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With Wicked Sex Toys’ stylish nightdress collection, you’ll be able to upgrade your nighttime wardrobe. Get rid of your old, worn-out pyjamas and dingy night dresses. We offer chemises and baby dolls in a variety of styles so that you can enjoy comfort while being seductive at the same time!

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We offer a wide selection of nightwear styles so you’re sure to find the perfect fit. Every woman is sure to find the perfect chemise among the many designs and more colours available. Exclusive offers and later sales from Wicked Sex Toys make it impossible to miss.

Instead of plain nightgowns, why not embrace frills and florals? It’s time to update your nightwear collection if you’ve outgrown it. The comfy and seductive chemises we offer are sure to delight.

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Designed to enhance your curves, the chemises at Wicked Sex Toys shop have a tight fit and a figure-hugging silhouette. With Wicked Sex Toys, you can accessorize in a way that will turn heads. This is the perfect way to boost your confidence and do something naughty. Chemises made of delicate lace and sheer mesh are a pleasure to wear.

Seduction is not all there is

We’ve got some casual stuff too. We’ve got gorgeous night dresses that will make you feel stunning all night long. With chemises, ease of wear and style are key. The last thing anyone wants is to have a bad night’s sleep, so find one that suits your needs.

There are also a lot of chosen babydolls at Wicked Sex Toys! Baby dolls are almost the same as chemises but are generally shorter and looser fitting. The flow of a babydoll dress leaves you feeling cool and comfortable. Various styles are available ranging from total coverage for a modest appearance to more seductive pieces that reveal a little bit.

Our lace babydoll is perfect for lace lovers. Our luxury nightwear has a silky feel that makes you feel pampered. Babydolls are often simple and unstructured, hanging loosely from your body. There are some dolls with underwires, padding, and cups to provide support. And nightgowns aren’t just for small-breasted women. Baby dolls that have large cups can be used by women who have a large busts.

Stylish curvy nightgowns flatter the curves of the fuller bust. If you are looking for a supportive style, a chemise or babydoll is the way to go. Check out Wicked Sex Toys’ selection of underwired nightwear if you’re looking to buy underwired nightwear. Wear non-wired nightwear if you are looking for something trendy and comfortable. Whether it’s chemises or babydolls, we’ve got something to match every budget. If you are looking for affordable nightwear or a luxury purchase, Wicked Sex Toys has the right choice for you.

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Chemises vs. Babydolls

Intimate apparel and stylish clothing help boost the self-confidence of many women and boost their sense of beauty. Stylish lingerie helps women express their style, and a variety of styles are available. Babydolls and chemises are top-selling lingerie pieces, but they differ slightly.

These two lingerie pieces are very similar on a basic level: both are nighties, are fairly short, and are available in a variety of fabrics. In addition to being attractive and sexy, they are perfect for everything from relaxing at home to impressing your special someone at a special event.

How do chemises and babydolls differ from each other? Which one is right for you? Any confusion about these timeless lingerie garments can be cleared up with us.


The babydoll is a sleeveless, short sleep gown with a thin strap that fits snugly at the bust. Most dresses are fitted around the waist and flow out more loosely afterwards. In this cut, the legs are emphasized while the waist is minimized. Similarly to a chemise, a chemise is sleeveless and comes with thin shoulder straps, but it does conform to the shape of the human body particularly at the hips and at the bust.


There are a lot of similarities in both items, but their biggest difference is their hemlines. The babydoll usually reaches only the upper thighs. Due to this garment’s short length, matching panties are sometimes sold with it. Chemises come in a variety of lengths. Either the hem stops at the hips reach the ankles or is somewhere in between.

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Sexy fabrics

Fabrics like linen were used in the Middle Ages to make chemises. Today’s chemises and baby dolls are made from softer fabrics.

Babydolls are commonly made from lightweight, sheer fabrics, such as chiffon, while chemises are usually made of silk or satin. Depending on the style, lingerie is often decorated with ribbons or laces or embellished with bows or ruffles.

Other Textiles

There are other types of lingerie made in a similar way to babydolls and chemises. Fashion designers and consumers sometimes use the same name for several garments. A nightgown is a general term for sleepwear, and a slip is a type of undergarment worn beneath clothing. Negligees originally wore long, loose clothing, but nowadays they are usually shorter and look like baby dolls.

Buying Your Own Chemises & Baby Dolls

You may wish to treat yourself to one of our baby dolls or chemises for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. You’ll find a range of classic nightwear styles as well as more glam styles at Wicked Sex Toys. These all-over lace babydolls are gorgeous and feminine – try a sultry black look or go bolder with brighter colours. Adding matching knickers will complement sheer chemises. If you are in search of a nightdress to display some skin, consider a style with cutouts or see-through panels.

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It is super flattering to wear these baby dolls and chemises due to their loose cuts and flirty shapes. Make sure the bra has an underwire for extra support. You can find lace or cutout trims in styles with triangle cups to make your bedroom a little more glamorous. In addition to lowcut necklines, the half-lace, half-mesh cup offers a discreet way to showcase your cleavage. A black chemise is a timeless choice, but why not add a bright shade or multicoloured chemise for a pop of colour?

Here on our shopping site, you’ll find a wide selection of babydoll chemises you’ll adore. This spectacular collection comes in an array of colours, including vibrant shades of red, pink, and purple. A fantastic collection of endless styles is available in our lingerie and nightwear sets, featuring sheer materials and exquisite designs.

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