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Wicked Tickle Shop, your source for erotic body chains, collars and pasties. These fun and flirty accessories are perfect for a night out with your lover, or to wear to a pool party or to impress at your next business function. Wear our sexy body chains, collars and pasties to impress when you are out in public wearing your favourite lingerie.

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Whether you are looking for a special occasion night dress or just need a new, sexy set of undies to add a bit of spice to your life, you’re sure to find just what you are looking for at Wicked Sex Toys. Our collections include a wide variety of sexy bras, sexy lingerie, thongs, g-strings and other sets. 

At Wicked Sex Toys, we only carry the highest quality products including the most beautiful lacy underwear, teddies, thongs, corsets, garter belts, gloves and more.

Changing our idea of coitus and ‘how it should be performed’ is key to changing the larger society.

Our lingerie is always in stock and you’ll see that for yourself when you log onto your account and take a look around. Browse through our seriously sexy lingerie accessories and if you find anything you like, check out your orders. You’ll find the perfect outfit to make you feel really special. You should be ordering right away for your first order because we are selling these items at an absolute fire sale price!

Get Inspired By These Lingerie Accessories Ideas

Adding some sizzle to your relationship is easy with sexy lingerie. It is much easier to go farther in your lovemaking with sexy lingerie mixed with some naughty accessories than wearing just sexy lingerie. For couples who don’t want the normal experience of sex, these accessories are perfect.

Sex doesn’t have to be difficult. You can completely change the way you experience sex with a few sexy accessories, which opens up a whole new world of delights. An accessory can be a great way to rekindle a relationship, as well as fun gifts for your partner on a major occasion.

When it comes to sexy lingerie accessories, it can get very confusing. However, to help you out a bit for your search, we’ve identified a few that are a good place to start.

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Nipple Pasties

A Risqué Look is complete with these accessories! These lingerie accessories are simple, yet they are highly effective. Nipple pasties are sure to be a hit with anyone. Nipple pasties cover only the nips, leaving the rest of the breasts exposed while concealing the areolas.

There are many self-adhesive versions of these, so you just stick them over your nips and you’re done! It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s attractive! Combined with other lingerie, they look fantastic.

When combined with an open-cup bra, the result is a provocative look that will have you on the edge of your seat. Conversely, you can ditch the bra altogether and go for sheer or mesh tops – perfect for nights out at the club!

Pasties come in many colours and materials, so you can select the ones that suit your tastes. Many of these designs are available in cute images such as stars and hearts, while others are embellished with diamonds or glitter for a glamorous touch.

It is also possible to wear a classic burlesque-style pasty with tassels, some of which consist of tape over the nips. When it comes to burlesque, pasties can be worn with a corset, gloves, tights, and the highest heels possible!

Collar choker 

Get yourself a metallic mesh choker and spice up your love life. When you’re with your partner, you can wear it as jewellery or as a lingerie accessory in the bedroom. There are many different types of draping chains, including those that contour the breasts and the waist for an incredibly seductive look.

Seductive eye mask

When it comes to arousing your partner’s senses, a full-coverage mask is ideal if you want to surrender and let them control you. As soon as you cover your eyes, all your senses go into overdrive. Because of this, receiving a massage while blindfolded is a sensual experience.

Lacey eye masks

A lace-inspired vinyl mask will help you keep a thrilling sense of anticipation while looking closely into your lover’s eyes. An elegant lingerie accessory without straps that moulds perfectly to your face. Lace masks are a great addition to a night of roleplay or fondue. Various patterns can be cut out of the lace.

Fishnet eye masks

Play out your erotic fantasies with a vinyl fishnet-style mask while maintaining the visual impact. Fishnet masks are strapless, flexible, and similar to lacy vinyl masks. They leave you with an unobstructed view, however, so that you can take in your pleasure.


Take a look at the world of bondage! If you’re looking for some kink in your bedroom, you’ve got a wide selection of kinky restraints, from ties, ropes, and handcuffs. Many people find the idea of being bound or restrained by a partner extremely enticing, that’s why it is one of the more novice-friendly BDSM subcultures.

A variety of products are available for this, including rope, soft ties, and cuffs. This makes them user-friendly, facilitating basic bondage techniques, like clinging to the bedposts or hand-tying behind the back.

Bondage is appealing because it involves asymmetric power relationships, where one person becomes dominant while the other becomes submissive. The different roles can have a huge impact on people, with couples switching roles for a full bondage experience.

Adding this element to your sex lives will open up an entirely new realm of sensual pleasure for both of you. Restraints pair well with a range of other accessories, eye masks being one popular option.

It is also possible to use gentle restraints, which is a good choice for beginners because it allows you to enjoy mild bondage without it becoming overwhelming or dangerous. If you like your feelings, you can use the restraints more to take things to another level.

Were constantly being told sex equals frenetic, passionate intercourse. Its never nice, slow sensual lovemaking. Which is what sex post-fifty can be.

Don’t be afraid to discuss this openly with your partner before you do anything. Although bondage can be fun, it requires the partners to communicate clearly and be aware of their safety.

Look no further than some sexy accessories for a new sex experience. For beginners seeking to find out more about themselves without feeling too intimidated, these are excellent options. They guarantee some exciting nights at home!

Whip necklace

Adding an erotic necklace that doubles as a chain whip will amp up suspense over dinner if your chokers and bracelets don’t suffice. The necklace functions as discreet lingerie without being revealed. When you’re in bed, the real fun begins!

Body chains

Adding an extra touch of seduction to your naughty sexy lingerie, these chains dangle over your skin, enhancing your sensuality. From your cleavage to your derriere to your feet, choose a style that accentuates your best features.

For An Extra Spicy Touch, Add Sexy Lingerie Accessories

Most women have at least one lingerie collection, but sensual lingerie accessories may be something you’ve never had before.

That person with disabilities, just like anyone else feel randy. They want to have sexual touch.

Lace-inspired masks, stylish chains, and nipple accessories are a striking way to bring some romance to your lingerie by attracting attention.

During dinner, reveal a hint of your lingerie accessory or wait until you hit the sheets for the big reveal. You’ll enjoy your erotic play with these enticing accessories.


What are the best pasties?

Embrace your breasts with body jewellery that leaves them completely exposed, while pasties add an erotic vibe. Since the pinup girls era, lingerie nipple accessories became popular, and today there are several styles available. A sequined Pasties with tassels add a little extra flair while stripteasing or slow-dancing. If you want lingerie nips that are timeless and sexy without glitter, try heart-shaped, star-shaped, or X-shaped shapes.

Is there anything I can wear over sexy lingerie?

If you want to make a fashion statement while wearing sexy lingerie, wear a coat, sweater, or jacket over it. With denim jackets, you’re better off wearing a bra, while with a camisole, you’re better off wearing a blazer. Wear pants that fit snugly.

What is the purpose of straps on some lingerie?

You can wear a garter belt or a suspender belt with almost any type of lingerie since the clips on it can hold up your thigh-high stockings. It looks even better when paired with a matching bra and panty.

Lingerie feels sexy in what way?

The purpose of wearing lingerie is to pamper yourself, and a matching set is a fun and easy way to feel confident and sexy. You may also want to consider matching garter belts or stitched stockings to add some flair. As effortless as your go-to LBD, matching lingerie sets are always in style.

What is the best lingerie colour?

The best lingerie colour for you depends on your personality, your sense of style and your personal preferences. In general, though, if you are more at ease in a bright, primary colour like red, then you should consider wearing red or another bold, primary colour when you wear lingerie. On the other hand, if you prefer a more tranquil, understated look, then you may want to opt for ivory, off-white or skin-coloured colour like the ones mentioned above.

Which sex accessories are best for couples?

Sex toys come in so many different shapes, sizes and forms. It really comes down to what kind of sexual experience you want to have. There are lots of different types, shapes and sizes out there, so talk about what you’d like to try and how you’d like to use the toys together.

With a vibrator, you can add an element to massage and there are vibrators available for clitoral use, anal play use, finger use, and bullet vibe use depending on what works best for you. You can choose between Bluetooth remote control vibrators, or vibrators that can be controlled by your partner and you can also control your pleasure from anywhere.

Are there any household items that can be used as sex accessories?

When you’re trying out sex toys, make sure they are made from body-safe materials and intended for penetrative sex play rather than using household items.

A wonderful way to integrate the element of play with the senses into the activity is to use candles, dim the lights, take a bath together, wear silk clothing or pretend to be blindfolded. Additionally, you can purchase scented massage candles, which provide the perfect start to temperature play.

Which sexaccessories are best for same-sex couples?

Vibrator of high quality. The products come in many sizes, ranging from large devices such as Hitachi Magic Wand to portable vibrating devices that are popular with both sexes. Each partner will get a massage and will be stimulated on all parts of their body, teasing them and building excitement. We have the best organic aphrodisiac available.

You may also want to be creative and consider the whole body to be sexual, which you can explore with your partner by touching your entire body instead of only the parts most typically involved in sex.

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