BOUND Nubuck Leather Ankle Restraints

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Nubuck Leather


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Size Imperial

17.72 x 2.36 inches (Adjustable)

Size Metric

45 cm x 6 cm (Adjustable)



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Restrain your sub with these particularly high quality, resilient nubuck leather ankle shackles to set the scene and create the tone of exquisite pleasure and agony. These cuffs are soft and cushioned for comfort and safety, but they’re also tight and strong for advanced and extended play.

Nubuck leather is a high-quality leather that feels smooth and silky on the skin while still being tough and restricting for optimum control. It’s long-lasting and sturdy, so the cuffs will endure a long time in any collection. Bondage is ideal because of the lovely and unique scent of real, high-quality leather.

Made From Nubuck Leather

The Bound collection, which is made of beautiful nubuck leather and comes in an equestrian brown and brass colour scheme, caters to all of your kink requirements from head to toe, cuffs to crops. 

Bound was created to meet the needs of consumers seeking attractive, long-lasting, high-quality leather gear, whether they are new to the kink scene or seasoned veterans.

This complete line is a durable and elegant addition to any enthusiast’s collection, thanks to the careful leatherwork on nubuck leather that follows century-old Indian artisan traditions.

A removable double trigger hook chain connects one set of D-rings on each cuff, allowing the sub to move even more restrictedly if desired. If you wish to add more variation to your kink session, you can utilise the chain and a total of four D-rings to connect additional objects. A removable double trigger chain is included with the set to hold the ankles together.

The submissive will beg you for more with these high-quality cuffs. They’re cushioned and comfortable, but they’re also sturdy and secure enough for long BDSM sessions. For further security, secure the buckles with padlocks.

The buckle mechanism may be secured with a padlock via the prong, giving you full control over the scope of the restrictions you impose.

Treat your sub to these premium restraints, and they’ll beg to be tied up simply to feel the beautiful nubuck leather tight around their ankles, smell the real, high-quality leather, and experience the inescapability.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality nubuck leather
  • Soft and comfortable for longer sessions
  • Sturdy chain and D-rings
  • Detachable double trigger hook chain
  • 5 hole buckle fastening system
  • Padlockable buckle prong

Ready to Buy?

These premium ankle shackles from Bound include beautiful Nubuck leather and elegant locking buckles that are suitable for deep submissive enjoyment. 

They’re cushioned and plush, yet sturdy and secure enough for long BDSM sessions. 

You won’t regret having this restraint in your BSDM collection. Shop it now at Wicked Sex Toys sex toy shop at a great price. We can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK in discreet shipping.

Buy now.

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