Loving Joy Universal Black Harness

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Size Imperial

adjustable, packaging length 12.2in x 8.3 in

Size Metric

adjustable, packaging length 310mm x width 210mm



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Take Full control of Your Sexual Life

Do you fantasise about beginning to play with pegging or strap on sex? With the delectable Harness Universal Black from Loving Joy, you can live out your most kinky dreams.

Seize control with this straightforward yet flexible strap-on harness that securely holds your favourite dildo in place so you can grind, peg, pound, and stroke away with vigour.

The Loving Joy Harness does not attempt to be everything to everyone. It is intended to perform a single function. It’s a harness meant to hold a dildo in place during strap-on activity. And boy, does the Loving Joy Harness excel at what it is supposed to do.

A fashionable and comfortable harness that can be modified to accommodate the majority of individuals. Fine synthetic leather with gleaming metal buttons on the front completes the stylish design and conjures up images of darker games.

With the robust, adjustable straps, adapt the harness to your body and enjoy personal pleasure or a little of reversal of roles with your companion, whether male or female.

Need something more substantial?

When purchasing a harness, it’s critical to remember that they should fit snugly. They should, in theory, fit slightly tighter than a standard pair of underpants. Due to the fact that they must support the weight of a dildo, they must be fitted snugly, but not so tightly that circulation is cut off. Another consideration when wearing a strap with a harness is that the dildo should not appear to be sagging. It should extend directly from the O-ring, just like an erect penis does.

Thankfully, you get all these and more with Loving Joy Universal Black Harness.

Two O-rings are provided with the package, allowing you to interchange between different sized dildos to satisfy the daring or the timid. The harness contains a little bullet pocket on the front, which allows you to insert your preferred bullet vibrator and receive delicious clitoral stimulation while retaining control of your partner’s enjoyment.

Features include the following:

  •         Fits UK sizes 4 -30.
  •         Two interchangeable O-rings provide complete compatibility with dildo.
  •         Ideal for pegging or any other strap-on activity.
  •         External stimulation for the user through a bullet pocket.
  •         Washing machine safe.
  •         PVC with nylon.
  •         Silicone O rings.

Why should you use a Universal Black Harness from Loving Joy?

Strap-ons and harnesses created by women for women who want to look and feel gorgeous while using strap-on sex toys.

No more bulky, leather-covered, and inconvenient straps that ruin the mood, purchased from an online site that does not reflect your personal style. The Loving Joy Universal Black Harness fits your sex toys and dildos effortlessly and quickly. The o’ring is compatible with every dildo and sex toys with a diameter of small to extra-large.

This universal harness is an excellent BDSM gear for sensual delights. You can play the dominating or submissive partner with this toy.

Try it right now!

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