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Set Yourself Up With Harness-Compatible Dildos
With these harness-compatible dildo toys from Wicked Sex Toys, you’re sure to have an amazing night! Taking you and your partner to new levels of ecstasy is our job.

Dressing to impress doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a tuxedo. These harness-compatible realistic dildos are designed to look so real, they’ll give the wearer a huge, exciting advantage.

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A great collection of harness-compatible dildos that will take your sex life to the next level. When you wear one of these dildos during lovemaking, it will enhance your experience by giving you a deeper sense of intimacy.

Our collection of sex toys includes many items that are not only designed to enhance your love life but also make sure both you and your partner are satisfied. You can also find non-phallic dildos that will make your partner giddy with excitement. If you’re a strap-on user, you’ll find plenty of choices, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro.

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You’ll be more than happy with our harness-compatible dildo toys, so pick up a couple and start stepping up your sexy time!

Strap-On Harness Compatible Dildos

Whether you’re looking for your first strap-on or you want to add a second one to your collection, we have a dildo that will thrill and excite you.

Strap-on harnesses are a great way to give your partner the control they crave and the intense, almost overwhelming sexual pleasure you both deserve. Use our fantastic range of strap-on dildos to find the one that makes your playmate scream!

Your new harness compatible dildos will be ready to use right out of the package. The Wicked Sex Toys harness attachment system is easy-to-use and keeps your new sex toys exciting and fun for months to come.

All these dildos are compatible with other strap-ons or harnesses, but sizes and measurements will vary per product. Ensure your dildo and harness are a perfect match and that the harness or strap-on fits snugly within the harness.

If this isn’t your first time using large or extreme dildos, you’ll already know what size and shape you prefer. Why change what’s working for you, right? So try a different variation with our Large harness compatible dildos.

Whether you’re looking for harness-compatible dildos to use for yourself or as a couple’s toys, we’ve got just what you need.

A strap-on dildo is a great sex toy for everyone in mind. It’s great for men because it allows them to be dominated and satisfied like never before. It’s great for women because it can help them achieve multiple orgasms, while at the same time they can experience domination and satisfaction.

If you’re into real kinky sex, you’ve come to the right place. Our site has all the action you’ll ever need, including toys for a realistic play experience, as well as BDSM, pegging, and lesbian experiences. The harness compatible dildos we offer are carefully designed with your safety and ultimate satisfaction in mind, with each one carefully crafted to deliver you a thrilling experience that hits that sweet spot every time.

Whether you are looking to spice up your love life, or your partner is looking for a little pick-me-up, you will both be bursting with energy and eagerness when your new strap on sex toy arrives!

Flared Based Dildos for Strap-Ons

The majority of harnesses require that the Dildo has a flared base to ensure its stability when inserted through an interchangeable O-ring or opening. Look at these products that are suitable for use both vaginally and anally. To promote safe and guaranteed long-lasting sex, choose silicone sex toys that are extremely durable and non-porous, making them easy to clean.

When Choosing A Dildo, Why Is It So Important To Get The Right Fit?

You must get the exact measurements of your harness and of any dildos you plan to use with it. That way you’ll make sure they all fit properly and that you get the maximum benefit from using this incredible combination.

A well-designed penis harness ensures a secure, comfortable fit, no matter what position you are in, and allows for a wider variety of positions than any other type of sex toy. It is well worth the investment.

When choosing a dildo make sure it is neither too big nor too small. It should fit comfortably into the opening and be rigid enough for you to have an extremely pleasurable experience.

Dildos with the appropriate girth will remain securely in place, increasing your confidence and allowing you to fully enjoy the “high” that comes with a great pleasure play.

The dimensions of a good dildo are length, girth/thickness, and circumference. These primary measurements are complemented by other features that provide even more information about how the dildo feels in your hand, how it looks when you are using it, and how well it serves your erotic desires.

O-rings typically measure 1.5, 1.75, and 2.0 inches in diameter. They can stretch a little bit further than these stated diameters since they are usually made from rubber or silicone, but not too much.

It is highly recommended that, unless you are sure you need extra-large O-rings, you buy one of the sizes listed.

The anus lacks natural lubrication, so thinner diameters are preferred for anal penetration. In many cases, everyone’s preference for sex toys will vary, based on their desires.

The diameter and thickness of the dildo affect whether or not it fits inside the ring or hole of your harness. And by measuring the length, ensures that it will fit you and your partner properly.

It’s All About Practice

The best way to make sure your sex life will be better than ever is to learn how to use a dildo that stays in place. It’s easy to practice.

Place the harness, wearing the dildo, outside your bedroom. You can walk around, run, jump, stretch, or simulate intercourse by bouncing or thrusting your hips repeatedly.

Having fun like this may make you feel silly, but trust us, you’ll be glad you did it, a dildo dislodging from its harness in the mix is more annoying!

Many dildos are now compatible with the strap-on harness. This means the manufacturer has tested the dildo for compatibility before displaying this on their websites.

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Detailed user reviews can also help you determine the size of the O-ring you need to match a specific dildo with your chosen harness.

Our helpful and friendly staff will gladly assist you in selecting the right harness compatible dildo for your personal pleasure needs!

Other Points To Consider

The following factors should be taken into consideration when selecting dildos to ensure that they provide maximum enjoyment for you and your partner:


There are several materials used to make dildos, one of the best of which is silicone. It provides the most lifelike sensation for the majority of people who use it. For people who have a silicone allergy, they should instead use a latex or softer plastic dildo.

Silicone dildos should not be combined with silicone-based lubricants, because they could break down the dildo’s material. Instead, use oil- or water-based lubricant.


What do you think your partner would like best about your perfect dildo? Would they prefer a dildo that feels similar to real skin, features realistic textures, warms to the touch, and is easy to use? This depends on the preferences of both partners.


A harness works best when the dildo or vibrator used with it has a thickened or flared base that fits snugly into the harness’s “O” ring or hole. The shape of the dildo’s base has an important secondary function – it acts as a “pleasure trigger” that sends ripples of intense pleasure and orgasm throughout your partner’s genital area.

Anal sex is usually carried out with thinner dildos. Since the anus is naturally elastic, it accepts a dildo easily. Curved shaft dildos, on the other hand, have more “give” which makes them easier to insert and, often, they stimulate the male prostate as well as the female G-spot.

User-friendly and easy to maintain

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to using a harness and strap-on harness device. Experiment until you find the combination that works best for you. Don’t worry if the dildo or the harness initially feels uncomfortable, it will soon become second nature.

Inserting a dildo into a strap or harness can be quite a challenge. It helps if the dildo is made of a material that is somewhat malleable like jelly or rubber so it can be stretched to fit the available space. The base of the dildo should be flared or wide to prevent it from slipping further inside.

Look for the easiest dildos to insert, and the easiest ones to keep clean.

It’s a good idea to do your research before purchasing a dildo. Be sure that the item is safe and can be used for a long time. Look for sex toys that are resistant to bacteria, mould, and mildew. Having these features means your favourite toy will remain clean and safe for a longer period.

Extra Features

Does this dildo offer any additional features? Does it vibrate or rotate during penetration? Does this form of stimulation target the clitoris, the prostate or the G-spot? Can you easily heat or cool it to play with temperatures?

Dildos are available in all shapes and sizes, and some even have “add-ons” that enhance the sensation for both partners. The best example of this is double-ended dildos.


The price factor is also important. You should always consider the extra cost (if any) of an upgrade. Should you wish to spend the additional money, consider spending it more on the harness.

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A harness is an important part of any good strap-on sex kit. Not only does it allow you to use a wider variety of dildos, but it also helps you avoid common problems like painful stubbing and chafing.

Dildos are usually inexpensive, easy to obtain and maintaining a large collection will add more variety to your own and your partner’s sex life.

So now that you’ve learned all there is to know about buying harness compatible dildos, treat yourself and buy some!

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start adding to your sex toy collection, you should do it now. Our huge selection of strap-on dildos and harnesses will give you more choices than you’ll ever have before.

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