal lube

Basically, hybrid lube combines the best features of both types of lube. The silicone lubes provide the same soothing, silky sensation, with less stickiness and easy cleaning compared to water-based anal lubricant.

Silicone sex toys should not be used with these products, since they contain silicone.

Anal Gel FAQs

Can spit function as a silicone-based lubricant?

There is no charge for spitting. Unfortunately, it isn’t very efficient as a lubricant. As well as drying out rapidly and drying the skin further, the anus is not protected from tearing when it dries.

It is also not advisable to use Vaseline for lubrication. In addition to breaking condoms and not being absorbed by the skin, it was not designed for sex use.

During foreplay, can I use the anal gel?

Foreplay is a great time to try anal gel and see what works best for you. Use just a few drops at first, then more as necessary, as you get acquainted with each other’s bodies so you can determine how the lubricants make you feel, and what you enjoy about them.

Because we are all unique, we enjoy things in different ways. By talking about your feelings and what you like, you can be more intimate together. You will also create a closer connection between you and your partner if you communicate and understand what your partner enjoys.

What is the best lube for anal sex?

Keep things simple with anal lubricant, and wear a condom at all times. Wicked Sex Toys’ anal gels last for a long time, which is perfect for anus openings with a high degree of tightness.

It is generally believed that silicone lubricants perform better than water-based anal lubricants, decreasing friction and tear. You will want to be as gentle as possible with that area of the body, so silicone lube is the way to go.

As it lasts for a long time, it may not need to be reapplied as frequently. Additionally, it is safe to use with natural rubber condoms. You should take things slowly and lubricate liberally. Follow the directions carefully.