Loving Joy Boss Textured Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

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Stretchy TPE


None Required

Size Metric

(Packaged – 25 x 6 x 4cm)

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The Loving Joy Penis Sleeve is a smoke-coloured textured sleeve that can expand your girth by as much as a quarter of your size, depending on your base size and how you use it!

Whether solo or with the partner of your choice, this ball looped penis sleep will give stay in place and provide both sides of penetration added sensations for an enhanced experience.

This sleeve is the perfect way to add some extra excitement and stimulation with your partner. The external texture ensures that you feel every inch of them, even if they go deep inside!

Your partner will be squirming in pleasure with the help of this penis sleeve. The external texture combined with internal nodules make for an exciting night or day – just use a little lube so it doesn’t rip the material up or cause any discomfort

With this domineering sleeve, your penis will be transformed into one wicked pleasure machine as you and your partner tangle up.

The penis sleeve comes in stylish packaging. Simply unbox and wash before use. Then place the ball loop behind the penis and apply some lubricant inside the sleeve and on the penis.

With this smooth, textured penis sleeve, you will heighten both your partners and your own pleasure. Ensure you clean the product before and after using it, and always keep it in a cool, dry place.

Key Product Features

  • Smoke-coloured textured penis sleeve
  • Expands the penis girth by as much as a quarter (25% – based on base girth)
  • An elastic ball loop secures the sleeve
  • Your partner’s internal stimulation will be enhanced by an external texture
  • Additional stimulation during use with internal nodules
  • Lubricate well with water-based lubricant
  • Stretchy, body-safe TPE
  • 18cm/7.36″ total length (includes ball loop)
  • The insertable length is 13.5cm/5.31″
  • The width is 4cm/1.6″

You and your partner will scream in ecstasy!

This powerful toy is not for the faint of heart. The Loving Joy Boss Textured Penis Sleeve offers rough, intense texture that will leave you screaming in ecstasy!

The Loving Joy Boss Textured Sleeve provides a unique experience with its texturizing shaft and extra-large head to provide maximum stimulation during playtime.

Ready to show who’s the boss?

Wearing the Boss Penis Sleeve for extended periods is extremely comfortable. Before you slide into the sleeve, make sure to lubricate your penis. Then slide the balls through the bottom hole, which is designed to hold the penis sleeve in place during the sexual romp.

Shop this incredible penis sleeve from Wicked Sex Toys today!

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