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Food and Sex have a lot in common. They’re both necessary human habits that we’ve found enjoyment in.
Little wonder the edible sex accessory industry has been exploding in recent times. This small segment of the sex industry is responsible for a slew of items such as chocolate body paint, edible underwear, and flavoured lube, which were usually provided as gag gifts rather than serious sex accessories. However, the trend has shifted drastically, with edible sexual items becoming an appealing addition to the bedroom.

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Edibles from Wicked Sex Toys will satisfy your sweet tooth. Allow yourself to be tempted by flavoured lubricants, delicious body paints, edible undies, and so much more.

Teasing, enticing pleasure will tickle your taste buds and excite your lover as you lick, suck, and explore with naughty treats.

Im very fond of the concept of choice as the basis for sexual preference. This point of view is unpopular in an era in which every claim for gay rights is bases on pseudoscientific sulking about how we cant help being queer; were just born that way. Thanks, but I dont want . .

Erotic edibles are an absolute must-have in your sex toy bag for an easy yet thrilling sexual enhancer!

Browse through our WICKED collections today.

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What are Edible Sex Products?

Edible sex products are flavoured lubricants, gels, accessories, and even toys that can enhance your sexual pleasure!

The mouth and tongue are amazing sexual instruments that can be used to pleasure your partner, whether it is fellatio and cunnilingus or outright intercourse, but now and then, you crave a little spice! This is where edible sex products come in, and we have a huge range of delicious treats here at Wicked Sex Toys!

Oral sex can be made even more enjoyable with our range of edible body lotions, or you can add some spice to your partner’s skin with lickable but savoury body paint or powder.

These edible accessories are available in a range of flavours, ranging from fruits to ice cream classics like chocolate and vanilla. They also provide a cool, desensitising, and tingling sensation that will take your sexual experiences to a whole new level of excitement.

All of the edible items we sell are EU-licensed, safe for human consumption, and will not irritate your skin.

These cutting-edge products are made by licenced manufacturers, allowing you to enjoy a full-fledged pheromone-infused body experience.

Browse our collection of edible lubricants, pasties, oils, powders, and a variety of other sensual toppings.

Edible Sex Toy Industry: How It All Began?

Edible sexual products were never intended to be a reality.

It began as an off-handed joke between two Chicago artists (Lee Brady and David Sanderson) in 1972 when they were debating the word “eat my shorts.” What if someone’s shorts were edible? They interpreted this saying and showed it in the window of a friend’s shop as a work of concept art, intended to spark dialogue.

Then a student at the University of Indiana purchased it and used AP syndication to write about it for a local newspaper. From there, it took on a life of its own.

Sanderson and Brady collaborated with an industrial bakery to create the ideal material that would retain flavour but still act like fabric. They called their business Candypants.

They were not the only ones devoted to enhancing the delectability of sex.

Around the same time, a group of friends attended a party where guests lubricated themselves with Wesson cooking oil. It was slick and powerful, but it tasted awful.

They started a company called Kama Sutra to build on that. Oil of Love, massage oils, and “honey dust” were among their first releases. Kama Sutra advertised their products as having the ability to “startle your sense of touch without offending your sense of taste.”

In 1988, Lifestyles released a condom called “Kiss of Mint,” which was quickly followed by Durex’s flavoured condoms in 1995.

Today, there are dozens of edible sex accessories all over the place to choose from. If you are looking for that extra to spice up your bedroom life, pick your choice of edibles from our Wicked collections here.

Types of Edible Sex Products

The expression “you are so sexy; I should eat you!” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to edible sex products. Browse our range of edible sex products for a sensual and enjoyable time, from the bedroom to the shower.

Body Paint

Enhance the experience in your bedroom with a cool pack of edible body paints or body chocolate.

These delightful play paints encourage you to draw and write whatever you want on your lover and then lick it off. This play paint is completely safe, edible, and tasty.

Introducing a sweet surprise into your bedroom routine will assist in awakening your other senses during foreplay, resulting in a more intimate bond with your partner. These edible body paints come in a variety of colours, including red, blue, and green. Additionally, there are many flavours available, including vanilla cream, cherry, and honeysuckle. If you like chocolate, we also carry edible body chocolate in a variety of flavours. Take a shower immediately after using these body paints, since they tend to leave the skin oily.

Browse the collection of edible body paints here.

Body Powders

Edible body powders are delectable, water-absorbing powders that leave the skin silky smooth and delicately fragranced.

This versatile powder can be used as part of a routine or during foreplay. Typically, the package includes a sexy feather applicator.

Due to the powder’s ability to dry away moisture, it can be dusted on the body before dressing to keep you dry and cool all day long. Certain brands can stain light clothing, so be sure to dust thoroughly before dressing.

Additionally, some brands can be used as a dry shampoo on the hair by massaging a small amount of dry hair at the roots. It cleanses your hair of excess oil, leaving it smooth, rich, and creamy smelling.

Use the seductive feather applicator to apply a tiny amount of this edible substance onto your partner’s body, followed by kisses. This is possibly one of the best ways to start a delightful sexual encounter. Plus, it will leave your skin feeling pampered and nourished.

Explore the wide range of edible powders we stock here on Wicked Sex Toys.

Edible Pasties

Boost your next encounter with these delectably naughty pasties!

These fruity pleasures are entirely edible; simply put them on the nipples or anywhere else on the body where you enjoy being licked and teased.

Edible pasties are usually made from a mix of honey, rice or corn starch, powdered sugar, glucose powder, microcrystalline cellulose, potassium sorbate, water, maltose, jelly powder, and colour.

The brands we carry are safe to consume, having passed stringent health and safety tests by world-class laboratories.

Flavoured Lube

Flavoured lubes, which can be water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based, have been designed to taste pleasant, sexy, fruity, and all in between.

This is because the more senses you can put in when it comes to sex, the greater the enjoyment.

The air used to be clean and the sex used to be dirty. Now it is the other way around. Soho [London] has lost its heart.”

Flavoured lubricants, which are a chocolate delight, minty, fruity, or just sugary-sweet, not only make the sensation delicious and thus more pleasurable for you but also add extra moisture to the right places.

Flavoured lubes are also useful for those who find the thought of experimenting with food in the bedroom appealing. “You can recreate the feeling of drizzling and licking chocolate off your partner without worrying about dirtying the sheets or causing a yeast infection.

If you’re looking for flavoured or edible lube, take a look at our selection and see if anything appeals to you.

Edible Underwear

Are you looking for a way to spice up the bedroom?

Edible underwear, the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, hit the market sometime in the 1970s and has been wildly successful ever since. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to spice up your relationship, give our range of delicious underwear a shot.

Our inventory includes delicious underwear for guys, edible panties, chocolate thongs, candy bras, G-strings, and crotch pouches. Additionally, we have several unusual edibles, including edible nipple tassels, candy handcuffs, and garters. Consider a single accessory or a complete, head-to-toe outfit. Your significant other can revel in a range of tastes.

Additionally, edible underwear provides an excellent present. Attending a bridal shower? Include a sugar bra, gummy panties or one of these lighthearted, cheeky gifts in the celebrant’s gift package. It is also a great way to commemorate Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Bon appétit!

Flavoured Condoms

Flavoured condoms are intended for oral sex only; they are not intended for penetrative sex.

There are several flavours available on the market, and this was launched to increase sexual satisfaction for couples and to encourage oral sex.

However, it is not just about oral sex. In recent years, flavoured condoms have made their way onto several couples‘ must-have lists as a perfect alternative to standard condoms for penetrative sex, as long as the one you pick is also designed for penetrative sex.

Flavoured condoms have a pleasant scent, which means they can quickly add another dimension or element to your sexual experience; increasing the arousal of one sense can have a major impact on the stimulation of other senses.

All in all, flavoured condoms are designed to increase the pleasure factor of sex while maintaining the general safety guarantee provided by standard condoms. Although no form of protection is 100% effective, when used properly, you can count on a flavoured condom to be just as effective as a normal one.

Enhance your wildest dreams with Wicked Sex Toys’ selection of condoms. If you’re looking for dotted, flavoured, or slim condoms, we’ve got it all. All you have to do is place an order, add it to your cart, and check out. We’ll take care of the rest.

Edible Oils

Massage relaxes the whole body by increasing awareness, flow, and pain relief in specific areas. It also assists in managing stress on different body parts.

Not only is the massage an excellent way to soothe sore muscles, but it’s also an excellent way to increase intimacy, enhance sexual connection, and can ignite unimaginable sexual experiences.

Many of the oils in the market are used for massaging purposes only, however, there is a separate category of edible massage oils. With a few licks and kisses, your erotic massage will easily turn into steamy foreplay or oral sex.

Here on Wicked Sex Toys, we offer some of the best edible massage oils on the market. Check them out for when next you and your partner want to spend a night together.

Candy Cock Rings

Cock rings are rings worn around the base of the penis and occasionally the testicles to increase the strength, size, and duration of erections.

They are made of a variety of materials, including soft silicone and rubber, as well as leather and metal.

But what could be cooler than a cock ring?

An anal dildo should either be smaller or larger than a vaginal one

A cock ring that is edible! An edible cock ring or candy cock ring will enhance the sweetness of your bedroom shenanigans.

It’s built to fit snugly around the base of the penis…at least before your lover eats it! The candy in the candy-necklace type is ideal for slowly eating one by one for a tantalising experience. It’s excellent for bachelorette parties, a naughty gift for a friend, or just simply to spice up the night.

Explore different candy cock ring brands here on Wicked Sex Toys.

Shop Edible Sex Products at Wicked Sex Toys

A wide variety of these edible treats are available from Wicked Sex Toys, perfect as a gift for a date night that includes some oral action.

You’ll love how our edible lingerie looks and taste good if you like using your mouth beneath the sheets. You know that phrase, “Good enough to eat?” That’s what you will be when you wear a pastel-coloured candy bra and show off some cute little nipples.

Furthermore, we have oral sex enhancers that make this intimate form of foreplay for even more sexual liberation. Whether he’s going down on you or you are going down on him, giving head will be even more enjoyable.

You can feed your kink with edible sex toys like candy cuffs handcuffs or squeaky squeeze toys while still keeping your thinks on the down-low.

You won’t be able to escape unless you give them what they want or eat their way out of it.

They’re especially fun to wear during sex or foreplay; you’ll be laughing while you moan in pleasure with them on.

You can find our sexy edibles as well, including things like finger paints so you can decorate your loved one’s naked body and lick off your when done.

With the addition of edible bubbles, your sex in the shower will be full of edible soapy fun.

Getting your foreplay started with these delicious treats offers a great way to show off your body while you seduce your partner.

You could always treat your partner to edible underwear for an anniversary gift that will bring an added element of spice to your sex life.

These make perfect gifts for bachelorette party pranks, birthday parties, and even for the girls’ nights out.

If you have any questions about our edible products or any other items we sell, contact us by calling 0800 1957474 to speak to one of our discreet sales reps.

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