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When it’s time to have sex, well, it’s time to have sex indeed. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who loves a fake vagina and move it up and down and up and down over your penis over and over again. The artificial vagina is for you! She lays flat on what would be her back, if the rest of her was there. But of course you won’t need the rest of her and we’ve only included the most important parts.
The fake pussy is designed to be plowed in the missionary position – so you can place it on your bed or the floor – turn on a movie – and pound away as you wish. You decide when to finish, and of course, where! It’s surely enough to accomodate penises both large and small. The pussies are relatively squishy so that they will feel totally realistic beneath you.

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Ass/pussy toys paired with other pleasure products like cock rings, butt plugs, anal beads or prostate massagers make these toys even more on point. Coupled with Bluetooth connectivity, downloadable porn content and/or virtual reality glasses – don’t even ask.

Sometimes the hardest thing about sex for trans men is just believing that we are attractive, that other people validate our identities and that it is okay for us to be physical actors in the sexual realm — that we dont have to hold back in order to preserve an illusion of maleness.

Better than handheld masturbators by far, fake ass/pussy sex toys even give automatic machines a run for their money and tend to make sex with a real human being a second-class activity.

But to have a similar experience with your new plaything, you first have to pick out the right one here at Wicked Sex Toys. We display all kinds of models, some of them are not very discreet. So, if you wish to get a toy that is very easy to hide, we also got the top pocket vaginas.

Just in case you’re still lost in this ocean of orifices, here are our range of favorite synthetic ass/pussy combination sex toys for your consideration.

Our huge range of realistic vaginas and pussy toys for men look and feel just like the real thing. Discover classic realistic vaginas or, if it takes your fancy, a model designed to replicate your favourite porn star or actress – indulge yourself!

Finding The Best Fake Pussies On The Internet

It’s not always easy being sleazy, nor is it a simple task to pick out the perfect synthetic ass/pussy combination sex toy. However, doing this is a whole lot better than trying to get that hot girl to go out with you. And while the initial price of these things may be somewhat shocking to many consumers, think of it this way: At least you’re not having to pay for a fancy dinner anymore.

Synthetic sex toys come in an extremely wide variety, and ass/pussy products are no exception. The key is find the one that has all the features you and/or your partner need to have a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once).

If that calls for a heavy-weight, silicone-based, porn-star-molded synthetic ass/pussy toy with dual canals and a pair of hyper-realistic orifices, then so be it. It’s still a better love story than Twilight.

Wicked Sex Toys is a top recommended online sex toy store where you will get the best prices and fastest delivery on the market.

The problem with compassion is that it is not photogenic.

What Are Artificial Vaginas?

It’s not hard to define a pussy/ass combination sex toy, nor is it difficult to recognize one when you see it. Similar to a handheld male masturbator, pussy/asses feature a textured canal that’s designed to look and feel like real human genitalia.

Uniquely, however, pussy/ass combos have two distinct holes to explore, plus they have other features that you simply cannot find on a handheld jerk-off machine or pocket pussy.

In fact, the most definitive part of the ass/pussy sex toy is its overall shape which is not only made to have a realistic appearance but also crafted to provide similar sensations as well.

All in all, ass/pussy toys are the perfect product for men who already enjoy using sex toys but who want to take things to the next level.

Why Use A Fake Pussy?

Why should you consider using a synthetic pussy/ass, even if you don’t already enjoy masturbating with sex toys? Well, because masturbating with your hand is just child’s play, for one.

For two, synthetic pussies and asses can give you one thing that your relationship cannot and that’s the freedom to have sex anyway you please without regard for the feelings or desires of the other person.

These are literally the most self-centred sex toy on the market, and I for one like it that way.

Sometimes, you just need to get your whole body involved to bust the kind of nut you’re looking for. A whole hip thrust can do wonders for the quality of your orgasm.

A fake pussy/ass is the truth – mind-blowing, convenient, and a worthy addition to your existing sex toy collection.

No special equipment or skills are required either. In fact, having sex with a synthetic ass/pussy is a lot like listening to nostalgic 90’s music. You can do it; put your back into it.

Well-made synthetic pussy/ass combos don’t just suffice in a sexual pinch. In many cases, they end up replacing a real human relationship simply because of their user-friendliness and reluctance to whine when the smell of your B.O wafts through the room.

Sprinkle on the fact that some of these toys do things that no human vagina can ever do and you have the recipe for a sexy social wedge that nobody seems to be complaining about.

Benefits Of Using Fake Pussies

Provide adequate prep for upcoming sex with a partner

They say most men last between two and five minutes in the sack, but the average woman takes about 20 minutes to reach orgasm. The disparity there can be mitigated more easily than you think, plus it makes prep time a lot more fun. If you pre-game it with a good synthetic pussy/ass combo toy you’re likely to last longer when it’s time to please your partner.

Offer the user ample stamina and endurance training

With the right canal texture and technique, a high-quality synthetic ass/pussy combo can be used to improve your endurance in the sack. Regular use with plenty of lube might do the trick on its own, but add a vibrating cock ring or prostate stimulator into the mix and watch out. Your ejaculate will fly out of the tip of your dick at the speed of light, wonderful increase stimulation.

Help Long-Distance Relationships Flourish

The modern world is filled with long-distance love affairs with lots of promise, but many of them fizz out due to a lack of sexual connection. Dirty talk on the phone can only get you so far when you’re stuck masturbating with your typing hand. A good ass or pussy sex toy can make all the difference in making the encounter much more enjoyable for everybody.

Support fidelity in monogamous long-term relationships

Whether you’re far apart or close together, staying sexually satisfied can be hard in a long-term relationship. It’s normal to have urges and feel tingles down below, but it’s not normal to break a person’s heart because of infidelity. Ass/Pussy combo toys help keep the cheating bug at bay while allowing the user to safely experiment with various sexual fantasies (sans divorce papers).

Make fantasies become realities

Speaking of which, synthetic ass/pussy play can instantly transform the way you masturbate to porn. This is especially true if you get a model that’s been molded after the innards of a famous celebrity. Yes, those things exist, but we’ll get to that soon.

People have a hard time with things they might feel ignorant about.

Promote better sex positioning and stroking

They say practice makes perfect, so why not work on your stroking and poking with a fake pussy and ass before you attempt it on a live, unsuspecting human being? Get your rhythm down to a science, elevate your stamina game and perfect that perverted position you’ve been wanting to try before someone gets hurt.

Serve as hilarious gag gifts

My first experience with a synthetic ass/pussy combo sex toy was when I received one as a gag gift for my 21st birthday. I laughed and put it aside, but later that night my sex life was forever changed. That’s probably how it starts with most men, at least guys who aren’t brave enough to admit this shit is super sexy.

Take advantage of all the benefits of having sex with a synthetic ass/pussy while they’re still inexpensive enough to afford on a pauper’s salary like yours. Fortunately, you don’t have to be rich to afford a well-made sex toy that opens as many doors as these things do.


How do I clean a fake vagina?

Cleaning your synthetic pussies is easy. But you should always read the owner’s manual first just in case. Most of the time, you can clean out the debris with a quick water bath.

However, it’s probably best to follow up with a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner as well.

Then, let your fake vagina dry before putting it back into storage. And remember, the more textured the canal, the more time you’ll have to wait for it to drain.

Is there a special way to store my synthetic pussies?

Sex dolls and synthetic vaginas aren’t hard to store unless they’re big or heavy. Luckily, the larger models usually come with a storage container for safekeeping.

Either way, it’s best to store these devices in a temperature-controlled environment. That’s because exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures can damage the soft material or electrical components.

Also, don’t let your toy around moisture in storage even if it’s waterproof. Standing water can breed bacteria that can transfer to your body during sex.

So, always wash the surface and rinse out the canal before each session.

Which type of lube should I use for this?

Usually, high-end sex toys require quality lubrication to ensure their longevity. So, most manufacturers recommend using water-based lubes during sex or masturbation. Water lubes are gentle on the skin and won’t damage your device.

However, silicone-based and oil-based lubes can. Before getting busy, check the owner’s manual for more information.

Can a fake pussy hurt me?

A fake pussy can’t hurt you, but you can hurt yourself. You can damage your playthings too, so be careful. If you masturbate without enough lube, you could cause irritation on your skin.

Furthermore, unclean sex dolls are notorious for causing infections. And allergic reactions aren’t rare if you don’t know your skin type.

So, use great lube generously, stay clean, and follow the directions in your user’s manual when cleaning and storing your stuff.