Penis Extension

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latex rubber


None Required

Size Imperial

3 x 1.25

Size Metric

75mm x 40mm



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Do you have a small penis and are unable to satisfy your partner sexually?

Is your partner complaining of not being satisfied during sexual intercourse?

Or do you just want to get an extra length to add extra pleasure and satisfaction to your partner?

The Penis Extension is a perfect device to add extra length to your penis and provide your partner with the best sexual experience that every lover deserves. The sleeve provides extra length that is sure to make the difference in your sex life. Its realistic look and texture ensure you and your partner enjoy great stimulation.


The penis extension sleeve is made from latex rubber. It is produced to the highest standards to ensure that it is safe for body contact. The latex rubber is also made sturdy so as to ensure that the Penis Extension is fitted firmly around the penis and also to prevent it from sleeping out during intercourse.

Longer erection

The penis extension sleeve has the extra advantage of providing a better sexual experience by delaying ejaculation. This is because the penis extension sleeve can help trap the blood flowing to the head of the penis thereby maintaining erection for longer.

How to use

The Penis extension sleeve is as easy to use as using a typical condom. To use, first of all, add a little water-based lubricant to your penis and also to the inside of the sleeve. Wear the sleeve on your penis to achieve erection. Adjust the sleeve till it fits snugly on your penis

Cleaning and maintenance

The Penis Extension sleeve is safe to use and easy to maintain. A simple wash after each use is enough to keep your penis extension sleeve clean and ready for another use.


  • Extra penis length
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use
  • comfortable
  • Better sexual experience


  • Latex rubber
  • No need for Power
  • Size (75mm by 40m)

Ready to get your Penis Extension?

The Penis Extension sleeve is the perfect product to add that extra satisfaction for you and your partner during intercourse as well as increase your confidence for a more commanding display. 

We all know the importance of a penis that is well-endowed for lovemaking. The Penis Extension is a revolutionary penis enlargement tool that is not only a safe and easy-to-use penis extender, but it also comes with several features that enhance and improve your sexual pleasure.

Get the Penis Extension sleeve and boost sexual play and orgasmic pleasure for you and your partner today. Available on the Wicked Sex Toys store. Order now. Fast and discreet delivery guaranteed.

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