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If the last few years and change has taught us anything, it’s that life can easily become pretty boring, and moments of pleasure few and far between. So it’s understandable why many took this time to build out (or start from scratch) their collection of adult toys.

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And we mean many. In the first months of the pandemic, sex toy sales grew as much as 200 per cent across various brands, proving just how horned up the UK got in isolation—and amplifying how sex toy enthusiasm has spread in recent years. The search for pleasure ought to continue after isolation.

In the realm of adult toys for men and people with penises, the latest innovations and designs are intriguing. These include a range of anal toys like textured masturbation sleeves, prostate massagers with multiple levels of intensity, anal beads for you, anal beads for your partner, cock rings, butt plugs and many more. Once you start taking advantage of them, you’ll wonder why you ever didn’t.

All I can say is, the best is to know yourself so you know what your insecurities are. Know what really turns you on, not what people say should turn you on.

Is it Okay For Men to Use Sex Toys?

One of the greatest approaches to improve your loving skills as a man is to use adult toys. Toys may teach you how to explore your complete body with more care and expertise, as well as how to avoid escalation to penis-centric masturbation. This ties in well with learning to appreciate your partner’s physique and how to both relax and turn her on.

Adult toys help us understand not just our bodies, but also ourselves, by allowing us to break through cultural boundaries in a secure, private environment. There are so many behaviours that violate our sense of masculinity and ‘what it means to be a man,’ especially for heterosexual guys.

Not only do these cultural barriers confine our behaviour, but they also confine our psyches and sense of self. We end up becoming whatever we’re taught or supposed to be rather than who we want to be, which leads to tremendous insecurity and a lack of clarity about who we are. But, more importantly, it stifles empathy, since experience is the greatest way to knowledge, and understanding is the wellspring of empathy.

It can be said that most of the violence in the world stems from a lack of empathy caused by the increasingly restricted spectrum of acceptable conduct for heterosexual guys. When you don’t understand and fear ‘the other,’ it’s all too simple to demonise them.

Toys may also teach men how to delay orgasms, stay hard after orgasms, and have many orgasms. You won’t be concerned about ejaculating too rapidly, losing your erection, or not having an erection after you’ve gotten over this mental hump and experienced it.

What Type of Adult Toys do Men Use?

A male sex toy comes in a wide range of designs, but most people are only familiar with the fleshlight collections. The fleshlights are trendy, but it just serves to jerk you off.

Other adult toys may provide you with pleasure in a variety of ways, and they can also be utilised to make your spouse feel better during intercourse or to have full-body orgasms.

Cock Rings

A cock ring is a hand-free attachment that fits around the base of the penis and slows blood flow in order to delay ejaculation. Cock rings are also known for enlarging erections and amplifying the feelings experienced.

To be able to act properly during intercourse, people with erectile dysfunction often use cock rings to restrict blood flow return.

Some cock rings vibrate, and they are pleasant to play with alone or with a companion. Vibrating cock rings may stimulate your female partner’s clitoris during intercourse if you have a female companion. Even if they aren’t wrapped around a penis, they may act as vibrators.

Prostate Stimulator

A prostate stimulator, often known as a prostate massager, is a wand that is used for anal play to stimulate and reach the prostate gland. Some massagers also vibrate and pulsate. An ultimate prostate toy may offer you not just mind-blowing orgasms, but also a slew of health advantages.

For individuals with penises who haven’t experienced anal sex, prostate massager may be scary. Men who use sex toys, on the other hand, may substantially enhance their sex life with these sex toys if they approach them with an open mind; otherwise, sex toy firms would not be selling so many of them. You can try a prostate stimulation device today, they are sure to give you a hands-free orgasm

Masturbation Sleeve

Any sex toy that imitates a vagina, mouth, or anus into which you may insert your penis is known as a masturbation sleeve. Male masturbator sleeves include things like fleshlights, pocket pussies, and strokers. Masturbation sleeves are made for solitary use, yet they’re a lot more fun than your hand.

Penis Extender

A penis extender, also known as a penis sleeve, is essentially a cover that fits over the penis to enhance its length and girth, similar to a wearable dildo.

These sex toys may be used to make your partner’s experience more delightful and to help you stay longer during intercourse. For extra pleasure, some penis extenders have added textures or may vibrate.

Butt Plug

Anal plugs are sex toys that may be used for anal sex or anal play. It is normally plugged into the anus. Butt plugs are available in a range of forms and sizes to suit your tastes, and some even vibrate for added enjoyment. These sex toys remain in place during penetrative intercourse and provide pressure to both men and women’s g-spots. It’s a simple entry for men who want to explore anal play. The b-Vibe is one of the only butt plug on the market that simulates rimming or “analingus” using rotating beads. You can check that out in our anal plugs category.

Are There Things to Look Out for When Buying Sex Toys For Men?

You’ll be surprised to learn how many alternatives you have when looking for the best male sex toy as you browse.

Here are some crucial tips to fit your delight, so you don’t become overwhelmed by number and diversity or choose the shiniest thing you can find:

Assess the shape, kind of material, and how it feels on your skin, as well as the intensity levels, while you shop.

Purchase from reliable businesses like Wicked Sex Toys store.

Don’t always assume that high prices imply high quality. “A 20 pounds sex toy may sometimes provide a new sensation than a 100 pounds sex toy.”

Look for functionality: Do you want a toy that vibrates or one that has texture?

Keep the receipt and, if the toy is covered by a guarantee, register it.

The most important aspect of choosing these products is to make sure they are body-safe and/or medical-grade. Silicone is a good choice, according to some experts. This is because it conducts vibrations better than other materials like plastic.

While most safe and reliable sex toys are also battery-free, It is advised that you use these types of adult toys more frequently to “avoid potential battery acid exposure.”

When you finally find the perfect sex toy or male masturbator, It is recommended to read the instructions first.

What Are The Best Sex Toys For Men to Try, By Experts?

The best men’s sex toys may mean different things to every individual user. Masturbation for men can often seem one-dimensional, while women’s sex toy lines are known for being robust and filled with diverse possibilities. However, males have a wide range of alternatives for increasing their enjoyment while masturbating, ranging from a vibrating cock ring to strokers designed to stimulate over 4,000 nerve endings in the penis as you stroke and grind. There are also Fleshlights and many more. Furthermore, some of these sex toys will provide you with priceless orgasm.

According to experts, these are some of the best sex toys for guys with penises to purchase and try. They are independently selected by our in house team of experts.

Julieta Realistic Male Vibrator

This realistic feel masturbator features air pulse stimulation and many vibration settings, not only feels extremely soft and flexible with a textured love canal, but it also has a 1-speed bullet vibrator that, once put into the end, the powerful vibrations gives you physical shivers and pulses of ecstasy leading to an explosive orgasm.

Doc Johnson Quickie to Go UR3 Vagina

Who doesn’t like a good quickie? You can have one with a UR3 masturbator whenever and wherever you want it! These ultra-soft sleeve-like masturbators, which come in Mouth, Vagina, and Ass forms, are the ideal way to obtain some rapid delight. Doc’s antibacterial Sil-A-Gel compound is included in this non-phthalate body-safe substance toy.

Loving Joy Stretchy Double Cock Ring

The pleasure rings stamina vibrating cock ring set is designed to assist you to boost your partner’s stimulation while also enhancing your erection and delaying climax. A stretch bead ring for the cock and a figure of eight love ring for the penis and scrotum are included in this cock ring set. These penis rings may be worn separately or as a set.

All too many men still seem to believe, in a rather naïve and egocentric way, that what feels good to them is automatically what feels good to women.

Blow Job Stroker Clear

With this LoveHoney’s Blow job stroker with Intense ticklers, you may enjoy the feeling of true oral sex. Two firm rings at the ends of a super-stretchy sleeve make up this revolutionary oral sex tool.

Inside the sleeve, a swirling ribbed extreme wave texture blends with an imaginative design for orgasmic delight. Simply hold it between the two rings and grasp or twist more tightly if you desire a tighter feeling. It is intuitive and simple to use.

Loving Joy Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extension with Ball Loop

With this Loving Joy Mighty Penis Extension, you may transform into a sex-magic hero. It measures 3 inches in length and has a girth of up to 25%. Simply lubricate yourself, slide the ball loop over your testicles and the sleeve over your manhood, and watch your partner’s face light up as they grab onto your new member.

The Loving Joy/ Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extension with Ball Loop is anatomically designed and see-through for a genuine experience for you both. Your cock will be more powerful than the sword, so make love rather than battle with your magical weapon.

Apply lubrication(precisely water-based lube) to the opening of the extension and the penis for easy insertion. Wrap the loop over the testicles, and glide the extension over the penis.

Rev-Lite Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator

With the Rev-Lite Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator, you may plan a solitary trip to the finest spot on Earth. You can also enjoy a highly welcome atmosphere as you immerse yourself in this incredibly soft stroker meant to provide you with a realistic yet upgraded experience whenever you feel like giving yourself some pleasure.

This realistic-looking stroker is enclosed in a sturdy, black box that will allow you to keep your masturbator safely and discreetly. You can also adjust the strength of the suction within the case using the handy twist cap placed at the top of the case, allowing you to personalise your experience and achieve the precise intensity you need for a mind-blowing orgasm.

This Rev-Lite masturbation cup is also very easy to clean and maintain since you can just remove the stroker sleeve, rinse it well, and let it dry before your next pleasure adventure.

Happy Rabbit Couples Stimulating USB Rechargeable Rabbit Love Ring Black

The Happy Rabbit Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring boasts two super-stretchy rings for improved staying power and rabbit-powered ears for powerful clitoral stimulation for couples. It has 12 different modes of vibration that may be shared with others. Slide the loops around the shaft and balls and cycle through the 3 speeds and 9 patterns of intense vibrations to master hands-free vibrations. The travel lock keeps your jolly bunny from springing into action without warning.

Cock Enlargement Pleasure Kit

You can upgrade your pleasure tool with an enlargement Kit. This is a must-have for anybody who is serious about pumping. Arousal, pleasure, and jaw-dropping enlargement are just some of the benefits of this kit. You can pump yourself up and never settle for anything less than your best.

Each package contains a support cage, a size enhancer, two flexible girth enhancers, and a transparent penis pump with a flanged base.

Bathmate Hydro 7 Penis Pump Blue

The Bathmate, the world’s first hydraulic cock enlarger, is destined to take the globe by storm. Bathmate is the first water-based cock enlargement toy on the market. Bathmate, unlike other male sex toys on the market, produces immediate and long-lasting benefits and is, in most situations, delightful and comfortable to use. The Bathmate creates the maximum vacuum force using strong water technology and “hydraulics in reverse,” making it one of the most powerful pumps on the market.

The above are some of the best selling sex toys for men on Wicked Sex Toys sex toy store today. For more listings on other adult toys for men, click here.

How Best do I Care for My Male Sex Toys?

It is advised that you clean your toys promptly after you use them. You’ll wind up with a disgusting mess, and your toys will degrade quickly if you don’t clean them correctly.

The “proper approach to cleaning sex toys depends on the sort of material it’s composed of, (Learn how to clean each kind of adult toy by consulting our guide.)

Many penile masturbation toys, for example, aren’t composed of silicone, therefore a toy cleaning is required. But cleaners are necessary even if they are silicone-based.

Use only an authorised toy cleaner like Sliquid Shine Toy Cleaner. Non-approved cleansers, on the other hand, may “tear down the silicone, enabling germs to thrive,” putting you at risk of infection during masturbation.

Use an unscented baby wipe for fast cleaning, then wash it fully before your next use, if you don’t have the energy to wash them after masturbation.

Where to Buy the Best Sex Toys For Men?

During the pandemic, sex toy sales skyrocketed, but the industry was already growing at about six per cent annual pace before 2020, and it’s predicted to rise at an annual rate of eight per cent for the following seven years.

But why are there so many adult toys being purchased, including many for couples? The multibillion-dollar industry’s rise is unquestionably tied to the growing popularity of online merchants since it’s much more inconspicuous to “add to cart” than to peruse an erotic goods store. For those who aren’t sure where to purchase adult toys, Wicked Sex Toys sex toy store is your one-stop location for your adult male toys and many more.

Wicked Sex Toys sex toy superstore has all the brands we love, including the wildly popular Fleshlights, which is one of the top-selling adult male toys of the pandemic and is, surprisingly, an air press-enabled and touch-free orgasm factory. All products featured on our website are independently selected by our team of experts.

Wicked Sex Toys is known for its frequent sales and discounts, which include ever-changing discount codes and blockbuster deals around major holidays. Yes, all items arrive in unmarked brown packaging, so your delivery person will have no idea what he or she is delivering.

In a cemetery. Having sex in a graveyard is the ultimate bad thing to do – which is why lots of us did it in our 20s. Even if you’re way past that, cemeteries make people feel sexy because they’re creepy, not to mention often deserted at night.

Wrapping Up!

There is no longer any embarrassment in buying a sex toy as a man. In reality, buying a toy is a sign that you’re sexually powerful, that you’re in command of your own sexuality, and that you’re not reliant on a third party for sexual pleasure.

Sexual pleasure/experiences should be about having fun and enjoying yourself, and adult toys may help you do just that. They’re a wonderful way to spice up your sexual routines and include stimulation that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Why not get one today? There are many sex toys for men available here at Wicked Sex Toys sex toy store.