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Sensual Vibrators to Quench Your Desires
It feels like real sex when you use sensual vibrators. A device that provides intense, sensual pleasure that can be controlled remotely by a partner. Whenever you want to feel a sensation in your vagina, there’s a high-quality silicone or plastic vibrator available on the market.
The vibrator and sex toy industry is booming. Now that there are so many new, exciting, body-safe sexy toys and sexy innovations being released right now, it’s like the universe’s under our control. Choosing the right option for your life will make every aspect of it better in every way.

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There is no place more sexually stimulating than your private area. It’s got the sexiest, most satisfying orgasm, and you can get more enjoyment from it with vibrators and other sex toys.

Everyone is different when it comes to sex and what turns them on. We’ve included the ones you love most and put them in handy, easy-to-search categories so you can choose the best ones for your delight.

Sex is whatever act fills in the gaps between any number of bodies, which of course includes—and can even extend exclusively to the brains operating them.

Whether you’re looking for a new and exciting way to enhance your solo play, or you’re ready to explore some kinky options with your partner, Wicked Sex Toys is here for you. From lubes to vibrating butt plugs, we’ve got you covered.

External Stimulation Via Vibrators

Clitoral vibrator

This is a must-have for every woman’s collection of best sex toys. It’s a sleek, powerful vibrator that delivers intense clitoral stimulation and wraps vibration around the labia to heighten pleasure and multiple orgasms.

Finger vibrator

If you’re looking for the perfect sex toy to take the edge off or simply want to enjoy more pleasure without leaving the bedroom, a finger vibrator is an ideal choice. These are small, discreet, easy to use, and extremely effective. They are easy to wear under your clothing and won’t draw attention to themselves.

Suction vibrator

The vacuum-like sensation provided by the suction vibrator feels a lot like oral sex. It forms a seal around the clitoris and then uses a vacuum effect to pull the surrounding skin inward, which in turn causes blood and nerve endings to be constricted. This sensation is extremely intense and will leave you begging for more.

This little gizmo is great for solo play. Just slip it into your vagina and turn it on. The gentle suction and rhythmic pulsing will have your body vibrating with excitement.

Double-ended wand vibrator

Wands are a great toy for solo use or for couples who enjoy each other’s company in a solo setting. This is one of the few toys that gives both men and women intense, targeted stimulation. It works especially well for G-spot and clitoral orgasms.

It comes in different sizes and has a flexible end that provides powerful and precise vibration for targeted clitoral stimulation. With the slim end, you can penetrate up to three inches; pressing against the front vaginal wall feels especially good.

It has a long, luxurious body with a gently curved, ergonomically placed control panel at one end for easy, undisturbed play. Its LED battery display ensures there will be no power fade-out during peak sexual excitement.

Hands-free vibrator

This vibrator is designed for sex with a partner. The vibrator has flexible arms that can be inserted beneath the labia to hold it in place, letting both parties take advantage of the flexibility this type of vibrator offers. You might need a little practice and some readjustments to find the right position, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without such an experience.

Vulva vibrator

This is the best vibrator for women to learn to love their clits and vulva and help find their G-spot. It’s thin and fits perfectly in your hand, and the “squeakiness” of the silicone allows you to get an orgasmic feeling from just the faintest pressure.

Dual-motor vibrator

The most exciting sex toy ever made is this dual-motor vibe. It has “bunny ears” that hug your clitoris with two powerful motors in each ear for an amazing, almost magnetic, pull, and an optional ribbed silicone sleeve you can slide over the whole thing, for exciting sensations.

This is the ultimate female masturbation sex toy indeed!

Wearable vibrator

The wearable vibe has a variety of uses. You can use it to stimulate your G-spot during solo play or with a partner, to add a new dimension to your foreplay, or just for pure pleasure.

The wearable vibrator is a super discreet vibrator and you can control it with your phone’s app, which lets you link up with a partner who can use their phone to remotely stimulate you. Choose from the remote control or you can link up with a partner on the app and both use your phones to control the intensity of your pleasure.

Internal Stimulation Via Vibrators

G-spot vibrator

In theory, any internal stimulator can also elicit a specific external response; it’s just that that’s not what they’re famous for. Your G-spot lies at the base of your clitoris, and you stimulate it internally, generally by applying gentle pressure to the front vaginal wall once you have already aroused yourself.

G-spot stimulators are meant to make you feel good. The curved shape is designed just the right way. It’s made of dual-density silicone, which makes it extremely soft. The vibrator’s self-heating mechanism gently raises its temperature enough to increase blood flow and reduce stress.

Ribbed Vibrator

Vibes like this are ideal for those who are fans of G-spot vibrators, but also want the additional sensation of ridges when they are voyaging through the vaginal opening.

Vibrators That Stimulate Internally And Externally

Rabbit Vibrator

The longer “ears” of this rendition provide a steady connection both inside and out. In addition to its long and sturdy head, the short head bends inward, so that it stays on your clitoris as you penetrate deeper.

Women want to find one man to satisfy their many needs while men want many women to satisfy their one need.

The heads each have their motor that can be controlled independently. You can also program custom patterns with some apps, and you can invite a partner to operate it remotely, or from across the room.

Dual stimulation vibrator

Featuring an air-pulsing mouth that generates a sucking sensation on the clitoris along with an internal stimulation head to stimulate the front vaginal wall, this air-pulsating and penetrating vibe is one of the best on the market. Ensure that the internal stimulation head is inserted first, and then the external one is positioned above the clitoris. As the internal head strikes the perfect mix of firmness and flexibility, positioning is easy, and it vibrates along with the device’s clitoral suction, a satisfying sensation.

Bullet vibrators

These bullet-shaped vibrators are easy to use and are great for first-timers. They feel good externally, and for internal stimulation, they are held at the end, and you insert them into the vagina. From inside out, hold it at the tip and press it against the front wall of the vagina for a deeper more intense sensation.

It’s also a great choice if you don’t want a very large vibrator internally, as the rounded tip makes it easy to insert.

Remote-controlled vibes

This is a nice, quiet vibrator. It’s perfect for solo play or for giving as a gift to your lover. The remote activates the vibrator, and the remote also has a timer so you can set the vibrator to go off for a pre-determined amount of time.

Motion-activated remote controls are included with this type of vibrator. The remote is most powerful when tilted vertically, at its most powerful.

Alternatively, you can simply click the power button on the bullet itself to switch between its preset vibration patterns. If you feel adventurous, simply slip on the vibe, dress up, and let your partner run the show as you wander around.

Non-Vulva Sensual Vibrators

Vibrating cock ring

The best cock rings are comfortable. It needs to be neither too tight nor too loose. Also, the vibrations from the buzzy ring need to be neither too strong nor too weak. A cock ring is comfortable to wear and fits securely around the penis and the testicles. Make sure you wear it before getting hard.

The person whose face is between your legs is gonna get lockjaw.

You can stimulate your perineum by positioning the toy downward, resulting in pressure with each push. A partner’s clitoris can even be stimulated by the vibrations of this product when penetrative sex is being performed. Using the power buttons on the side of the Bluetooth connection, you can adjust the strength and frequency of the vibrations.

Vibrating plugs

The plug end of the vibrator has two motors for stimulating the prostate or G-spot, and the outer arm has a motor for stimulating the clitoris or perineum. It’s more like a deep, throbbing sensation, rather than a buzzing sensation.

Toys that are best for sex lie flat against your body when you are using them, and that you can regulate your body temperature by pressing a button. Blood flow is stimulated, which can help you relax and also stimulate your erogenous area.


How should I choose a vibrator?

There is a lot of complexity involved in vibrators. You may find it hard to figure out which of the many buttons, speeds, and vibrating patterns will suit you best. It is a good idea to become familiar with the vibrator’s “language” with your hand before adding an electrical component to it. When you figure out which areas of your vulva and vagina give you the greatest pleasure, you may be able to use those points on your vibrator to take your pleasure to new heights.

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when buying a sex toy is… which style you like best. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Tell us what your preferences are and we’ll find the perfect toys for you. It’s our job to make sure you checkout happy and completely satisfied.

What are the best vibrator materials?

Most of the products you’ll find on our website are of the highest quality. That’s why we only sell premium, top-quality products. We don’t believe in selling cheapies just to make a buck. Only offer the best for our customers, and they’ll reward you by buying more from you over time.

Beginners should stick to simple toys made of simple materials. Select a vibrator made of silicone that meets medical-grade standards.

All sex toys should be made of medical-grade (top of the line) materials. If you don’t pay attention to what materials are used to make your toys, you could be putting harmful materials into or on your vagina and/or vulva.

Some toys made by other companies can be made with virtually any material they prefer. This is why you have to do your research and find out which materials (if any) are unsafe for your body. Make sure any materials used in the toys you are going to buy are safe for you.

What is the best way to clean vibrators?

To ensure your sex life stays healthy and vibrant you must clean your sex toys after each use. This is especially true if you plan to use your toys with multiple partners. If you don’t clean your toys properly, you could end up with a bacterial infection or even an STI.

The owner’s manual for your vibrator should always be read by the owner before use. It will tell you what to do to keep your vibrator in good working order. Most often, all you need to do is give it a good cleaning with soap and water. Some vibrators, such as those made of stainless steel or glass, can be boiled in water. But, if you own a vibrator with a motor, you should read the owner’s manual and follow its instructions.

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