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Sexy, Stylish Hosiery For Your Everyday Wear
The Wicked Sex Toys range of hosiery includes stockings, tights, and socks that can match any outfit. These hosiery styles include transparent and opaque tights, fishnet stockings and mesh nets, for a feeling of sexiness and femininity.
You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect style for the perfect fit. At Wicked Sex Toys, they offer the best selection of styles in hosiery, including tights, hold-ups, stockings, socks and suspenders.

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Also available at our store are many varieties of colourful stockings and pantyhose, some of which are adorned with ornaments! With our stockings, you can wear suspenders. If you prefer not to wear suspenders, we also offer hold-ups, leggings and stay-ups. The suspender tights style has gained great popularity in recent years. With them, you get the sexiness of stockings plus the functionality of tights.

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We use only high-quality materials and reinforce our toes with clever reinforcement, ensuring that our tights last a long time.

The hosiery range we offer online features several top brands, including several that are available in a range of sizes. Whether you want black, white or ivory hosiery online, try the patterned or plain options here at Wicked Sex Toys.

You’ll never run out of choices when it comes to hosiery.

Different Hosiery Styles

We have the stockings and tights you’ve been looking for at Wicked Sex Toys. We have a comprehensive list of all the different styles of hosiery, so you can select the one that is right for you. Take a look at the variety of styles available, so you’ll know what to get when you buy your next pair of tights, stockings, or hold-ups!


A pair of sexy stockings complete any sexy look. Wear them along with our suspenders, and you’ll look and feel amazing. We have an extensive collection of stockings, such as knee-highs and hold-ups, available on our website.

Stockings are the most classic leg accessory. They can be found in a variety of styles and colours to enhance and attract attention. The types of stockings you wear to dress your legs can be adapted to match any outfit. We carry all kinds of stockings, including silks, fishnets, lace tops, and wet-look stockings. We have nylon stockings for every occasion – whether they are to be worn for everyday use or to enhance your lingerie ensemble with that extra bit of seduction. Choose the pair that best suits your needs!


One-piece lingerie that tempts and entices, these are amazing, skin-tight items. Sexy body stockings lingerie offer the perfect combination of revealing net and lace to allow just a hint of skin to show. Choose from opaque, sheer, lace and fishnet bodystockings in seamless and crotchless styles. Open crotch bodystockings are the most popular type of bodystocking. Take a look at our collection if you want one that isn’t crotchless. If you’re looking for the perfect item for your lingerie collection, you’re in luck. There are hundreds to choose from.


With a huge selection of hosiery, you’ll be able to show off your sexy legs no matter where you go. So many beautiful hold-ups to choose from with different patterns and florals. Check out our selection of sexy stockings, bras, and knickers, or try our hold-ups if you’re feeling especially sexy. Find out what hold-ups are!


A pair of sexy legs go well with a pair of sexy hosiery. With our hosiery collection, you’ll find tights that are sure to bring attention to your legs. Our tights are made of different fabrics and deniers, so you can find a pair that suits your needs.

Choose from our collection of women‘s tights and adorn your legs in style. Our online tights department features sexy pantyhose and sexy tights for every occasion. Whether it’s simple black opaque tights or the most sophisticated designer styles, you’ll find it all here. Patterned, fishnet, seamed, and faux knee-high designs are among the options.

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There is a range of stylish tights for every occasion, as well as funny patterns, lace, stripes, knit and woven fabric, as well as printed pantyhose. For special occasions like bridal parties or weekends away, you can opt for some stylish dressy tights.


Add some stylish suspenders to any lingerie ensemble. As well as matching lingerie styles, we have white and black suspenders, which complement our bras and knickers. These suspenders are perfect for wearing with a variety of our sexy feet stockings. Complete your lingerie wardrobe with suspenders for support.

A pair of sexy socks

Make your outfit complete by adding some sexy socks. Among our selection of socks, we have socks that cover the knee, socks that reach the ankle, and ankle-length socks. Whether you need lace anklets, ribbed over the knee socks, or knitted ankle socks made of the nylon yarn, there is something for everyone, from chic to outrageous.

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A Guide To Putting On Tights

It has happened to all of us: You haven’t even worn your tights that long, and it can happen right after you put them on, then a ladder appears out of nowhere!

Step 1

Avoid wearing any jewellery such as watches, rings, or bracelets. Jewellery may get caught in tights and create ladders. Toenails that are too long or sharp may also create ladders.

Step 2

One panty leg should be rolled up to the end of your tights. Your foot should fit into the rolled-up leg and your tights should cover your heels. Do the same with the other foot.

Step 3

Pull your tights up until your knees are covered.

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Step 4

Tights should be pulled up over thighs and hips. Wear them with pride!

Stylish Stockings And Hosiery

Beautiful legs! We have a selection of sexy stockings for you, so don’t hide them away. Sexy leg warmers, knee highs, sheer hosiery and even stockings are all the rage, and with our sexy hosiery styles, you can easily add a little sex appeal to any outfit. They’re classy enough to wear with business attire during the day, yet sexy enough for a night out.

Hosiery FAQs

How do stockings get so sexy?

There is nothing sexier than black stockings paired with an elegant suspender belt. They’re not just pretty, the stockings are comfortable, easy to wear, and need gentle handling when removing. A woman’s wardrobe would be incomplete without them. They are sexy, comfy, and stylish.

In a striptease routine, stockings play an important role. Taking it off takes a bit of time since it is secured with clips that make it difficult to just rip off. Seeing a stocking top at an unexpected moment is exciting, and seeing them removed can make you utterly giddy!

What can be done about laddered tights?

Even if you take all the precautions in the world, sometimes your tights get laddered. It’s best to fix the situation by dabbing some nail polish on the ladder. You can prevent the problem from getting worse, as the ladder will not expand.

This is true, especially when it comes to your thighs! Denier refers to the number of threads in a single yarn of the fabric. A higher denier indicates a thicker fabric. Try to go for tights with a higher denier to avoid having them rip. Instead of buying a smaller size, simply choose a larger one.

What is the best way to wash your hosiery?

When it comes to washing your hosiery, make sure to separate it from your bras. As your bra hooks can damage your stockings, you need a different laundry bag for them.

All stay-ups, stockings, and tights should be washed according to the same instructions. These can be washed in a laundry bag at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. It is not recommended that you machine-dry your hosiery, bleach it, iron it, or have a dry cleaner use chemicals to clean it.

How should tights be arranged?

Tights can be rolled up neatly or folded, whichever is most convenient for you. To prevent laddering, it is very important to store them separately. Keep tights away from clothes that could catch on buttons or hooks, especially bras. Invest in a separate underwear storage container to keep them separate.

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