Male Chastity Cages

When we hear the word “chastity,” we probably think of the metal cages that men were allegedly forced to wear on their wives or daughters to protect their “virtue” during the middle ages. In reality, academics are split on whether or not chastity devices were commonly utilised during this time period, assuming they ever existed at all.
Male chastity devices are, nonetheless, very real today. On specialised websites like Wicked Tickles, there are literally hundreds of goods to pick from, ranging from metal devices with a lock and key to smart devices operated via an app by your master or mistress.

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Chastity kink encompasses a wide range of behaviours, from foreplay, in which a person may abstain from sex or be confined to a physical device for a short period of time, to a full-fledged lifestyle, in which a partner controls the (literal) keys to a man’s sexual freedom and pleasure for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

Almost all of these gadgets are designed for men. So, while chastity may have begun as a means of confining and managing female sexuality (or, at the very least, as an elaborate cultural joke about suppressing female sexuality), it now has a totally different connotation.

Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.

What Are Male Chastity Devices?

Cock cages are simple contraptions that, when used correctly, can provide a complicated array of sexual benefits, particularly for individuals who participate in BDSM games. The greatest cock cages on the market today are built from high-grade, skin-safe materials and contain features that make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time with or without lubrication.

Chastity devices are good for overly-excited partners, premature ejaculators, and individuals with erectile problems since they limit the wearer’s ability to achieve a full-blown erection despite sexual stimulation. Chastity kinks aren’t just about sex. They also tap into some of our most fundamental needs and desires: intimacy; vulnerability; and trust.

Why Use a Cock Cage?

Only a select few men are capable of dealing with the consequences of having their dick locked up in a safe gadget that can only be unlocked with permission.

Using a cock cage is not for the faint of heart, nor is it recommended for men who have a fear of losing control. And, as scary or dangerous as it may sound, these contraptions have been meticulously constructed to give penile limitation without inflicting any kind of injury (as long as they’re used as advised, of course).

Even if you’ve never used a cock cage before, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re utilising it safely and effectively. To make sure you’re not doing something unsafe, you’d usually compare it to the most prevalent usage. Here are a few reasons to use a penis cage:

Dominance Play

An intact, in-action cock cage that accomplishes precisely what it’s designed to do screams domination and obedience. A well-made male chastity device can help clarify lines and boundaries while you’re close and away, whether you’re the wearer or the controller.

This is normally used in female led relationship. Your victim will have no choice but to stay put until you let them out if you have a good security system in place. Things may quickly become intriguing with devices like this.

During foreplay, gently brush the tops, bottoms, and sides of her breasts; these areas are actually more sensitive than an unaroused areola and nipple. Gradually move in toward her nipples, paying attention to how she responds. As things heat up, the nipples will become flushed with blood, and the sensory receptors will become primed for direct stimulation. You’ll kickstart the blood flow and lubrication down below, starting her slow buildup.

Premature Ejaculation Control

One of the most well-known functions of a decent cock cage is to prevent the wearer from getting a good erection to attain orgasm. A tight device can sometimes restrict any form of penile movement.

A high-quality chastity device can help you control your ejaculate and delay your climax even if you’re being tickled and teased by a professional, depending on your level of devotion and attention to the craft. Some people say orgasm denial increases your sex drive and improves your focus.

Stamina Training

According to new studies, regularly wearing a cock cage might improve your sexual endurance and even give you superpowers like the ability to cum even when you don’t have an erection.

Furthermore, the appropriate equipment will assist you and/or your spouse in learning to think with their minds/hearts rather than their dicks to spice up your sex life.

Cock cages/male chastity devices are the ideal complement to practically any monogamous relationship, which leads us to our next point.

Modern love affairs necessitate creative solutions to keep everyone on the same page, and high-quality devices like these are just the thing. At least four scenarios/circumstances exist in which a well-made cock cage might be useful (if not necessary). They are as follows:

In Long-Distance Relationships

It’s difficult enough to be in a long-distance relationship. When you add in any trust concerns or temptations, things can quickly spiral out of control.

Men generally see it as something their wives do to them and give it a predominantly sexual emphasis; and women tend to see it as something they do with their husbands, and generally focus on the relationship side of it.

Cock cages and other male chastity devices can foster a loving, trustworthy relationship where none previously existed. It can also help maintain fidelity while travelling and foster a fun sense of sexual dominance/submission with a partner who isn’t constantly there to appreciate your body.

For Online Dating

There are plenty of gorgeous people in the current world who are eager to put on a well-made cock cage if you ask them to. Many of them are currently on your social media feeds, and others are waiting in your dating app’s inbox.

Why not use your chastity device to show your allegiance to your favourite fling? Online dating is currently one of the most popular ways to meet people and hook up, so why not use it to demonstrate your allegiance to your favourite fling? When you eventually meet, your dick will not only be in perfect functioning condition and spotless, but it will also recognise who is in charge right away.

After Infidelity

Infidelity, when it comes to expressing allegiance, can rip an otherwise healthy relationship to bits and leave nothing behind. A well-secured male chastity device, on the other hand, can restore confidence and serve as an adequate apology to your wife or partner.

Things may never be the same again after someone cheats. With the correct tools and a little patience, you can repair the connection to the point where it at least holds water.

All that matters is my pleasure.

During BDSM Exercises

Male chastity devices are clearly designed for BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism). When one of these chastity devices is in operation, the dom level of power over the sub is unrivalled. The chastity device is a force to be reckoned with when paired with a cock ring, anal balls or butt plug for a delayed or orgasm denial.

Also, if you’re using it for BDSM, make sure you know what you’re doing — have a safe word, have an escape plan, keep an extra set of keys on hand, and so on.

Keep in mind that while most chastity devices for males are designed to work under tremendous pressure in each of the scenarios listed above, many cock cages aren’t flawless. Even the finest ones fail to meet expectations in at least one area.

To get the most out of this type of sex toy, you’ll need to think about how you and/or your partner will deal with forced chastity. In normal life, it’s a comforting presence and a reminder of ownership, like a wedding ring,

Some guys simply want to be locked up for few hours or a short period of time. A sentence of a few days is preferred by hardcore guys.

Ways to Tell If That Chastity Cage Is Worth It or Not

Choosing the perfect chastity cage isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible (and neither will the wearer if you use it correctly). Even professional pervs have a hard time manipulating a poorly built cock cage, and while proper usage techniques are highly crucial with sex devices like these, even professional pervs have a hard time manipulating a poorly manufactured chastity device.

Take the time to learn about the properties of high-end models to avoid this from occurring to you.

Let’s make this as simple as possible for everyone. When looking for your first (or next) cock cage, the following are the top five things to look for or consider:

The Comfort

The ideal chastity cage for you/your lover will be comfortable to wear for at least 24 hours without pinching or undue pressure.

Your ideal cock cage should not keep you awake at night or prohibit you from performing normally throughout the day.

It should, however, be restricted enough to prevent you from attaining a full-fledged erection if temptation strikes.

The general design of the product is the most evident determining element when it comes to cock cage comfort. Particularly if you’re new to dominance play, look for items like softened edges and padded apertures.

Also, cock cages aren’t designed to be comfortable or unobtrusive, so be aware of what you’re getting yourself into so you don’t stand out to miss out on a great specimen. While locked up, you can’t masturbate or orgasm, and the cage can only be removed by your designated “keyholder. Also note that you may not be standing when peeing.

The Functionality

Wearing a well-made cock ring can be a lot of joy, but only if the device performs exactly what it’s supposed to do. Even when it comes to your erotic toys, functionality always takes precedence above fashion.

When the boss is out of town, the correct cock cage must keep you from being erect and prevent you from being able to relieve yourself. To be of any actual use, these quite tempting sex toys must do their job as a chastity device.

There really is something for everyone, be it for a little bedroom fun, a hardcore play session in a full kitted dungeon or to show your key holder just how committed you are to them.

Did you know that even if a man isn’t particularly hard, he can have a satisfying orgasm? That kind of training can allow a man to get off in quite inventive ways over time.

Vibrators and prostate massagers are more appealing to cock cage-trained gents than they are to men who refuse to lock their delinquent dicks up at least once (given proper functionality of the device, of course).

The Security

Keep in mind that “functionality” refers to the cock cage’s capacity to suppress erections in the wearer. It must also provide a certain level of security, which means it must be made in such a way that getting your penis out without assistance is tough.

And I’ll tell you right now: no ball-capture system, no matter what a stripper or a manufacturer claims, is escape-proof. While a penis cage does not have to be escape-proof to be effective, a little extra protection boosts everyone’s confidence with permanent chastity.

Furthermore, when choosing your next (or first) cock cage, security and safety should always go hand in hand. What it means is actually fairly straightforward. You’ll definitely want to get your penis out of jail at some point, particularly if you’re in a hurry.

So, even if it’s only a simple lock and key design, the best cock cages will include one. The design can be implemented in a variety of ways, but the important concept is to select a device that is built with both utility and security in mind.

The User-Friendliness

The way you utilise a cock cage will influence how much fun and satisfaction you get out of the sex life. To put it another way, it needs to be used correctly, but it also needs to be simple enough to do so.

You shouldn’t need an engineering degree to operate your new penis cage. And if the equipment is so complicated, it should be accompanied by a comprehensive set of instructions. Furthermore, the ease of cleaning and maintaining a cock cage is significantly influenced by its user-friendliness.

In this area, many devices fail terribly, but there is a handful that will surprise you. Regular bathing with a massaging showerhead, on the other hand, should be enough to keep a decent cock cage clean and odour-free. You can even be worn to a birthday party.

The Materials

The material that your cock cage is constructed of will matter a lot, especially when it comes time to put it on, as it does with everything else in life.

Even when exposed to harsh temperatures and/or water, good cock cages are always made of high-quality, skin-safe materials that do not leak any dangerous substances into the body. Materials such as silicone, TPE, PVC, polycarbonate, or another sort of elastomer should be looked for.

Avoid anything that contains latex, phthalates, or parabens, as these chemicals have been linked to a variety of health issues (including cancer).

Best Chastity Cages For You

We have plastic devices for everyday use, silicone devices for novices or newcomers to chastity, and metal cages for serious, long-term wearers or those of us looking for a more extreme alternative. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a little bedroom fun, a rigorous play session in a fully kitted dungeon, or demonstrating your commitment to your key holder. Below are the best male penis cages in our store:

Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device With Penis Plug

Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device

Impound Exhibition Male Chastity Device

Impound Gladiator Male Chastity Device

If you’re serious about abstinence or love the idea of orgasm control, then these cock cage kits are the ideal choice if you want to have your flaccid penis locked away in no time. We stock a range of devices made from plastic for daily use, silicone for beginners or new-comers to chastity and metal cages for serious, long term wearers.

Where To Find The Best Cock Locks On The Internet?

When it comes to choosing your first (or next) penis cage, you don’t have to be concerned.

Regardless of your or your partner’s level of experience, sexual orientation, or deviance tolerance, these things have been tested by millions of men and have always been judged both safe and sexy.

Handing over control of your orgasms to a partner or dominant is a huge thrill and with our collection of male chastity devices you’ll find something to do exactly that.

While there are numerous devices available, the most crucial aspect is that all of the features of the one you select work together to provide you and/or your sweetheart with a safe and pleasurable sexual encounter (hopefully more than once).

So, having said that, Wicked Tickles is the top online sex toy store in the UK, with the best prices, fastest and most discreet shipping available. Place your order today by booking online.


What is the best long term male chastity device?

That’s a difficult question to answer because everyone’s situation will be different. It’s better for you if the equipment is comfy and fits appropriately. A metal device is preferred by the majority of individuals since it is more comfortable and easier to clean.

Is a cock cage safe?

Cock cage is safe when used correctly. However, without regular erections the penis will shrink and the erectile tissues will atrophy. Many chastity devices are designed to produce a slight tinge of pain upon erection. As the penis shrinks you have to resize the cock cage as often as necessary. After a year or two of chastity, many dominants order the submissive to be castrated since the penis is now useless.

Are there surprises in wearing a cock cage?

When you read a story or watch a porn, it’s sexy the whole time, but you have to clean it every day, you have to make sure you’re trimmed, so it doesn’t pinch your hair, you have be sure you’re cautious when using a restroom.

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