BOUND Nubuck Leather Blindfold

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Nubuck Leather


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Size Imperial

7.87 x 2.76 inches (Adjustable)

Size Metric

20 cm x 7 cm (Adjustable)



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Indulge in wicked fantasies with this opulent blindfold from Bound, crafted from premium Nubuck leather and accented with brass studs.

Enjoy the wonderful feel and aroma of real leather as this Bound blindfold fully disables your visual senses. The plush inside cushioning provides comfort throughout extensive sessions, while the elastic strap maintains a secure fit. The needlework and stud detail adds to the blindfold’s quality, lending a sophisticated air to any Bondage session.

Features of Bound Nubuck Leather Blindfold

The Bound Nubuck Blindfold is crafted from luxurious high-quality leather and fits tightly over the eyes. It is held in place by an elastic band and features inside cushioning for comfort while causing sensory deprivation.

  • Material: Leather
  • Colour: Brown
  • Brand: Bound (Loving Joy)
  • Waterproof: Splash-Proof
  • Size: 20 cm x 7 cm

Why Sex with a Blindfold is Fun?

Blindfolds may be the most seductive item you can bring into your bedroom.

If you’re trying to spice up your sex routine or develop a greater sense of trust and closeness, blindfold sex may be the solution.

Sex with a blindfold might help to deepen your relationship. Allowing oneself to be blinded while your spouse assumes control necessitates a high level of trust. When your partner earns it with each new and delightful action, you feel more connected and secure with him or her, which makes sex so much more enjoyable.

Additionally, when you are unable to see what is coming, everything will surprise you. Having sex blindfolded might be an ideal opportunity to use items such as feathers, ice, and lubricant. Make it a sport — rub something that feels nice along your partner’s body without informing them of what is coming next. Maintain the element of surprise to keep them trembling with eagerness.

Bound by Loving Joy

Bound is an exquisite and luxury brand designed by Loving Joy and released in 2016. Made of beautiful nubuck leather and boasting an attractive brown and brass hue, the Bound collection meets all your kink demands from top to bottom, restraints to crops.

Bound was established to cater to clients who are searching for attractive, durable, high-quality leather gear, whether they are new to the kink world or they are pros. The exquisite leatherwork on the nubuck leather reflects ancient traditions of Indian workmanship making this complete range a durable and stylish addition to any connoisseurs’ collection.

Express your kinky side

With our excellent collection, BOUND, give your kink scenarios a professional appearance and feel. Check out our unique nubuck leather wrist cuffs, collar, ankle cuffs, flogger, solid ball gag, padded paddle, blindfold, leash, and riding crop to round out your BOUND collection.

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