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Extra Girth Penis Sleeves
The Wicked Sex Toys Extra Girth Penis Sleeves will make you into a true sexaholic, giving you and your partner mutual pleasure.
Flexible sleeves made of Jelly TPE fit almost any girth, and they stretch to give you a comfortable fit. There are ridges on the surface to massage the internal areas, these penis enhancers also have a vibration feature, that works during a sexual interaction, targeting the most sensitive areas (G-spots and P-spots) and are battery operated.

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To make insertion and use of this toy easier and more comfortable, we suggest putting a small amount of water-based lubricant on it. After every use, make sure the sleeve is cleaned with warm water and soap, and make sure the bullet is removed before cleaning the toy to prevent damage.

We offer a variety of shapes and styles at Wicked Sex Toys. Delivery services matter to us. Our products are packaged in material that is thickly padded, plainly packaged, and labelled with no logos.

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What Is A Penis Sleeve?

A cock sleeve or penis sleeve is a textured tube that covers the penis to give you and your partner a variety of sensations.

Penis sleeves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. It’s designed to make both of you as comfortable as possible during penetrative sex so that the entire experience is as enjoyable as it possibly can be.

For greater intensity, one can optionally wear large sleeves with extended sleeves that add height and girth to the penis.

An enclosed cock sleeve covers both your glans and entire penis. The end of some of the items contains a small stretchy opening to fit the penis tip.

The features on penis sleeves are designed for the purpose of enhancing sexual pleasure. A better tactile feel is provided by their ribbed or nubby texture. There are some models with vibrating heads, g-spot stimulation, or clitoral stimulation, for instance.

In a sense, a sleeve is similar to a penis extender, however, the major purpose of a penis extender is to provide extra length to your penis, while a sleeve is for girth expansion and texture experimentation. It’s the perfect introduction to sex toys for couples for amazing sex life. It’s easy to wear, it’s really fun.

Each sex has its own special areas of competence.

Girthy Penis Sleeves Add Excitement to Sex

To make sex more enjoyable, many couples use sex toys including butt plugs, cock rings, and strap ons. To achieve maximum stimulation when having penetrative sex with your partner, use a large penis sheath or cock enhancer!

Men’s genital organs become larger and longer while using this sex toy. There are also stimulating penis sleeves that utilize ribbed textures or vibrations to enhance the sensation. To achieve double penetration, sometimes an extra dildo is added. This sleeve’s exterior will satisfy your lover, while its interior, complete with bumps, ribs, and inner nubs, is sure to blow you away. You can increase both the size and the length of your penis by rubbing some lubricant into it. Using these products will enhance your sexual enthusiasm!

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To provide maximum comfort and pleasure, these sex toys also come in silky and soft materials: body-safe silicone, TPE, and TPR, for example. Whatever you like! No matter how big or small your penis is, these materials will mould to fit it. The sleeve can also be attached to other sex toys as desired, such as a scrotum ring, a butt plug, or a vibrating toy. There is a wide variety of sexual products available at Wicked Sex Toys that feature penis sheaths, so your partner can gain more inches with you!

Your partner will experience an erection that is bigger and more intense immediately. You can find a variety of material choices in our collection of penis extenders and sleeves. From our selection of sleeves, choose the one that suits your needs.

Penis sleeves girth FAQs

Can penis sleeves be worn safely?

Yes, certainly. In addition to avoiding the hassle of surgery and prescription medication, using a penis sleeve product gives men with ED greater control over their sexual lives. However, certain penis sleeves may alleviate erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for some time. A root cause of erectile dysfunction isn’t targeted with this type of treatment. At present, they are only designed to assist individuals dealing with ED and promote sexual recovery. Even though this may suffice for some men, you should discuss other alternatives with your physician.

Maintain a clean environment, however, so that bacteria don’t grow. You will still run the risk of STIs and penile fractures. Always exercise caution when having sexual contact. Enjoy yourself, and be sure to put on lots of lube!


How likely is it that the penis sleeve will fall off?

It is important to get the correct fit and size even with the design variations among sleeves. If you are concerned about your penis, then sleeves with loops around it would be ideal.

In terms of erectile dysfunction, how effective are penis sleeves?

An appropriate circumference, thickness, and vibration power influence a penile sleeve’s effectiveness.

The effectiveness of these sleeves varies depending on how they are used, for example, for penetrating sex or masturbation. A particular penis sleeve may be recommended by your urologist based on your health.

There are many factors involved in erectile dysfunction, which can make determining its cause challenging. As there are no adverse effects associated with it, the penis sleeve is often an effective choice for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Does sex with a penis sleeve feel different?

A lot of the users were able to penetrate the vaginal area deeper than before. By wearing the sleeve, you can experience it all very realistically.

But remember that the thicker and more durable the sleeve, the less sensation the wearer would experience. Make sure you begin at the right penis size! Just be careful you don’t set your partner off.

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