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Choosing the Best Lubes for Anal Sex
Lube is an important part of great anal sex. Anal sex without lube can be extremely painful and difficult to perform. Once you learn how to properly lubricate the area, you’ll be able to enjoy great anal sex for many years to come.
Lubricant is the little white magic wand that makes everything go smoothly. Use it for vaginal sex, and you’ll be happy you did. Use it for anal, and you’ll be happy you always do. Anal sex without lube causes intense discomfort and can lead to serious injury.

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Using a thicker lubricant during anal sex will make it last longer, and thus reduce the chance of getting abrasions inside the rectum which in turn reduces your chances of getting an STI. Nobody wants to contract an STI, and thus using a thicker lubricant is always a good idea.

It’s especially important to use protection when you’re having anal sex. Condoms should be used consistently and correctly every time unless you and your partner are both 100% uninfected with HIV and other STIs. Condoms are critical, but so is using a lube that’s latex-friendly. You can get literally any kind of lubricant you want for your anus, but be sure to use something that’s latex-compatible.

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In addition, you should note that the anus quickly absorbs moisture and dries quickly when using a water-based lube. The safest lubricant to use is usually silicone-based lubes. As such, when using silicone anal toys, or playing anal games with silicone anal beads, ensure that you use a lot of water-based lubricant. Using silicone lube causes silicone toys to break down, and you don’t want broken toys inside of your buttocks.

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Which Anal Lubricants Are The Best?

The best lubricant for anal sex is one that not only makes everything feel good, but also protects against disease and injury. Anal lube is a must for pleasurable anal sex. As the anal walls are rather thin, lubricating them with thicker substances can help keep them moisturized and slippery, thereby reducing the risk of anal injuries, such as anal tears that increase the risk of STDs.

Because the anus isn’t self-lubricating, it needs help becoming slippery. To keep it moist, a liquid lubricant is required. It is only anal lube that will allow you to truly enjoy anal sex, and there are a variety of options available.

Silicone-based Lube

Due to the presence of dimethicone, dimethiconol, and cyclomethicone, silicone lube is one of the best anal lubes. The lubricant’s consistency is thicker and smoother than those based on water. Anal play is generally preferred with a thicker lubricant because it provides a little more cushioning for delicate areas.

Despite being condom-safe, they are hard to clean and may stain sheets, clothes, and parts of the body they contact. Generally, silicone is a non-irritating substance, so people with sensitivities or allergies will not have an adverse reaction. Additionally, they do not dry out, and are water resistant, making them great for bath time.

These lubes are not safe to use with silicone sex toys. They will break down the material over time and could potentially leak into your body, causing long term health problems.

Water-based Lube

Water-based lubricants are condom-safe and provide a slippery feel people enjoy. A water lube will tend to dry out fast due to the body’s ability to absorb water, so it must be applied frequently.

On the other hand, this makes clean-up easier. The primary benefits are that it does not taste like silicone and does not have a slippery feel you may experience during oral sex, as well as being toy-safe. Additionally, water-based lubricants are often cheaper alternatives, which are packaged in larger quantities.

Oil-based Lube

These lubricants are as smooth as silicone, if not smoother, and they are also very durable, so they are ideal for extended use. As you add heat and friction, they become slicker.

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There are, however, several things to note concerning oil-based lubes: they do not work with condoms or latex toys, they discolour sheets and surfaces, and they are not intended for use internally. Although they are frequently used in massages, their scents can also be quite stimulating, causing endorphins to be released.

Water/Silicone Hybrid Lube

Despite being more cleanable than pure silicone lube, water-silicone hybrid lubes cannot match silicone lube’s smoothness completely.

With this lube, you can have it all: the texture and durability of a silicone lube and the versatility of using it with most sex toys.

Advantages Of Using Anal Lubricant

As you perform sexual activities, lubricant reduces irritation and dryness. Reduced friction reduces condom breakage and enhances the pleasure of anal sex.

About one-third of women in their twenties and forties and more than half of older women struggle with sexual issues. Among these troubles are orgasmic problems and discomfort during sexual activity. Menopausal women are more likely to experience pain during sex. Dryness of the vagina occurs when oestrogen levels decline.

Lubricants may be used to enhance stimulation or relieve discomfort caused by friction under these circumstances. Consult a GP or sexual health clinic if you have pain during or after sex. For those who are having difficulty reaching orgasm, a sex therapist may be able to help them.

The Uses of Anal Lubricants

During foreplay

Foreplay is great for setting the mood and easing tension before anal sex. Foreplay is enhanced by lubrication, and lubricating with oil is a great way to do so. Occasionally, overuse of oil-based lubricants results in premature ejaculation.

With your favourite sex toy

A water-based lubricant is safe for toys and an ideal base for anal play. Due to their condom-safe nature, you can easily switch from toy to penis when you’re ready. Furthermore, water-based lubes can be easily cleaned, and they can be made of natural materials.

Also available is a hybrid (part silicone, part water) formula that is more lubricating. With this type of lube, you will experience enhanced lubrication, along with the benefits outlined for conventional water-based lubes. Water-based lubricants, however, do not all perform in the same manner.

Glass toy sets, like Wicked Sex Toys’ Glass Anal Plug Kit or similar products, are beneficial since silicone lubes can be applied to them. So you won’t even have to change lubes when you get the real thing. Completely slippery from the get-go.

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Lubricants Not Recommended For Anal Use

Saliva is not a lubricant for anal use, and you should avoid it, because it tends to make sensitive skin drier, causing it to lose elasticity.

Even though warming and cooling lubricants are very desirable, they should also be avoided, since they are irritants and are not intended for anal sex.

Unless prescribed by a physician, desensitizing lubes are also not recommended – especially for a beginner, who should be able to tell when an activity feels uncomfortable.

Get Your Anal Lube!

In order to find the best anal lube, you need to consider the situation, your personal preferences, as well as your budget.

There is a need to educate yourself on what each category has to offer and to use sample products to get a feel for the product before buying it. One important thing to keep in mind is that anal lube is essential, and it is crucial to select the right anal lube for you.

Anal Lubricants FAQs

Is lubricant necessary?

Using lube during anal sex will dramatically improve your experience. Lubricant reduces friction between your genitalia, which means less discomfort and more pleasure for both of you.

Use it for oral, vaginal and anal sex, and for foreplay and cuddling. It will make all your experiences more pleasurable and give you better orgasms.

Lube is your friend no matter who you are fucking. It helps prevent tearing or irritation in the area you’re about to do anal penetration, and also provides a much better experience for both partners. Who knew using lube could help you avoid getting an STD!

Lubrication is vital for the smoothness and safety of anal sex. It keeps the muscles in your ass and in your partner’s ass relaxed so you can have amazing, truly earth-shaking, anal orgasms.

It’s important to learn how to relax and enjoy anal sex of any kind, and using lubrication is only going to make it that much more comfortable and enjoyable. When you apply it to the anal cavity and the penile erection that is penetrating it, you are making sure that there is ample slippage that may cause you to exclaim “Oh God! Oh My!”

Learning how to relax and enjoy anal sex of any kind is essential, and using lubrication will only make it that much easier and more pleasurable. If you douse it to your penis and anal cavity, you will ensure that there is enough fluid there, making you shout in pleasure.

Is it okay to use spit as lube?

Use of your spit is not a good idea, no matter how hot it appears. You won’t get as much moisture, and it won’t last as long. Maybe your partner has bad breath? If you use spit for lube, you’re likely to smell the awful breath. Don’t be a poopy-pants. Use a lube!

Can I use a condom and lube simultaneously?

It is possible. Sometimes, it is beneficial to do so.

It’s always advisable to use a condom during anal sex, just as it’s advisable to use a condom during vaginal sex. Anal sex can spread many STIs, including HIV.

With a condom, what type of lube is appropriate?

When you are using both latex condoms and lube, the most important thing to consider is that the lubricant shouldn’t be oil-based. Oil-based lubricants break down the materials in the condom, which increases the chances of breaking during use. Choose a silicone, water-based or hybrid lubricant to ensure you have the safest sex possible.

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