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There’s something wonderfully enjoyable about toys that let you worship your body with no limitations. No matter how many different ways your body types are described, there’s always one that fits every man and one that fits every woman.
It’s entertaining to play with toys that are designed for specific purposes, but it’s even more enthralling to have toys you can use anywhere, even places you can only access with your hands.

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Finger Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Not only that, they come in many varieties with different functions. From the most simple to the wildest design, there’s sure to be a finger vibrator that will suit your needs. If you are shopping for yourself or giving your partner an unexpected gift, then Wicked Sex Toys is definitely the place to go. The best sex toy company!

A finger vibrator is a great option for anyone who wants all-over pleasure in a small, discreet package. These little guys can enhance foreplay, massage, masturbation, and couples‘ play — there’s so much they can do!

People have to remember to be sexual. It takes effort and work; its a process.

These little vibrators are super-effective when used with a partner or alone. When you use them with a partner, they can add an extra dimension of pleasure, allowing you to experience a stronger orgasm. When you use them alone, they can help you relax and achieve a much-needed solo release.

You Can Feel The Vibe At Any Time

Incredibly discreet, light-weight, and convenient for on-the-go, a finger vibrator sex toy is a great choice for any activity. This finger vibration sex toy can be used either to start up your foreplay or to spice up your late-night sex session by stimulating both the penetrative and clitoral areas simultaneously.

If you’re looking to switch up your finger action, a finger vibe is what you need. Vibrating fingers allow you to locate your or someone else’s sweet spots effortlessly, while also providing a nice vibration. The best finger vibrators we offer are even rechargeable so that you can use them repeatedly!

A Finger Sex Toy That’s Small And Mighty

Unlike most other adult novelty toys, the “tiny” vibrating fingertip dildo provides powerful vibration and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It’s great for a solo sesh or with your partner. Just keep in mind that when you use this little guy, you’re going to want more… a lot more.

This is the most discreet vibrator you can buy. It’s the perfect “little secret” option for those times when you want to add a little excitement to your solo play or your relationship.

If you’re looking for a great gift for your lover, these are the products that’ll give you an edge. Our discreet finger vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one is designed to provide maximum pleasure.

All the different shapes and sizes of our finger vibrators let you choose the one that’s right for you. You can pick one that resembles your favourite shape and colour, or maybe you’re looking for something with a unique texture. You can also choose one with lots of attachments so you can double down on your pleasure, or find the one with the right size and curves to give you a supercharged giddy-up.

If you want to enhance your sex life, you need to shop here at Wicked Sex Toys. Our sexy selection of premium finger vibes will take your lovemaking to a whole new level of ecstasy.

Best Finger Vibrators: What Are They?

If you haven’t tried a finger vibrator, you’re truly missing out. Solo play or adding a little “bump n’ grind” fun for your partner is seriously intensified when you use one of these delightful little toys.

They’re a great way to add a zesty, extra-buzzy sensation to a solo session or give your partner a sensual treat by allowing you to caress her with these little buddies.

There are lots of great ways to use finger vibrators during solo play or as a little “secret” pleasure for your partner. They can be used to add a little extra oomph to foreplay, or as a way to keep yourself more alert and ready to go during solo play.

Benefits Of Using A Finger Vibe

Finger Vibrators are for all parts of your life. They’re great for a pre-sex to warm up, to heighten your experience during sex, and as a post-coital treat.

These little vibrators can be used on any part of your body, including your vagina, your anus, your nipples, and even the penis.

A sex toy that delivers powerful vibration patterns right where you need it most – directly to your clitoris! Most often they are a bullet vibrator with a little “something extra” to put on the outside. Some even have a little “surprise” attached to the end for an “up close and personal” clitoral and g-spot play experience. The point is, with a little imagination and a cheap finger vibrator, you can use this little gizmo in a very satisfying way.

You can’t go wrong with finger vibrators as sex toys. These devices can be used alone during masturbation, or together with a partner. Typically, there is a stretchy ring and can be simply pulled over your finger.

Also, they make it easier and quicker to achieve orgasms compared to just using your two fingers. Sex with this vibe is sensational and fun, and for some women, it can stimulate their sexual desires. A little finger vibe is a fun way to introduce a vibrator into your sexual activity for someone who has never used one before.

It’s incredibly easy to use and can be applied during sex without any problem.

Dont be afraid to be told what works and what does not. Dont feel that your masculinity is being threatened if your partners giving you some direction.

Vibration is transmitted to your finger and the vibrator becomes part of you. The finger vibrator is ideal for beginners as it feels more natural than simply using your hands to masturbate or stimulate yourself to the next level.

The majority of waterproof finger vibrators are constructed from silicone, which is hygienic and pleasant to the touch. You can use the finger vibrator while bathing, and it is easily cleaned.

Wicked Sex Toys’ finger vibrators come with built-in batteries which are rechargeable with the USB charging cable.

How To Use A Finger Vibrator?

Vigorously stroking your genitals in a very natural way, incorporating vibration? These toys are a great way to enjoy that kind of clit stimulation. You’ll find it easy to use, and they’ll add an exciting element to your masturbation sessions.

A great way to add a little extra excitement into your normal masturbation routine. They make it satisfying to stroke your clitoris and vulva in a sensual way, while also getting the bonus of vibration.

Masturbation is a healthy, normal and fun part of almost every relationship. Your partner would enjoy it if you give her a little “treat” during your next sexual encounter, these toys are a great way to give her exactly what she wants.

A finger vibrator is a wonderful sex toy for women. In a nutshell, it transforms your conventional little finger into an over-the-top, pleasure-producing “super-clitoral” stimulator. Women who own one love it and use it constantly for better orgasms!

Alternatively, they can also be used for tickling a man’s balls during a blow job or hand job, and for stroking his underside. What about penetrative sex? With these devices, you can get powerful clitoral stimulation while minimizing the need for additional gear between you and the other person.

These finger sex toys can add an extra dimension to your love life. Use a finger vibrator when you are performing oral on your partner, it will add an exciting (and often neglected) element to your foreplay. It will keep your mouth and neck happy and avoid that tired feeling you get when you exert yourself too much.

More Tips In Using Finger Vibes

Here are different ways to enjoy a finger vibe, whether it be as a massage, foreplay, partnered, or solo experience.

Wear these vibes on the outside of your forefinger and middle finger when you point. You can adjust the way you wear these vibes to get the sensation and flexibility you want. It doesn’t matter if you wear them on your fingertips or near the palm of your hand, or above or below your hand. It’s all about what feels most natural and easy for you.

Wear the vibe on your dominant hand and hold it at the base of your thumb with your middle fingers lightly curled around the top of the vibe. Use it like a steering wheel, guiding your dominant hand as you would a car. It takes some getting used to, but after a while, you’ll be able to guide your hand effortlessly in all directions.

You can think of the digit finger vibrator as an extension of your skin. To prevent the vibrator from slipping, hold it closer to your palm, or even sideways and upside-down in your fingers. You will be able to experience more skin-to-skin contact and feel rumbly vibrations from the motor more effectively.

To make things more exciting, add a bit of water-based lubricant to the finger vibe’s underside. However, silicone lube is not compatible with silicone toys.

Remember: Sex isnt just an activity—its an idea.

Have fun playing around! Learn how the finger moves against your skin by using it on your nipples, hips and inner thighs.

A finger vibrator’s benefits are not limited to vaginas; it is also ideal for penises. With your fingertips, gently stroke the head of a penis while it buzzes around.

Teasing is fun with this! Test out finger vibrators under your clothes to add an extra level of fun.

Don’t forget to try a different speed when you’re in a different position or at a different arousal level. It is possible to switch from pinpoint stimulation to broad stimulation by shifting which end of the device is closest to your fingertips and which end is closest to your palm. It doesn’t even require removing the tether.

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