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A Good Lube for Masturbation
Masturbation is an important part of the sexual wellness of every man. It is an intensely private, important expression of self-love. It allows us to get in touch with the many facets of our sexual being, which can help us express our partners’ tastes and preferences.
Masturbation is a natural act that everyone engages in from time to time. It’s an easy way to relieve stress and can be a healthy part of your sex life. However, many people are still uncomfortable talking about it or admitting to the act.
Selecting the right personal lubricant can make a big difference in the experience of masturbation. With so many options out there, all you need is a little guidance from someone who has researched for you. That’s what Wicked Sex Toys is here for, to give you the guidance you need to make a great decision when it comes to your masturbation life.

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Personal Lubricants are an important part of life. If you haven’t discovered the joys of using sex, vaginal lubricants, you’re missing out. They can enhance your sex life in so many ways, it’s hard to even know where to start! As far as skin is concerned, they are extremely gentle and very supple.

Open the lubricant and let it ooze out over your hands. Then, using your hands to distribute the lubricant evenly, rub it over the entire area of penetration. Wait a few seconds and then start moving in and out.

The more specific the better.”

What Is Masturbation?

When used correctly (which is almost always), masturbation is a healthy, fun and very effective way for guys to experience pleasure and release tension. It’s also a great way for couples to enjoy pleasurable intimacy frequently.

For many people, masturbation is a useful way to learn more about their bodies and how they like to be pleased. It’s often done to achieve orgasm. However, men typically masturbate by stroking or rubbing their penis. And, in women, the clitoris is usually stimulated with a finger or two.

Most men masturbate, but many do so alone and never talk about it. However, if you have a good relationship with your lover (or even if you don’t), you should discuss your feelings and desires freely and openly. After all, when was the last time you discussed your sexual desires with the person you were with?

More than half of the people in the world claim to masturbate, and almost 10% say they don’t, based on a survey.

When Masturbating, Why Do You Use Lube?

Lubrication is something that every person should think about adding to their masturbation routine. Here are the reasons why you might want to add lubricant to your sex life.

Frenulum orgasm is the unknown but super-fantastic orgasm you are looking for. You’ll find it at the junction of the foreskin and glans on the back of your penis. Move your fingers smoothly across this area in a circle. Using just 1 or 2 fingers, apply a thin layer of lubricant to the very front of the prostate. Then move your fingers slowly and steadily back and forth until you have achieved orgasm and the waves of sexual pleasure become stronger and more frequent.

If you decide to add toys to the equation, you’ll certainly need lubricant. Add the right lubricant and you’ll be riding the big kahuna within minutes.

Around half of the post-menopausal women tend to notice more vaginal dryness and discomfort when having sex. After menopause, the vaginal tissues and vulva may change and atrophy due to the decrease in estrogen levels. Without higher levels of estrogen, these tissues become thinner, less flexible, receive less blood flow, and produces less natural vaginal fluids. Using a lubricant helps decrease the discomfort of sex when experiencing vaginal dryness, but does not prevent the underlying problem of vaginal tissue atrophy.

These personal lubricants specifically from Wicked Sex Toys are similar in consistency and feel to saliva and female body lubricant. When you use this extra “wetness” with your partner, it’s much better to be inside her ass, vagina or mouth.

There are several masturbation lubricants on the market that are designed to increase the hotness of your sex life. These particular products are a favourite among our customers. It has a similar consistency to natural body lubricant, and when you use it, it feels like you are “inside” your lover, adding an extra “wetness” that makes the act of lovemaking more exciting and intense.

Sex is wonderful, but it is messy and imperfect, and for most of us that translates to potentially hugely embarrassing.

Types Of Lube To Use For Masturbation

Water-based lubricant

The water-based lubes are the best choice for most people who use sex toys especially silicone sex toys and for most brands of condoms. It works well for everyone. As water-based lube dries out quickly, you should keep a few bottles in your bag or travel kit as a backup.

Silicone-based lubricants

Condoms can be used with a silicone-based lubricant and is often regarded as hypoallergenic. Aside from being durable, it will last for quite a while. Due to its non-water-soluble nature, the silicone lube can be used in the shower or bath.

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Oil-based lubes

In general, oil-based lubricants hydrate the skin and are considered the most natural lubrication and safest option for lubrication. This includes coconut oil and mineral oil. It’s durable and can be used with any sex toy. However, it won’t work with latex condoms. If you’re not careful, it leaves spots on bedding before it fades.

Moisturizes the skin and is typically the safest and most natural option for lubricants, according to the brand. Durable and suitable for use with all sex toys, however, NOT with latex condoms. It needs a moment to fade from the skin and may leave spots on bed linen unless you are cautious.

I’m suggesting we call sex something else, and it should include everything from kissing to sitting close together.

Specialty lubricants

Warming lubricants contain specific ingredients to cause a sensation of warmth. Breathing on these types of lubricants may increase the effect. “Cooling” or “tingling” lubricants may contain ingredients such as peppermint. Some lubricants are sold together, such as “hot and cold”, or are marketed for a specific use or effect.[28] Flavored lubricants contain flavorings, such as fruit flavors, to enhance oral contact. “Edible” lubricants may be flavored and/or may not contain any ingredients that are not advisable to eat.


Do I need a condom to masturbate?

You decide what you want to do. If you’re serious about masturbating, you should always experiment and explore different options. A condom can be useful if you like to use toys while masturbating, or if you use pornographic videos when you’re in the mood to masturbate.

Can masturbation reduce my sperm count?

The idea that ejaculating too little will deplete your sperm count and affect your sperm motility is also a myth. Testicles produce new sperm following ejaculation, so the man does not need to avoid ejaculating constantly. Frequent ejaculation is desirable for many other reasons too.

Is it better to use gel or liquid form for masturbation?

Masturbation gels and liquids differ primarily in their consistency. Masturbation gels have a thicker consistency than liquids. When you heat gels, their texture begins to change. It is satisfying to experience this as you gain momentum.

In the case of liquids, you can fall fully on your knees. A liquid lubricant is a great option if you’re in a hurry. It should speed up the process. If you’re planning to keep it for a while, opt for the thicker gel.

Can masturbation be harmful?

It is not unhealthy to masturbate. If you masturbate safely and naturally, and your masturbation does not interfere with your daily life, then it is a completely normal and healthy activity.