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Do you want to find the greatest sex toy for your gender orientation? Have you given up on enjoyable orgasms because you can’t find appropriate sex toys as a trans person? Or are you non-binary and wanting to spice up your sex life?

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Sex toys and orgasms aren’t just for cisgender guys and females. They are sex gadgets for trans and non-binary persons that are designed to stimulate your erogenous zones and make anal play and sex more pleasant for them. Sex toys for trans and non-binary individuals are devices designed to assist those suffering from genital dysphoria (GD) in having great anal sex and generally create a more enjoyable sexual experience.

You may want it to end when youre both ready to have another kind of sex, or you may want it to end with an orgasm and ejaculation.

If you want to increase your adult toy experience even after vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, or phalloplasty surgery, there are a variety of trans sex toys designed with your needs in mind.

Sex toys for trans and non-binary people with penises

Sex toys for trans and GNC people come in a range of designs, sizes, and materials. Most sex toys for trans and non-binary individuals with virginals are intended to be used by trans and non-binary persons, and they may be used in a variety of ways, including for anal play.

Some trans and non-binary persons may desire to use a sex toy for fun, to help manage dysphoria, or to learn more about their bodies. These sex toys will provide you with the most pleasant sexual experience, whether you’re playing alone or with your lover. Trans and non-binary persons are not excluded from the pleasures of a satisfying sexual encounter while utilizing sex toys; here are a few to consider.

Cock rings

One of the side effects of estrogen HRT on the body is that it makes it harder to sustain an erection. Cock rings obstruct blood flow when worn around the base of the penis. They don’t help you have an erection, but they can help you hold it for longer. If you want to enjoy penetrating sex but suffer from erectile dysfunction, cock rings may be an alternative for you. Wearing a cock ring can increase sensation and make masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse more pleasurable. Cock rings increase blood flow and prolong sensation, which can lead to more intense orgasms.

Cock vibrators

While blood flow isn’t a problem in post-phalloplasty penises because erections are obtained using an implanted device, vibrating cock rings may still be of interest to phalloplasty patients. Because the original anatomy is hidden at the base of the post-phalloplasty penises, this is the most vulnerable location. Because cock vibrators stimulate the base of the penis, they can be an excellent method for those who have had phalloplasty to regain sensation.


Strap-ons allow transgender people who haven’t had bottom surgery to penetrate their partners. Some individuals like to wear a realistic dildo that matches their skin tones because it makes their strap-on cock seem more like an extension of their body, but others may prefer dildos in non-skin tones for strap-on play because they fit them and their dysphoria better. Underwear-style harnesses may be preferred by a trans woman since they can be used for both soft packing and strap-on sex.

Some transmasculine persons who want to be penetrated, as well as those who have had metoidioplasty or have opted not to have an erectile dysfunction therapy, choose to use strap-ons during intercourse to ease genital dysphoria. Estrogen medication can make it difficult to obtain and maintain an erection, and dysphoria may prohibit some men from engaging in penetrative intercourse. Strap-on sex is a wonderful alternative to having sex for both of these reasons since it allows a person to top without having their genitals touched at all.

Penis Vibrators

These Vibrators are specifically intended for penises. Penis vibrators, which may be used on non-erect penises, may be useful for people on estrogen or who have undergone a phalloplasty but have chosen not to have an erection device installed. Take a look at these penis vibrators.

Masturbation sleeves

Masturbation sleeves take masturbation to a whole new level. While most masturbation sleeves are designed for cisgender males, there are a few that are designed for non- or pre-phalloplasty transmasculine people, particularly those taking testosterone.

These sleeves are smaller than those designed for cisgender men and will suit the majority of persons who have undergone a metoidioplasty. Individuals who have had a phalloplasty can wear sleeves made for cisgender guys, however not all sleeve textures are good for post-phalloplasty individuals since post-phalloplasty people and cisgender men have different parts of the penis that are more sensitive.

Butt plugs

One of the nicest things about butt toys is that everyone has a butt. Anuses are universal and may be pleasurable for anybody, regardless of gender identification. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ anal player. It’s a straightforward, inclusive, and widely appealing kind of entertainment.

The anal sphincter is a particularly sensitive muscle that may provide a wide range of thrilling feelings in anal play for both men and women. This remote-controlled vibrating butt plug also features spinning beads in the shaft to provide the sense of being rimmed. Start with the tiny size unless you’re a seasoned butt player.


External vibrators can be utilized on a wide range of anatomical structures. Wand vibrators are especially beneficial because of their broadheads, which allow them to be used on a wide range of genital sizes. They do not need the user having an erection, making them excellent for estrogen-dependent people.

Because of their power, wand vibrators may even be used over clothes, making them an excellent solution for persons who do not want their genitals to be displayed or physically touched due to dysphoria. Bullet vibrators are smaller than wand vibrators and may be used on all anatomies, although they do not have the same range of motion.

Bullet vibrators can be used directly on the genitals, on the perineum, or on the nipples. Because bullet vibrators are tiny, they may also be used for muffing, which involves reaching the inguinal canals.


Dilators are used after vaginoplasty to maintain the new vaginal depth and promote the suppleness of the vaginal wall. Your surgeon will supply dilators for the immediate postoperative time, however, silicone dilators may be more comfortable later. Nobody wants to dilate after genital reconstructive surgery.

Dilating is boring at best, and shoving a plastic dildo up your new pussy may feel incredibly intrusive at worst. That’s where Inspire’s Silicone Dilator set comes in. Unlike most dilators that doctors offer you at home, they are constructed entirely of silicon and have a small curve. A small curvature allows the body to mend more quickly. This facilitates access to the g-spot while also conforming to the natural curve of many bodies — and dildos.


Because testosterone HRT can induce vaginal dryness, lubrication can be quite beneficial if you’re taking testosterone and want to engage in vaginal penetration. Lube may also be useful for those whose post-operative vaginas do not self-lubricate, as well as anyone of any gender or anatomy who wishes to participate in anal intercourse. While silicone-based lubes are thicker and last longer than water-based lubes, they can harm silicone devices.

Recommended Products Just For You

Here are a few products recommended by our experts to bring you that exhilarating sexual experience that you have always desired as a Trans or non-binary individual.

Fleshlight Quickshot

This is an excellent masturbation sleeve that is ideal for transmasculine individuals. While the Quickshot was created as a toy for oral sex on cisgender males, its emphasis on stimulation at the base of the penis implies that it will function well with post-phalloplasty penises, which have more intense sensual feeling at the base.

Doc Johnsons Adjustable cock rings

Fully adjustable cock rings with the ability to reposition and adjust the bead that clinches and tightens the ring are ideal. Trans men who haven’t had bottom surgery have a smaller penis, testosterone causes the clitoris to enlarge, making this design ideal.  It doesn’t slip off, and your trans cock expands. Useful for penetrating and stroking the clit.

Screaming O RingO pro

This ring is ideal for individuals who are just starting off with cock rings. Because it’s bigger and stretchier than other cock rings, it’s exceedingly simple to put on. For maximum intensity, it can be worn around both the penis and the testicles.

FSOG again and again

The FSOG again and again ring is totally adjustable, it can accommodate a wide range of genital shapes and sizes. This can include the genitals of persons who are post-metoidioplasty, or even people who have acquired growth on testosterone but have not undergone any form of bottom surgery, depending on individual size.

Clincher adjustable cock ring

Without the trouble of accurate sizing, the Clincher Adjustable Cock Ring is adjustable and fits perfectly every time. A soft, light-weight silicone ring provides comfort and flexibility to users. The ring’s soft, flexible material allows it to expand slightly to fit most sizes while maintaining a secure fit.

Made of high-quality silicone that is both body-safe and odourless. The Clincher Adjustable Cock Ring can be adjusted to comfortably suit both you and your companion. A simple squeeze moves the ball up and down, allowing you to change the tightness with ease.

Jaguar harness

Jaguar Harnesses are widely regarded as some of the most sultry harnesses on the market today. Because of its smooth and lustrous texture, this leather item is exceptionally comfortable. You will look and feel wonderful while wearing the Jaguar. This strap-on is great for novices as well as those who have been strapped on for a while.

Spare parts hardware deuce

While many strap-on harnesses can be used by persons who have a penis, this one is created exclusively for those who have a penis and provides access to the wearer’s penis during strap-on sex. Your penis does not need to get in the way of your pleasure.

When you are having really hot sex with your honey, tell your friends. Brag. Let everyone know you have a satisfying sex life.

Spare parts hardware Tomboi

This underwear-style harness is suitable for soft packing as well as strap-on sex. Those who desire a seamless transition between daily wear and intercourse may prefer the boxer brief form. This harness can be used with a double dildo and does not expose the wearer’s vulva or anus.

OMG penis vibrator

The vibrating ring and remote can be used together or separately. It includes a lithium battery that can be charged by USB and lasts up to 40 minutes. The OMG penis vibrating ring is extremely quiet (under 50 decibels, quieter than a ticking clock), ultra-soft silicone, safe for sensitive spots and skin, and you can do other things with your hands-free because the ring is worn.

Optimum power masturball

The Masturball features ten different vibrating modes. The vibrations were as predicted, but the three levels of compression were a game-changer. That is what has been missing from ordinary masturbator sleeves. The pleasure is pure and exhilarating when your dicks are squeezed, not just silky smooth silicone and vibrations. The Masturball gives the impression that someone is gripping your penis, which is fantastic.

Loving Joy Textured Small Silicone Butt Plug

This is ideal for those who are new to anal activity. This little butt plug has a tapered tip for easy insertion and is made of smooth silicone. When inserting and removing the butt plug, a variety of nodules are designed to improve sexual excitement.

The ElectraStim Noir Rocker line

This butt plug combines extreme strength with exquisite pleasure. The tapered silicone shafts are formed like a butt plug for powerful anal stimulation and are meant to hit all the high spots. For targeted stimulation, they’re also textured and deeply ridged.

Massager Doxy

The Doxy is a powerful and rumbly wand vibrator with a broad rounded head that evenly distributes feeling. Because of its strength, this mains-powered wand can be used over clothing, with a maximum setting of 9000 RPM.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo

It employs a unique “PulsePlate Technology” that has its origins in medical technology designed to help people with spinal cord injuries reach orgasm. The Pulse III does not require an erection to be enjoyed; rather, it stimulates the frenulum at just the appropriate tempo and vibration pattern for practically anyone with a penis. Whether or not they take estrogen, this includes trans women and nonbinary people.

The Crave Duet Flex

Because of its multiple points and concentrate on clitoral stimulation, the Crave Duet Flex performs wonderfully. The Duet Flex is a pocket-sized USB stick with 16 patterns, including 12 that were crowdsourced from users who programmed their favourite vibrations. Because each toy has two nubs that “jerk off” the clitoris, the Duet Flex can assist trans women and nonbinary persons become more familiar with their bodies following vaginoplasty. Both produce feelings similar to masturbating with a penis, but without the risk of causing genital dysphoria, making them excellent first vibrators following recovery.

Female orgasm is a metaphor for political change,

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Do not be left out of all the excitement and satisfaction that sex toys may provide because of your gender. Use sex toys designed just for you to have a more personal sexual experience alone or with your partner.

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Are trans and non-binary sex toys safe?

Yes, Like every other sex toy, when used according to directions they are absolutely safe.

How do I take care of my sex toy?

Regular washing or cleaning after use with warm water or in some cases lubes is advised to maintain your toys and ensure that they are safe for reuse.

Can Transgender Sex toys be used by cis people?

Yes, definitely.

What are the benefits of tans and non-binary sex toys?

Because they are made with trans and non-binary people in mind, they provide maximum stimulation and pleasure specific to them.

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