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one size fits all, packaging 3.7 in x 3.9 in x 0.87 in

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18g, packaging 95mm x 100 x 22 mm



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Spencer & Fleetwood Candy Love Rings will tantalise your taste senses while you infuse sensual fun and pleasure into your bedroom environment.

Allow your fantasies to run wild while you fulfil your sexual hunger and increase pleasure levels in your body. The sweet love ring will elevate your sexual chemistry to new heights as you pour your affection on your spouse and treat him or her to the fruity delight.

The sugar love rings are to be consumed in large quantities in order to sweeten your anticipation of sexual encounters.

With an elastic band that can be adjusted to fit any size wrist, these candies are sure to delight your companion.

They are fashioned from the same sort of fruit-flavoured candy bead necklaces and bracelets that we used to adore as children – but now that we are adults, we can appreciate them much more.

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A Great Gift For The Hen Night

There are a plethora of things that may worry a woman out in the weeks and months leading up to her wedding, a plethora of difficulties for which there are no simple answers. Perhaps the maid of honour recently discovered that she was fatally allergic to all of the floral arrangements.

Perhaps the catering company was discovered to be a scam and the owners have run away with the deposit. Perhaps she is dissatisfied with the engagement ring that her future husband has chosen for her.

Oh! We’ve got an answer for you on that final question! The Candy Cock Ring may be found right here. When it comes to engagement rings, she may be disappointed by a diamond, but the Candy Cock Ring will never let her down.

The Candy Cock Ring is a ring made out of brightly coloured fruit-flavoured sweets that is held together by a highly stretchy elastic band. It’s a great prank present and party favour because it’s so ridiculous.

In addition, we believe it would make an excellent penis ring. But that is up to the bride and groom to decide, if she can get beyond the fact that his choice of ring was so weak in comparison to this one!

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Not Your Usual Cock Ring

What’s the only thing that’s better than a cock ring, you might ask? A cock ring that you can actually eat! This delectable little treat will make your wicked activities in the bedroom even more enjoyable, and it would make the ideal naughty present for a friend as well.

This delightful wearable treat is the ultimate in edible underwear for the boudoir since it is equal parts seductive, stylish, and tasty.

Each stretchy item is embellished with traditional “candy necklace” beads and elastic threaded throughout to produce a garment or accessory that is one size fits most.

When it comes to bachelorette party gifts and party favours, the Candy Cock Ring is a wonderful choice.

Wicked Sex Toys has hundreds of wonderful party favours like this one, and you can find them all right here.

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