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Your collection of adult toys is also an investment. Accessorizing those is a perfect way to get the best results from your collection.
Much like when you’re taking good care of your smartphone or automobile, you also need to take proper care of your sex toys for your overall sexual health and wellbeing.
Sexual devices and accessories are the perfect addition for the bedroom to have great sex and more satisfaction. They aid you in cleaning, storing, and wearing your beloved sex toys.

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If you’re in search of new modifications for an old-fashioned item or searching for creative storage options, our Sex Toy Sundries selection has everything that you need.

At Wicked Sex Toys, we always want to help people learn about all of the incredible benefits that sex brings, and by delivering high-quality goods to our shoppers on our website, we’re assured that you’ll be bouncing with fun and joy from your bedroom.

In my opinion, it is mindfulness — to be fully present with each sensation without judgment or without commentary — that I think has been missing from sex from the countless women who are dissatisfied with sex.

Even so, we are highly mindful of safety, ensuring our thorough testing on all goods meet all applicable safety standards and specifications.

Creativity knows no boundaries at all! Perhaps the distinction between something nice and something great is in a little detail.

So take a peek at Wicked Sex Toys‘ magnificent range of sex shop sundries page, from a variety of products in the basket, such as sex accessories, bondage gears, and enhancements to enable your sex drive to soar! Loads of high-quality sundries anal, and other useful stock!

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What Are Sex Toys Accessories?

When it pertains to sex accessories, there are loads of cool products commercially available which could help you maximize your enjoyment and help you hit greater depths.

These items include toy cleaners, sex device adapters, sex game accessories, sex toys spare parts, and many others.

They’re the icing on the top, the gravy on the steak. It aims to spice up creativity, ignite the imagination, and stimulate play by using sex toys.

Essential Sex Sundries

Sex toys are filled with different accessories and attachments to ensure that you are always on the move! Also, there is a broad range of sex sundries on the market these days for you to explore.

No matter what your tastes are, you will certainly find something that could fulfil your sexual desires.


Water-based lubricant is the safest choice to start with. Described as the “versatile” lubricant, water-based lubes are used in almost any activity you can dream about, especially if it involves silicone toys.

They are suitable for those with delicate skin or genital irritation and can be safely used with any type of condom or sex toy.

They’re also relatively easy to wash off from sheets and clothing, and they’re not going to leave a sticky residue and stain.

The downside, though, is that they’re not ideal for water-play or shower sex, since they’re all going to wash away. Often, water-based lubes seem to get sticky and need regular application.

A silicone-based lubricant is elastic, long-lasting, and is perfect for long periods. If you’re looking into something longer-lasting that needs less reapplication, you may well have discovered your match.

They’re also great for water sex or shower masturbation since they don’t rinse away so quickly.

However, silicone-based lubes should never be used for sex toys built from silicone, because they can disintegrate the material over time.

Oil-based lube also produces a slick feel that lasts much longer than water-based lube, suitable for masturbation, penetrating unprotected intercourse, and water-based play.
You may use them for your massage session. But take note, that these kinds of lubes are bad for latex condoms because they will melt the latex and deteriorate it.

The media suggest that great sex is all about tips, techniques, tricks and toys — no it is not. It is about coming to know the other person in an intimate way that also becomes erotic. Thats through listening and looking and touching and being seen, being heard, being touched so that two people are emotionally naked together.

Another drawback of oil-based lubes is that it can be quite challenging to scrub them off from fabrics, sheets as well as your body.

Desensitizing Creams and Sprays

Desensitizing sprays and creams are by far the most reliable technique to last longer in bed when you do have premature ejaculation.

They substantially reduce sensitivity in some of the most sensitive regions of the penis to prolong ejaculation, thereby experiencing longer pleasures.

Sex Toy Cleaner

Swift-acting, sanitary cleaners that are safe to use on any form of sex toy or condom are a perfect choice. And, water-based formulations that are both alcohol-free and paraben-free are the right ones to watch out for.

Avoid sex toy cleaners with bleach and harmful substances. Remember, the vagina is highly absorbent, so you don’t want any toxic chemicals around there.

Anal Douche Kit

Anybody who has thought of anal play may have been concerned about this poop issue to a certain degree especially for your first anal toy purchase. While others choose a thorough shower and just wish for the best before the actual anal play, still, many prefer anal douches which are available in our anal sundries category.

Fleet enemas are among the safest options for anal douching. They are straightforward, convenient to use, and include pre-lubricated nozzle points that reduce the chance of injury.
As long as you observe the proper preparation guidelines, it would result in a safe output.

Batteries, Cords, USB Magnetic Charging Cable and Rechargeables

There are sex toys that can be connected to a wall with a cable, powered up like a mobile phone, or propelled by batteries, somewhat like a remote control.

Some folks find cables distracting and get in the way of their fun, whilst others love the fact that they will never have to stress about charging their sex toy. Others prefer the battery-powered sex toys that they can just grab and carry anywhere.


Whether it’s candles, incense, diffusers, essential oils or some other product that brings scents to your room, acknowledgements of smells and introducing fragrance will offer a unique dimension of sex.

Both men and women: Develop some nice fantasies, so that you don’t worry about the G-spot or about the size of penis.

These sex aromatics radiate a range of scents, including amber, vanilla, cedar leaf, cinnamon, lemongrass, and many others.

You may use those for setting the mood inside your bedroom, or you may add more warmth by pouring the scented oil for a nice massage.

Sex Toy Sundries FAQs

Do I need to wash off delay spray/cream before sex?

Wipe off all the remaining residue before intercourse to prevent desensitizing and slowing down your partner. It is indeed safer to wipe off the excess using a wet cloth.

And if oral sex is included, it’s necessary to wash clean your penis after the delay cream or spray is absorbed.

Will the effects of the delay spray/cream transfer to my partner during sex?

The implications of delay spray will not be transferred to your partner as long as you use the substance correctly.

Just take note that you’ll need to wipe off the residue, wait for the specified period for it to take full effect, then wash your hands thoroughly.

Do I need to add lube if I’m using lubricated condoms?

Most condoms nowadays are pre-lubricated, but you may still apply a few more lubes to the outer and inner parts of the condom before you place them.

Also, ensure that the kind of lubricant you are going to use is compatible with the condom you will use.

Can I use lube with my sex toys?

Of course, you can. And lube should be applied, particularly if the sex toy is inserted into any part of your body.

However, it is important to ensure that the sort of lubricant you are using is appropriate with the material from which the sex toy is made.

Remember that silicone lubricant and silicone toys are incompatible, the substances create a reaction that can destroy the sex toy.

Can I leave the batteries in my sex toy between uses?

We highly suggest that you uninstall batteries after usage. If you leave the batteries in your sex toy, the battery capacity will drain.

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