Performance Magnum Realistic Girthy Penis Extender

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Size Imperial

Product Length: 9 inches, Circumference: 8.5 inches, Width: 2.7 inches / Packaged: 10.25 x 3.25 x 2.75 inches

Size Metric

Product Length: 22.8 cm, Circumference: 21.5 cm, Width: 6.8 cm / Packaged: 26 x 8.25 x 6.9 cm



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Have you been frustrated by the slenderness of your penis? Are you unable to satisfy your partner sexually due to a small penis girth? Have you ever wondered if there’s a solution not just for the length of your penis but the girth also?

With the Performance Magnum Realistic Girthy Penis Extender, you now have a potent sexual enhancer, which will bring you a more intense and longer-lasting sexual encounter. Say “bye” to the tragedy of having a slender penis.

Double Barrel Action

The Performance Magnum Realistic Girth Extender has a double-barrel action. It not only adds extra girth to your penis, it also increases the length. This girth enhancer adds about 1.75 inches to your penis length as well as an all-around 3 cm girth down the whole length of the extender.

Achieve Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most important factors in building intimacy with your partner. Don’t let a small penis size or girth deprive you of the intimacy that you and your partner deserve. Bring your woman to the zenith of sexual ecstasy and experience intimacy like never before.

User Experience

Many users of the Performance Magnum Realistic Girthy Penis Extender have confessed to its prowess and its amazing ability to help them enjoy the best sexual experience ever with their partner. 

Join the growing number of people who have permanently bid farewell to poor sexual performance due to a small or slender penis. Get yourself mind-blowing sex and extended pleasure time with this exquisite toy from Wicked Sex Toys. 


The Performance Magnum Realistic Girthy Penis Extender is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a rubber-like and non-toxic material with good elasticity, which means it’s safe for skin contact. 

This penis extender has a realistic feel to it which mimics a human body. It warms to body temperature when worn, making it comfortable for the wearer. With a textured body that ensures maximum stimulation, the girthy penis extender will always deliver the most pleasurable sensual experience for you and your partner.

How to use it

The Performance Magnum Realistic Girthy Penis Extender is easy to use. It is to be worn like a sheath over the erect penis. It has a hollow reservoir tip which enables suction and a firm grip


  • Extends penis by 1.75 inches
  • Increases girth by 3 inches
  • Mimics the feel of the human body
  • Warms to body temperature.
  • Realistic feel
  • Textured for intense stimulation.
  • Hollow reservoir tip ensures suction cup fit that grips
  • Stretch over erect penis


  • Safe for skin contact
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for couples
  • Sexual stimulation
  • Reusable

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