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An Expert Guide to Finding the Best Dildos for Men
Are you interested in dildos for men? You are not alone and we’re here to support you.
If you are a beginner, you are more likely to choose for a thin or tapered head, with the term “tapered” referring to the tip coming to a small, rounded point as opposed to a large, blunt end.
The majority of the dildos for guys on the market are penis shaped. In fact, it’s the most popular style on the market today. Users will feel greater pressure when using a dildo head in the shape of a penis, and the texture of the circumcised shaped mushroom head will be a genuine joy when put into the anus.
If you’re not comfortable with using a penis-shaped anal dildo, consider one of the narrower, curved, or slimmer probes instead.
Some of the greatest male dildos are prostate dildos. They have a curved or angled shaft that, when penetrated, massages the male G-spot. His rear pleasure zone (affectionately referred to as the P-spot), which is positioned a few inches inside the rectum, facing forward, is located a few inches inside the rectus.
Here at Wicked Sex Toys, we have put together this guide of the most popular men’s sex toys to help you find the best ones for your needs, so you can get some quality play time when you need it.

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What Are Dildos?

Dildos are sex toys that can be placed in the mouth, the anus, or even in the vaginal canal at once, without having to look like a penis or feel like one. Dildos come in many different materials, shapes, and sizes.

The end of some dildos has a curvature that stimulates the prostate or g-spot.

Double-sided or double-penetration dildos are shaped like a penis with testicles with harnesses intended to be worn by two partners simultaneously.

Dildos that vibrate and attach to a surface using a suction base, ceramic, metal, glass.

If we hold back our energy to avoid feeling our sexual kinks, then we also hold back our deepest gifts. Without being shy, we can allow all our gifts to grow and all our sexual desires to come to the surface.

It is obvious to observe that size is the most important consideration here. The longer the dildo, the deeper it will get, so if you’re a novice, you may want to start out with something less than 6 inches.

Those that look the most realistic come in realistic silicone, veins and all. Others are made using hypoallergenic metal, which is quite different from flesh and will likely feel very foreign unless you’ve been pegged by the Terminator himself.

If you are looking for sex toys for couples, all of the above make excellent choices.

Types Of Dildos

Dildos offer an erotic fantasy by recreating sex with a passionate mate. Some are formed with sturdy penis shafts for strong thrusting of the windpipe, while others are sculpted with a malleable surface.

Dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Among them are the following:

Realistic Dildos

Dildos offer an erotic fantasy by recreating sex with a passionate mate. Some are formed with sturdy penis shafts for strong thrusting of the windpipe, while others are sculpted with a malleable surface.

Whether you prefer larger or smaller dildos, we have the size and length you are looking for, so go for a look at the best 100 realistic dildos to find your new bedroom friend.

Strap-On Dildos

There are many styles of strap-ons, which can either be strap-free, hollow, curved, or removable. They are attached either by a harness or vaginal plug and are intended for use during sexual activity.

The strap-ons can be used in different ways, including masturbation, oral sex stimulation, vaginal penetration, and anal penetration, with partners of any gender identity or sexual orientation.

The strap-on dildo gets inside the vaginal canal and stimulates the cervix and g-spot, a two-to-three-inch-long area that can lead to pleasure and sometimes orgasm when stimulated.

As well as stimulating the prostate, strap-ons could stimulate the production of ejaculate (semen), which contains prostatic fluid.

Strap-ons can be categorised into the following types:


Unlike strap-ons, boxer-brief strap-ons have a harness instead of straps, so they are extremely comfortable. This type of strap-on attaches to a pair of boxer-brief underwear, so there is no chafing. For those who wear traditional strap-ons, this is a common issue.

In addition, brief strap-ons make sense for peggers and penetrators just starting out since they don’t require constant adjustments, like other strap-ons.


An upwardly curved dildo on the strap-on is developed to be directly stimulated by the p-spot, or prostate gland, or g-spot for vulva owners.


It usually consists of two similar-size dildos that are meant for penetration of the wearer along with the receiver, or vulva-to-anal penetration. The Double Strap-Ons can also be used for vulva-to-anal penetration.


This strap-on type was initially developed as a solution for men with erectile dysfunction. Users can put their members into a hollow strap-on for extended sex sessions or to add girth.


In pegging, the penetrator uses a strap-on dildo to anally penetrate the receiver. Strap-ons offer a slimmer harness profile that suits a thinner, curved dildo for greater comfort.


The clitoris and penis of men can be comfortably exposed or covered with unisex adjustable harnesses, which fit around the legs and waist with adjustable straps. They also make it easy to reach the penis and vulva during use.

Realistic Vibrators

It’s more fun to use a realistic vibrating dildo than one without a motor. These realistic vibrating dildos simulate a lifelike sexual fantasy, but with the added benefit of powerful vibrations.

Unlike other sex toys, these vibrators will boost your virility and boost your ejaculatory system. Browse our selection of penis vibrators sorted by size, from small to large, and check out our lifelike skin section under materials for the most lifelike experience.

Prostrate Dildos

When inserted into the anus, male prostate toys have a curved tip that massages the gland, similar to the female G-spot. It produces a powerful orgasm when this area is massaged.

It is easy to enhance your sexual pleasure by using male prostate vibrators which add an extra kick of stimulation and the best male prostate dildos which stimulate without much effort.

Pegging Dildos

A pegging toy is the most popular method of stimulating the prostate and can also give you profound feelings of pleasure. Dildos are the best anal stimulators for him because they are thin and tapered, so they are easy to insert.

These popular dildos are thin & tapered to allow for easy anal insertion and precise prostate stimulations.
You can add any of the dildos listed below the harnesses to create your own custom pleasure if you purchase a pegging strap.

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos work in a similar manner to balloons, holding air inside the hand bulb. You can press the hand bulb, which expands the shaft inside your body, to greatly enhance both sex & masturbation.

Once it has expanded, your expanding dildo will have a huge girth that would be impossible to fit into the anus/ovary at full size. Please press the quick-release valve to release the air.

Glass Dildos

Traditionally, dildos are phallic-shaped toys made from wood or plastic, but glass dildos have distinct advantages. One of these advantages is that glass dildos are smoother than regular ones.

Glass is non-toxic and easy to wash, unlike materials like PVC, rubber, or steel. At the same time, glass dildos have a tendency to break more easily than their counterparts made of PVC, rubber, or steel. They are also somewhat more expensive.

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrators come in a variety of styles for men. They can be divided into four categories.

When penetration is desired, the focus is on what works for the recipient: we have yet to meet a dildo that got hung up on its own needs.

Cock Ring Vibrators

In order to reduce or eliminate blood circulation in the penis, vibration rings are placed around the shaft.
The vibrations in the ring help to create longer and harder erections. Cock rings without vibrations are also available.

In addition, a cock vibrator helps to stimulate the sexual intercourse of the partner. It is the most common toy owned by men.

Manual Male Vibrators

In the form of vibrations and sensations, these vibes are picked up as a man starts to masturbate. Sleeves or tubes encase the shaft, which is surrounded by these vibrations and sensations.
This type of vibrator is open-ended and is not intended to feel like a vagina or imitate its motions. It is designed to stimulate the shaft.

Hands-Free Male Vibrators

Unlike other types of male masturbators, these devices don’t require any stroking of the shaft to stimulate the penis. These devices already come pre-loaded with everything needed for stimulating the penis.
In order to reach climax, they need to be slipped around the shaft, and different vibrations take over, enabling the man to get there without using his hands.

Anal Male Vibrators

Unlike anal sex, these are for stimulating the prostate. The straight sections curve upwards so they reach and stimulate the prostate. That is why they’re called prostate massagers.

Consider the following features:

Whether a person does not have a significant other at the moment or just wants easy access at all times, a dildo is an excellent way to stay sexually satisfied.

A Size That Fits (Perfectly)

However, determining exactly what size dildo is best for you is the first thing to consider since your fingertips are both short and thin, neither of which is ideal for achieving great vaginal stimulation.

There is a sweet spot for dildo size, but if one is too small, it wouldn’t make sense to use it over human fingers. On the other hand, if one is too big, one can damage the scalp as well.

A 7″ to 8″ dildo is ideal.

A Dildo That Mimics a Real Dildo

The dildo should not only be soft on the outside, but they should be soft throughout the entire dildo, meaning they should be squishy enough that they can be squeezed and shown to compress.

Penis With a Distinct Head

While many generic dildos have rounded ends, the real deal has a distinct penis head on top. The penis head is the most intriguing and appealing part of the penis for many women, so recreating that element of the penis is important.

Colours That Are Realistic

Rather than a brightly coloured dildo, opt for something that has a flesh-coloured hue.

It is understandable that men have many different sex toy preferences, so the “flesh colour” can vary widely, from light to dark. Sex toy manufacturers have even gone so far as to use colours that more accurately interpret the looks of men.

Top Male Sex Toy Brands

There is a reason these are the best-selling products; they may be the latest products or just high-quality products. If you browse this category regularly, you’ll see some of the most popular branded sex toys like Lelo, Pipedream, Doc Johnson, Love Honey and others.

What Are The Advantages Of Male Dildos In Terms of Health?

Dildos are sometimes used by men with prostatic disorders to drain the fluid.

People with certain medical conditions can also benefit from the use of sex toys, which are often used recreationally.

It is possible that disorders that impact nerve transmissions, such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis, inhibit sexual sensation.

Medications for high blood pressure and depression can also limit sexual performance when taken by people who are suffering from illnesses.

The use of a penis pump for men is usually recommended by doctors, though one can be purchased without a prescription.

Lifelike Dildo

The lifelike dildo looks like a realistic penis (perhaps with a little extra flesh on the top) with a round head and soft testicles. It is often recommended as a dildo for beginners because it never fails to appeal.

Both rookies and seasoned sex-toy users still choose it.

Dildos tend to be made as soft, malleable pieces of silicone, whether they’re handmade or bought; some are made from liquid silicone, which has a very lifelike texture.

You should buy a lifelike doll that has a suction cup as this is much more user-friendly and will allow you to try different positions without having to hold it. This includes wearing it wet during the shower.

Glass Dildo

Glass dildos may seem intimidating, but these are made of super-strengthened borosilicate glass, which is guaranteed to stay strong and shatter-free, so you can pack away any wincing preconceptions about inserting glass internally.

Dildos come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them have that smooth texture that makes them look so beautiful.

Those interested in sensory play might find this is the best type of dildo since it can be heated or cooled before use.

To use your glass dildo, place it in the fridge or in a bowl of warm water, test the temperature before using, and away you go.

Temperature play is praised as a sensory way to use sex toys that can enhance the sexual experience.

A glass dildo also boasts the advantage of being able to be used orally or vaginally and with any type of lubricant, plus it’s easy to clean, so it’s got some good hygienic credentials.

Anal Dildo

Whether you are partial to glass, steel, silicone, soft or hard, there is a dildo to satisfy your anal desires.

Nevertheless, there are dildos designed specifically for anal play that tickle the prostate gland (P-spot) and are contoured to be held comfortably.

The insertion and extraction of these dildos often activate thousands of nerve endings in your anus, as you’d find on anal beads.

Dildo For Beginners

For a beginner, the choice between an anal dildo and a vaginal dildo can be challenging. However, here are various guides on the best male dildos for men.

Tantus Charmer – The Best Dildo for Beginners Overall

It’s small, it’s simple to insert, it’s made of high-quality silicone, and it feels fantastic because of its unique design that exactly touches the G and P spots. After carefully analysing all of the choices, this seems like the best choice amongst them.

Temperature play is praised as a sensory way to use sex toys that can enhance the sexual experience.

A glass dildo also boasts the advantage of being able to be used orally or vaginally and with any type of lubricant, plus it’s easy to clean, so it’s got some good hygienic credentials.

Lifelike Lover – The Most Realistic Dildo for Beginners

This is a timeless design. With the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo, an excellent starter dildo, you can easily satisfy your romantic fantasies. It has the greatest rating of any dildo on Lovehoney, which is saying a lot. If you’re looking for a novice dildo that’s easy, realistic, and straightforward, this is one of the best options.

What matters the most is how you feel about your sexuality, your level of desire and your libido.

Colours Pleasures – Best Black Beginners Dildo

Colours Pleasures is a black dildo made of medical-grade silicone that feels lifelike and looks gorgeous. The Colour Pleasures isn’t a massive black cock like the majority of its sort. It’s a little 5-inch bar designed for first-timers who want to sample some of that delectable chocolate. And it’s the greatest dildo for novices when it comes to accomplishing this goal.

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual – Beginner’s Glass Dildo

A stunning model with a beaded pattern. You can stick it up your sleeve or hang it on your wall. With this beaded piece of art, the possibilities are unlimited!

Beginners will love the Flare Smooth Silicone Dildo

The Flare Smooth beginner’s dildo is a good all-around selection for first-timers, with a size of 5.5 inches. Although it may not appear to be much on the surface, this baby is a powerhouse on the inside.

Best Dildo For Anal

The Boy with Balls is the best anal dildo because of its shape, feel, and overall ease of usage. The narrow tip tapers to a rounded-off end, making insertion simple and comfortable.

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Dildos For Men FAQs

Is It Possible For A Man To Orgasm While Pegging?

Absolutely. Again, not all men are capable of orgasming while being pinched, but some are. However, this is where things get a little more complicated. While being pegged, some guys experience erections. Some males aren’t like that. Some guys experience sporadic erections. Whether or not he is hard is unrelated to whether or not he enjoys pegging… It’s just a personal preference… and nothing to be concerned about. Moving on to orgasms, a man can have an orgasm from a combination of cock stimulation and pegging, which men claim is 10 times stronger than an orgasm from cock stimulation alone (and produces much more ejaculate).

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