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Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick the Right Vibrators For Men
For starters, it’s important to understand that sex toys for men do exist.
Many people are shocked to learn that there are sex toy items available for guys. People frequently believe that vibrators, for example, are “highly gendered and intended for women,” but the fact is that our bodies are all very similar. We all have nerve endings that react to vibrations, touches, and other forms of stimulation or interaction.

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A vibrator for men is a sex toy designed to stimulate the male genitals and in some cases, the prostate. These products are available in a wide variety of styles, from simple circular devices to complex bullet toys. They may have different speeds or power levels.

Vibrators for men may be attached to the body by a strap or harness. They can be manual or electric.

A male vibrator may be used for self-pleasure or as a masturbation aid. They can also be used by men with erectile dysfunction (ED) or by men with premature ejaculation (PE).

The media suggest that great sex is all about tips, techniques, tricks and toys — no it is not. It is about coming to know the other person in an intimate way that also becomes erotic. Thats through listening and looking and touching and being seen, being heard, being touched so that two people are emotionally naked together.

Types of Vibrators for Men

Of the wide variety of male vibrators options available today, a few caught our attention as they provide a better experience than an orgasm achieved with hands.

The following are 10 of the best male vibrators we’ve independently selected to be competitive:


There are vibrating sex toys for men, but there is nothing compared to Lelo’s Hugo prostate massager. The device is actually one of the best ones on the market for solo or couple use.

Besides the wireless remote control, the LELO Hugo is shaped and sized at just the right size for almost any body type.

Technically, it is a p-spot vibrator, but it can be used for much more than that. With its SenseMotion Technology, the remote can sync with the toy so you can control the vibrations from across the room with just a flick of your wrist.

In addition to its 5 inches by 5 inches size, it’s coated in medical-grade silicone and you can submerge it as much as you want.

The Lovehoney O-Force 2 Male Vibrator

One of the leading brands in the sex toy industry developed this simple yet highly effective handheld masturbation device for men.

Not only is Lovehoney’s O-Force 2 unique in its design and craftsmanship, but it is also competitively priced and has streamlined functionality.

In order to improve ergonomics and high-tech features, the manufacturer redesigned the entire concept. It comes with two powerful motors, a new and improved appearance, and 5 different intensity levels to experiment with.

Because of the extra-tight canal that is smooth to the touch, you will never experience stimulation like this in your sex life.v

The Nexus Revo 2 Male Vibrator

Nexus Revo 2 is another reliable sex toy designed for men. With every use, this smooth and comfortable prostate massager will deliver deep stimulation to the prostate area and perineum area.

The device has a set of independently rotating beads that rotate around the p-spot at two different speeds until every last nerve ending is tickled, plus a taint-tickling external arm that picks up the three vibration modes.

The insertable length of this device is 4 inches, and the girth to explore is 4 inches. With a silky silicone covering over the flared safety base, this item is ideal for long sessions of anal sex.

Men’s Lovehoney Hot Shot Vibrator

These little masturbating devices are perfect for those who love temperature solo play. Featuring a unique, inventive design, this vibrator simulates the sensation of real oral sex by heating up on its own.

Lovehoney’s Hot Shot, the most in-demand male pleasure product, gives its users a different kind of jerk-off experience while maintaining the smooth sleeve texture we all crave from a good blowjob with the help of an internal heating element.

With three different vibration intensity levels and six distinct patterns, this full-body toy helps you customise your BJ session, and don’t forget to apply plenty of lube because even though it’s only designed for corona stimulation, it grips your dick and testicles like a vice.

Kiiroo TITAN Male Vibrator

Thanks to the Kiiroo brand, men can now experience masturbation and more pleasure like they’ve never experienced it before. The Fleshlight Launch is essentially the same device, however, it’s a lot more compact and has a sleek and sexy look.

Though it may not be able to do everything its clunky competitors can, the KT is still receiving rave reviews thanks to its powerful 9-motor interface. This interface sends boner-tingling vibrations into the core of your shaft.

Additionally, it offers interactive features, such as allowing users to hook up with another sex toy or watch real-time pornographic performances from an amateur, professional, or synchronised partner.

This high-tech vibrator works in both manual and automatic modes, creating a unique sensory experience thanks to its patented “Reel Feel” insert that replicates the feel of supple human skin (not to mention its compatibility with VR goggles).

LELO F1S Developer’s Kit

You might have found the sex toy of your dreams if you’re a man who’s looking for the most out of your purchases. LELO’s F1S is unlike anything else on the market (yet).

By providing users with access to Developers Software, which contains countless customisable settings and exclusive content, they can create and customise their own unique experience.

Rather than traditional vibrations, the system inherently uses SenSonic technology, which uses 10 independently functioning sensors to track body cues and improve future training sessions.

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator

Fun Factory’s Cobra Libre II male sex toy uses a wide variety of vibrational settings and function features in order to mimic real oral sex.

In terms of construction, it only stimulates the glans and frenulum, resulting in a new kind of erotic experience for solo missions or couple shows.

The 100% silicone masturbation sleeve features an internal battery and two whisper-quiet motors that produce rumbling vibrations.

With this one-size-fits-all sex toy, you can insert your penis up to 3.5 inches deep into its generously sized, texturized canal, which has onboard control.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo Male Dildo

You won’t want to miss the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo if you’re looking for adult toys to get you off. HOP was made for men who suffer from ED and PD, but now it’s totally H.O.T. (since we’re speaking in abbreviations).

Medical professionals created this unique sex toy for men to offer a fully customizable experience through an integrated control panel, powerful motor, and a hinged form for easy insertion.

In addition to being the world’s most user-friendly male masturbation device, it uses patented oscillation technology to replace traditional vibrations, and it has the skin-conscious ergonomics of a well-built athlete to make exploration and experimentation so much easier.

TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV

TENGA has a long history of providing innovative approaches to masturbation.

The TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV comes with a uniquely textured canal, an open-ended design, and a conveniently hinged form. With two separate bullet motor mounts, this machine makes sure the two most sensitive parts of your penis receive extra attention.

In addition, the TZEV is made to fit any man’s penis comfortably while also serving as a valuable tool for post-op training for damaged penile tissue.

Manta’s Fun Factory Male Vibrator

In addition to providing penile stimulation with precision, the Fun Factory Manta is also a tantalising toy for couples who know what they want in a toy. This tool can either be inserted between you and your lover or placed around your favourite pleasure point.

Thanks to its curved and slightly texturized design, this bad boy is capable of accommodating all manner of dicks, naughty behaviours, and the like without letting the lube dry out.

There are 12 different vibration functions to experiment with, plus a finger loop on the bottom of the handle for increased safety (in case you feel like exploring the insides of the device).

A nice touch is that this male vibrator comes with built-in buttons too, especially since one can use it in various ways.

How does the male vibrator work?

A variety of vibrating sex toys is designed specifically for the penis. Many people prefer vibrating cock rings, but others use wrap-around guybraters. With imagination, anyone can use any vibrator, anywhere on the body.

Some of the sex toys designed for males usually provide prostate stimulation. Usually, these toys have a small motor that generates vibration or rotation. The amount of power it needs to produce the desired vibration is usually determined by the vibration settings and motor size.

It is reasonable to expect a relatively small vibration when the motor is small. Vibrations caused by larger motors are more powerful. Due to the extra power required, the vibrator may be harder to carry and more convenient to use in public places due to its size.

In most cases, these devices are powered by a small rechargeable battery. The size of the battery can affect the overall size of the vibrator. Some are USB rechargeable. Others require you to plug the device into an electric source to recharge the battery.

Features to Look for in a Male Vibrator

First, it’s all about personal preference. When you like to have a lot of options, look for male masturbators with a few vibe features. Other features to look for in a vibrator are:

Dimensions: Shopping for a toy online can be tricky, especially when it comes to judging the size of the toy. In case you’re buying your very first male dildo, measure the size of a product in your house that meets the same specifications as the vibrator’s dimensions on the product description. Compare the dimensions with those of other sex toys you have.

In addition to length, you should think about the girth of an internal sex toy, since you can change how much of the length you use in play, but you can’t really change the girth.

Material: Due to the constant evolution and innovation in the adult industry, there is now a multitude of materials available to you when it comes to your vibrator. Despite the fact that most sex toys have been thoroughly tested to ensure their safety, silicone is the best material to use because it is non-porous, phthalate-free, easy to clean, and comfortable to use, as well as environmentally and vegan-friendly.

Silicone toys can be easily cleaned with warm water or toy cleaner and can be used with water-based lubricants (not silicone-lube though, as they might cause degradation of the material). In addition to their smooth texture, silicone toys are also more comfortable (firm, but soft) when inserted, so they can also be suitable for beginners.

Design: The visual appeal and colour of a vibrator aren’t as important to all people as it is to some. Being aware of the colour, shape, and feel of what you prefer is sensible. The truth is, at first glance, you’ll be much less likely to use something if you don’t like how it looks.

Popular brands


This sex toy brand burst onto the scene last year with a groundbreaking product that’s guaranteed to cause men to feel a whole new level of orgasm.

Using a combination of intelligent technology and lube, the Pleasure Airstroker Ion gives gents a close experience of a real sexual encounter. This is a very good brand, and they have already won a multitude of awards for their products.


Lovehoney was founded in 2002 by Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst as a way to deliver sex toys free of seedy, pornographic stereotypes. The company has a wide selection of sex aids for men, such as realistic vaginal textures and the Arcwave Ion.

Both men and women: Develop some nice fantasies, so that you don’t worry about the G-spot or about the size of penis.


The company started back in 2003 when a group of designers decided to turn their sex toys into something both practical and stylish. The company also produces high-quality ranges for men, including penis rings, penis massagers, prostate stimulators, and prostate massagers if you want to give your bum a sensory thrill!


We-Vibe, based in Berlin, creates sex toys that work naturally with the human body by mixing science with pleasure. Though their men’s selection is a little smaller, their designs ensure you’ll be feeling great all over. The couple ring and prostate stimulator can help you to enjoy quality alone time, as can vibrating butt plugs and perineum stimulators.


In 1998, Steve Shubin created the first Fleshlight product as a method for men to discreetly collect and donate their sperm.

As we move into 2022, it is evident that the company now solely focuses on pleasure. There are also some of the most realistic-looking dildos you’ll ever see among their award-winning male dildo.


Good Vibration was founded by US sex educator Joani Blank as a way to empower women to enjoy their sexuality. Her company is as strong as ever today, moving from women to men shortly thereafter. There are many major global brands they distribute and a comprehensive selection of men’s penis toys.

Lovelife Toys

The brain behind Lovelite Toys, French-American sculptor and designer Mathieu Pung is known for his sex toys. The brand also offers apps that allow you to listen to music while you take the toys off on their high-end and affordable line of men’s sex toys.

Shop in Private

Shop In Private was founded by Tom and Lisa Nardone As well as maximising your most intimate moments, Shop in Private toys also allow you to keep it to yourself without letting others in. It is also possible to buy an official Hustler blow-up model from Shop In Private, as well as butt plugs and a male masturbator.

Wild Secrets

Since 1993, Wild Secrets has helped spice up the sex lives of Australians and New Zealanders. Their toys range in price ranges, so they can meet the needs of those starting out with homework or those looking to add to an existing collection. In addition to masturbators and strokers, there are dolls in real size and anal beads.

Sexual Health

Studies have not only demonstrated that vibrator use is common, but also that vibrator use is associated with more positive sexual function and being more proactive in caring for men’s health.

Men with certain sexual problems may be helped by using specific sex toys. Among these are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, and post-surgical problems.

Sex toys for men have been specially designed to stimulate the nerve endings in the body and help men gain erections. They can also promote delayed ejaculation and offer a different type of sexual experience than manual masturbation.

Using the best sex toys can help manage premature ejaculation and treat male sexual dysfunction. In addition to prolonging an erection and making it firmer, a vibrating cock ring also delays ejaculation.

As a bonus, the best sex toys for men can also boost sleep, immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress, and boost brainpower in men. Sex toys can also allow people to continue to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure when penetrating sex is no longer possible.

Find the best male vibrator for you

Fun Factory’s Cobra Libre II: Best for Beginners

For a beginner, it is best to take the process slowly and take one step at a time. Understanding how different sex toys work is a good idea. For beginners, the best vibratos are those that are portable and quite small. Thus, you will be able to control it more easily.

Fun Factory’s Cobra Libre II male sex toy uses a wide variety of vibrational settings and function features in order to mimic real oral sex.

In this 100% silicone masturbation sleeve, two whisper-quiet motors produce a series of rumbling vibrations with a fully rechargeable battery. It features a generously texturized canal, an onboard control system, and a 3.5-inch depth for maximum pleasure.

Lovehoney Hot Shot: Best Realistic

Some toys are very real. They are designed to look like real skin, which makes you feel like you’re getting the real thing. For most guys who love to engage in temperature play, Lovehoney provides the Hot Shot Vibrator For Men.

This vibrator mimics the sensations of oral sex through its unique, innovative design, which simulates heat and vibrations.

Lovehoney’s most popular male pleasure toy, the Hot Shot, comes with an internal heating element that gently warms the mouth-shaped canal up to 104°F while simultaneously providing that sleeve texture you expect from a good blowjob.

Best Solo: Hot Octopuss Pulse III

You won’t want to miss the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo if you’re looking for a toy to get you off. HOP was made for men who suffer from ED and PD, but now it’s totally H.O.T. (since we’re speaking in abbreviations).

The innovative features of this sex toy for men, designed by medical professionals, include a powerful 5-speed motor, an integrated control panel, and a hinged form that makes insertion hassle-free.

With patented oscillation technology and ergonomics reminiscent of a well-built athlete, it is the easiest and safest way for men to explore the joys of solo masturbation.

Nexus Revo 2: Best for Anal Sex

The process of making a man cum requires skill and patience unless you have the Nexus Revo 2. With every use, this smooth and comfortable prostate massager will deliver deep stimulation to the prostate area and perineum area.

With two independently rotating beads that circle around the p-spot at different speeds, the taint is continually tickled to submit, plus an external arm picks up three different vibration modes.

There are four insertable inches of length in this item, giving men a girth of four inches. Anal play will be provided for long periods of time with this toy, no matter who it may be with.

Bionic Bullet: Best for Couples

Whether it’s for her or you, the Bionic Bullet offers something for everyone. It has two rings-one for wrapping around the base of your penis and one for gently gripping your testicles. This results in a hands-free “locked and loaded” feeling, making you ready for a longer and harder sex session. While in contact with the ring, the rabbit, which is rechargeable, vibrates, but also stimulates your partner’s clitoris.

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Vibrators For Men FAQs

What is the best way to use male sex toys? Does it work like a female vibrator?

You can usually expect a standard male vibrator to have a small, often lifelike orifice, a long, shaft-accommodating canal that may carry textures or a powerful motor that produces intense vibrations.

Users simply insert their erect penis into the top opening to begin enjoying customised masturbation manually or automatically. It is also highly recommended to use a good water-based lube.

How should I always treat my sex toys?

Male masturbation devices are a means of self-expression, freedom, and responsibility.

Therefore, once you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using your machine, you have virtually no limitations.

As a general rule, always read the owner’s manual and always clean your machine following the directions in the manual.

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