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Hollow Tunnel Butt Plugs
What Is A Hollow Butt Plug?
This isn’t the most popular type of anal toy, but it is a very common one. The main difference between the regular plug and this one is that the latter has a “hole” in the centre.
There are lots of choices when it comes to sex toys. Tunnels vary in size and shape, allowing men to adjust the toy to their own personal preferences. The hole inside the toy allows users to experiment with it a bit more, and enjoy additional stimulation.
These are great for intermediate and advanced users. They’re a bit larger than a normal butt plug, and you may need to get used to the idea of wearing one before you decide to give them a try.
A great way to spice up your love life is to use a plug. Not only does it keep your ass cheeks open for more action, but it also makes your partner feel like he or she is the one in control.

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Types Of Hollow Plugs

The first decision you’ll have to make is what type of material you want your new toy to be made of. Obviously, you should pick the material based on your own personal preferences, your skill level, and what you are trying to create.

Sometimes the hardest thing about sex for trans men is just believing that we are attractive, that other people validate our identities and that it is okay for us to be physical actors in the sexual realm — that we dont have to hold back in order to preserve an illusion of maleness.

A great sex toy material is silicone. It’s comfortable to use, easy to clean and can be used with most lubricants except silicone-based ones. Metal is harder to clean than silicone but easier to use since there are no micro holes in the surface through which bacteria can hide. Porous materials, like wood, allow moisture to escape, making them great for long-term play but not great for beginners who want to experience the full potential of a new product the very first time they use it.

The next thing on your list is the size. This is the size you should go for if you want to have a good time, but don’t want to end up hurting yourself when you use it for the first time. You will definitely need to get some practice using it before you decide to increase the size.

In general, most types of plugs have a soft, velvety texture and this is something you should look for. A rough or textured plug can cause discomfort, and sometimes even serious injury to the rectum.

Using Other Sex Toys With A Hollow Plug

You can use these anal plugs as a regular sex toy or just wear them for play during foreplay or as an aphrodisiac. The idea is to use them to enhance your sex life, not replace it. The whole idea behind the tunnels is to increase your sexual pleasure and to let you have more fun with all your toys. The main quality of a tunnel plug is that it can be combined with other sex toys to increase your pleasure.

Vibrators or Dildos

The very first thing that popped into your mind was probably “insertion.” A vibrator is a wonderful tool to use with a tunnel plug, and it will give you an additional sensation in the anal canal. You can start with your fingers or a dildo, and it will work wonders for your self-esteem as well.

If you’ve got a lot of experience with anal play, then the largest dildo or the model with the thickest shaft is going to feel great when you use it for fisting. Not only that, the device itself will protect the inner walls of the anus from friction.

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Playing With Liquids

Most enema toys have a removable core. This allows them to be used both as a tunnel and a regular plug. Of course, you can always use it without a core. But, that might create a mess. Diapers are perfect for creating a more natural enema experience. Use one without a core to create a more hollow sensation, or use a metal toy with a removable core to intensify the sensation.

During watersports, it’s important to use a safe and non-toxic lubricant. This makes anal penetration more comfortable and pleasurable for everyone involved.

A View To Admire

Gaping at an asshole is good for your ego, but only if you can see what’s going on inside the ass! These toys are designed with that in mind and they’ll give you a great show no matter if your love affair with gaping orifices is real or not.

Can You Have Sex With A Hollow Anal Plug?

Now for the main question that probably a lot of you are wondering about. Can you have sex with a hollow plug? The answer is yes. Of course, the main problem might be the size of the toy compared to the diameter of the penis.

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The answer is yes. Of course, the main issue might be the size of the toy compared to the length and girth of the penis. It’s one of the reasons why hollow plugs are so popular in the BDSM community. A dominant using a hollow plug can find a way to excite his submissive by finding a small hollow area inside the plug and carefully inserting one or more fingers.

Based on the size of the toy, some might find it difficult or impossible to use this product. That’s why it is important to read all the instructions and be sure you understand how to use the product before you buy it. It is also very important to use a lot of lubricant with this product.