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A Rechargeable Vibrator Can Fuel Your Fantasy
Rechargeable vibrators are a great idea if you’re tired of changing batteries. They are wonderful as they allow you to have endless orgasms and not have to worry about running out of batteries.
For your sexual play needs, rechargeable vibrators are one of the best solutions. No more running out or piling up batteries in your closet when you need them most.
Luxurious, powerful and 100% waterproof, these adult toys offer a playful way to have fun. masturbation, foreplay, sex, and solo or couple masturbation are all possible with these. The rechargeable vibrators only need to be plugged into the mains via a plug to provide you with the intense external and internal stimulation you desire.

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These are great additions to the sex toy range. You simply plug them into any USB port, and they quickly charge up. Then use the included remote control to turn them on and off and set the desired vibration patterns.

Whether you just want to bring yourself to an intense, pleasurable climax, or you want to share that experience with your partner, these love toys are a safe bet. You’ll get the most out of them with some practice and technique, but the learning curve is very short.

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Here at Wicked Sex Toys, we carry a large variety of rechargeable vibrators. This means there’s always a “boost” of energy when you use one of our toys for pleasure. You won’t ever have to worry about dead batteries again.

Whether you’re looking for a clitoral stimulator, rabbit vibrator, a g-spot toy, or tiny bullet vibrator to expand your rechargeable collection, Wicked Sex Toys has them all.

Rechargeable vibrators are handy for anyone who needs more juice when using a vibrator for long periods. If you use a clitoral vibrator frequently, you’ll appreciate having a rechargeable vibrator.

Rechargeable vibrators are like having a super-powerful motor friend in your pocket.

What would it be like if you had to replace your smartphone’s batteries regularly? Then a rechargeable sex toy can take that out of the equation in terms of masturbation. Would we recommend using your rechargeable vibrator as frequently as you would use your phone? Yes, we do!

Wicked Sex Toys carries some of the best (and most fun) adult toys around. This is the one-stop shop for all your vibrator needs. We got the best brands and have some of the most incredible selections of rechargeable vibrators available.

Recharge them and use them often. You’ll find the one that fits your mood, your needs and your desires.

For pleasure on the go, you can take a USB vibrator or a rechargeable vibrator. Our range of vibrators offers a pleasure that is truly driven by power and will provide you with hours of non-stop ecstasy.

Rechargeable Toys That You’ll Love

You can trust Wicked Sex Toys to care for your body and intimate parts. Our products are regularly tested by independent labs to make sure you only get the best adult toys made from the safest materials for a comfortable and satisfying night out. Each Wicked Sex Toys’ toy is packaged in a manner that displays what it is made of, so you can be sure you are purchasing a quality product.

Rechargeable Vibrators have the following features:

Materials that are safe for the body

Every single item in our rechargeable collection is safe for your body to play with. They’re all made from non-toxic, body-safe materials that ensure no adverse effects from prolonged use.

Using premium, medical-grade silicone, our products are hypoallergenic and beautifully soft and silky to the touch, which means they won’t break down, crack or degrade after thousands of uses.

The ABS plastic is nonporous, non-toxic, and safe.

Our ABS toys come with PU coatings, an eco-friendly material that gives them a softer feel by reducing their coldness.

Our budget-conscious buyers will appreciate the stretchy, comfortable nature of Styrene-Ethylene/Butylene-Styrene (SEBS). It is also non-toxic and non-flammable as an alternative to silicone.

Motors for vibrators

Most other vibrators do not feature vibration motors that provide such intensive dual stimulation. Nonetheless, you won’t become desensitized to the stimulation. Vibration modes from these rechargeable g-spot or clitoral vibrators match your body’s natural rhythm.

The motors in these love toys deliver powerful vibrations, which are intensified by the escalation of the speed and the different levels you can choose. This makes for a very exciting sexual experience!

Our vibe motors will give you an explosive experience no matter what ride style you like: steady, pulsating, or up and down escalating.

The only sounds that wake the kids will be your screams of ecstasy because our motors are remarkably whisper quiet.

Ergonomic designs enhance comfort and increase orgasm

When it comes to Wicked Sex Toys Rechargeable Vibrators, they don’t have to look like a penis to work. The ergonomic, comfortable and easy to handle designs of the vibrators are made with your body in mind. In addition, the vibrators’ designs are wider, thicker structures that are easier to grasp, and their shapes hit all the right places.

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Featuring a sturdy grip for a firmly held hold, these toys have a wide surface that delivers deep and satisfying climaxes all over. Make use of them for sensual massage, strong clitoral stimulation for her or a comfy perineal massage for him.

With rechargeable vibrators, you’ll always have a constant flow of fun. They’re beautifully curved, made of soft Silicone, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and vibration settings. With the push of a button, you can easily and quickly adjust the level and type of pleasure they give you. Choose your favourite setting or select from several for awesome climaxes and intense orgasm.

The man doesn’t have to miss out! Thanks to the perfect, curved design of these rechargeable vibrators, you can give him a perineal external massage that will have him mumbling with pleasure.

Alternatively, you can use any of the uniquely designed Silicone vibrators. Every time you move, the firm head bends, flexes, and swirls as it is sprung inside. The head is home to a powerful motor that offers many mind-altering effects and offers extended playtime.

Rechargeable vibes for him, her, and them

All of our rechargeable collections of best vibrators include toys for every type of player. No matter if you’re in a relationship that needs a little kickstart or if you’re looking to take your vibrator game to the next level, we’ve got what you need.

We carry everything from the simplest vibes for beginners to toys with multiple functions for more experienced lovers. These vibes will take you to orgasmic heights!

Charging via USB

These adult toys are 100% usb rechargeable, and they come with a genuine USB charger. They’re great for travel, and always ready for some serious bedroom action!

Many sex toys that claim to have USB charging are merely boasting. These other brands use magnetic contacts instead of charging. Magnets can be disconnected if you move your charging surface, cough, or sneeze close to the charging surface. In the end, you were disappointed to discover your “rechargeable” toy had not charged the night before.

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Our toys will not disappoint you. All of them utilize a plug-in cord that connects to a universal USB charging port. Plus, the lithium batteries, which doesn’t heat up and you can use them for an extensive period.

Charge your rechargeable vibrator with the included charging stand while it’s in place. Flip over the stand once it is ready for play, and your toy will turn into a cradle that you can comfortably control with your fingers.

Wicked Sex Toys Got You Covered

The sex toys we offer are tough, waterproof and are all backed by a warranty. With this Wicked Sex Toys’ collection of Rechargeable Vibrators, you can indulge in a whole new experience.

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